Paterson. ES. l.umsden. James McBey and Willie Wilson.

Jewellery Sat l()--2‘) May. Contemporary jewellery by Rebecca Halstead.


Patriothall Studios. off-IX Hamilton Place. 225 I289. Mon-I‘i'i noon-5pm; Sat-Sun noon-6piii.

Julie Macdonald and Joanna Foster l‘ri 2—7 May. New works.

Veronica J. Harris t-‘ri 9—H May. New large-scale portrait paintings.


43 Catidletiiaker Row. 220 I‘)I l.Tue—Sat noon—5.30pm.

The Edge Of Europe Until t7 May. Atitliony llaughley's new large-scale colour photographs portray life experienced both oti the western seaboard of Ireland arid in the environment of many of its emigrants in the USA. He focuses on the Great Blasket Island. revealing the changes which visitors are now confronted with. as he explores links with the past and vestiges of Irish culture. See preview.


23 Union Street. 557 247‘). Tue—-Sat I0am-6piii.

Interior Narratives Until 24 May. An international collaboration between pr'ititniakers in Guadalajara. Mexico and priiitniakers iii Bristol. The show features a selection ofetchings by various artists. exploring the themes of love. death. sex and religion.


Clerk Street. 668 2()l‘). Mon—Sat l0aiii-5pm.

lnterludes Until 3| May. An exhibition of works on hand-cast paper by Christine lleughan.

Nocturnal Obscura Until 3| May. Work by Graeme Craig-Smith which is inspired by diverse sources.


58 St Stephen Street. 225 5558. Wed—Fri noon—5.30pm; Sat ll.3()am—5pm. Simon Bond Sat 3—24 May. ()riginal cartoon drawings from his published books. including the memorabilia and ‘hate mail' generated frotn his highly popular l‘)8()'s coffee table books on the tnarty rises of the dead cat. See Lectures (k Iixents. ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lrivei‘leith House. Irivei'leith Row. 552 717 I. Wed-Sun l0am-5 )lll.

The Flora Of China An The Making Of The Pringle Chinese Collection lintil 25 May. To celebrate historical botanical links with China. as well as charting the development of the Pringle Chinese Collection. an exhibition with large. colourful transparencies of Chinese plants. landscape and culture litrtig from ‘washing lines. The images were taken frotii botanists and ltorticulturists froin the Botanics during expeditions in

pt‘e\ iotis years. The show also shows the work of the late l‘)th century and early 20th century plant hunters such as l'ortune. l-orrest. and l.udlow.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. l()() Princes Street. 225 l5()l. Mon—Sun I()ani-6pm. Michael John Shaw Until 6 Jun. Recent drawing arid sketches tn pencil on paper. which are formed around three important people in the artist‘s