ART LISTINGS continued

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART I.auriston Place. 22] 6000. Mon—«'l‘hurs ltlam Spin; Fri Illaiii--5piir; Sat ltlam-2pm.

Present Histories Until 3 May. Recent work from staff in the department of Humanities.

THE EDINBURGH GALLERY ISa lhiiidas Street. 557 5227. llam~5pm1 Sat l()am-—lpm. Hugh McIntyre Until 6 May. Impressionist landscapes. Norma Maclean Until () May. Figurative work in \\'tllCt'Ct)lt)tll'S and oils.

lain Falkner Until (i May. Paintings of a series of bathers in Cyprus.

Josephine Graham Sat 10-27 May. Work by .losepliine (ii‘ahaiii including colourful still life. figuratiye work and scenes front Venice.

Mon ~I‘ri

EDINBURGH ZOO Iiiitraiice (iallei‘y. (‘orstoi'pliine Road. 334 ()I7 I. Mon-Sat ‘)am~(ipm; Stiri 9.50am ()ptlt.

On The Hoof Until 2 May. An exhibition of drawings. paintings and sculptures by staff at the loo. which looks at the diyersity of the wildlife arountl tis.

FILMHOUSE CAFE BAR l.otliian Road. Daily ltlam llpm.

Kato Apo Until 24 May. New work by Angel Bowman in the form of paintings and \‘ideo pieces.

FIRTH GALLERY 35\\'illiam Street. 225 2 l‘)(i. Tue—l‘ri llam--5pm; Sat l()am--lpm.

Susan Woods l-ti (Lil May. New paintings by Susan Woods.


55 ('ockburti Street. (The photographs are being displayed III the shop w indowl. Altered Images Until 2 May. lireelaiice photographer Stephen Messam‘s informal portraits of ths bands such as the Art Of Noise. A l‘lock ()f Seagulls and the Icicle Works as they are today. together with their hopes. fears and creatiy'e output for the future.

THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY 4.5 Market Street. 225 2383. Tue -Sat ll)..‘~()a'ii 5.3(lpin1Stinnoon-5pm. About Vision Until 3| May. A selection of the best new British paintings in the l‘)‘)t).s by l‘) artists including work by ('allum limes. l.isa Milroy. David Austen. .Iane llarris. ('hr'is toil and I‘iona Rae. See prey icw.


4t l)uirtlas Street. 557 456‘). Mon Sat Ill..‘~()arii 5.3llpm.

Pastels tintil 7 May. An exhibition by selected artists.

Ceramics l'ntil 7 May. New work by- cei'ariiicist Roger (‘oekraiir Contemporary Jewellery trail 7 May. Work by Jewellery designers and makers. l.eigh liotheringham. Mary (.iraham. Sarah (irayesoii. (‘aroliiie Temple and .\ala|ie \'ai'tley

Catriona Campbell Sat to May 4 Jun. New paintings.

Simone Lyon Sat It) May -1.ltm. ('ei‘ariiic sculptures.

Jeff Soan Sat It) May 4 It!” New

Also on show. a display of coitteiirpor'ary Jewellery.


i2 Shandwick Place. 225 ‘ll5l.

\loii \Vetl ’~>am 5. ‘stlpm; Tlitrrs

9am 7pm: l'll ‘Iam 5 30pm. Sat

9am opiti‘. Stilt ll._‘~(laiii 5.30pm Edward Fellows l’iitil (i .ltlll. Wall-based sculptural reliefs made tip oftlifterent components that offer the chance for play and reaiiaiigement


22a I)tintlas Street. 55o 2 ISI Tue l'tl l()..‘-()ani (rpm; Sat ltlaiii 4pm.

Mike Cairncross Sat 3 24 May. Recent


HEN PARTY: a lacquer painted hanging scroll datingfrom 1872 by Shibata Zeshin. One of the greatest exponents I

of lacquerware in the

istory of Japanese art, Zes

n found fame not only in Japan but in the West for his

exquisite lacquerware at a time when all things Japanese were the rage in Europe. Over 70 works by Zeshin including sake pourers and tobacco pouches from the private London collection of Dr Nasser Khalili - are on display in The Ivy Wu Gallery, The Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh until Wed 1 Oct.

sculptures using Scottish marble. together with a collection of his paintings in oils and watercolours.

Spring Mixed Exhibition Part II Sat 3-24 May. A selection of gallery artists. different from last month‘s. showing a wide range of subject matter in a yariety of media.


l3 Randolph ('i'escenl. 225 SW).

Mon- l-‘ri 10am o..‘~tlpiii; Sat

ltlam l.3()pm.

L'Esprit De La Forét Les Pygmees Aka Wed 7 May- 7 .liil. In celebration of the Scotland/Africa ()7 season. a series of photographs by Bernard I)escaiirps. taken in Africa between l‘)‘)_i and l‘)‘)o.


()5 The Shore. 55“ 5255. Tue l’l'l

llanr .o am; Sat l lam 4pm.

Paul Telford and Scott Waugh trim is) May. Still life fioiii l’aul 'I‘elfoi'd and figuratiye. architectural and still life works from Scott Waugh. KINGFISHER GALLERY

5 .\'oitliuiiiberlantl Street Lane. 557 5454. Tue Sal llam 4.30pm.

Donald Hamilton Fraser R.A. Inn! to May. New paintings and prints of litiropean images of sea and land. particularly l)tibro\iiik.

Eoghan Bridge lilllll to May. Bron/e and ceramic sculpture

MATTHEW ARCHITECTURE GALLERY t'niyeisity of lidinburgh. Depai'tiiient of .-\rcliitecture. 2t) (‘haiiibeis Street. 05“ 2342. Mon l-ri ltlam 4.30pm.

Allan Murray Architects t'niil In May. The first esliibition from this young lidinbtii'gh-based practice focuses on their many coriipetition-w inning schemes and includes work not yet shown to the public.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 X‘)2l Mott-Sat

Illam 5pm; Stiii 2--5pm. An itnpressiye collection of 20th century art. including works by Picasso. Matisse. Moore. llockiiey. Bellany. pltis a selection of Dada and Surrealist paintings.

Picasso: Works From The Collection And Works On Loan L’tttil 9 Nov. The (iallery's permanent collection of work by l’icasso is on display plus works on loan. which include a portrait of Lee Miller created it] |‘)57 and a l‘)4()’s portrait of Picasso's mistress Dora Maar. which has not pl‘eyiotls‘ly been exhibited in Britain. See preyiew.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 892 l. Mon ‘Sat

Illam 5pm; Sun 2 5pm.

The home of a fine collection of works from the Renaissance to Post- lmpressiomsiii. including Rembrandt. Degas and \'an (iogh plus Antonio

(’anoy as beautiful sculpture The Three Graces. in residence at the gallery until l‘)‘)‘). The Gallery has also recently taken. on loan from a priyate collection. a malor work by (Ira/to (ientileschi. The [Vim/tire (I; .Ilmm. which was painted for ('liai'les l in the early loitls.

Cassiano Dal Pozzo's Paper Museum: Drawings From The Royal Collection t'ntil (S .ltiii. A fascinating display of drawings and watercolours. which were assembled tll Rome by collector (‘assiano dal l’o/lo iii the first ltalf of the l7tli century. The collection reflects the encyclopaedic range of interests of dal l’o/lo. w ho was at the ‘cutting edge' of scientific and antiquarian studies. On loan from the Royal Library at Windsor ('astle.

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorge l\' Bridge. 22o 45%|. Mon—Sat Illam 5pm; Strii 2 5pm.

Looking In Wonderland Until It May. A selection of some of the best illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. the man behind Lewis Carroll's books. xl/it‘c'x At/i'wrrttres In ll’mrtlerlmit/ and Through The Lon/(171g-(}/(l.\'.\‘.


Queen Street. 556 892] Mon—Sat ltlam—5pm: Sun 2—5pm. A stunning collection of portraits of famous faces from the loth century to present day. plus the national photography collection.

A Home Of Signs And Wonders - Photographs By Owen Logan Until I Jun. ()ne of Scotland's leading contemporary photographers explores the religious culture of the people ofCalabar. Southern Nigeria. Logan‘s past work has focused on minority cultures in Britain. and in his new work he examines how indigenous religiotrs beliefs in Nigeria co-esist with the Christianity brought there by missionaries.

; John Kobal Photographic Portrait

Award 1996 Until I Jtiti. A display of the outstanding entries in Britain's leading photographic portrait award.


75 -7‘) (‘tiiiiberland Street. 557 |()2(). Morr-Ft’i Illam—(ipm; Sat l()am—4pm. Jewellery Until 8 May. Contemporary iewellery by Lesley Strickland.

Claire B'anks Until it May. New


Katie Eastaugh Until 8 May. Ceramics on a floral theme.

Kenna Crawford Until 8 May. Three- tlimensional wall hangings and sculpture based on the theme of the sea.

Dorothy Stirling Sat 10—29 May. New paintings.

Jennie Hale Sat til—2‘) May. (‘eratnies on a bird and animal theme.

20th Century Works On Paper Sat

It) -2‘) May. Artists include James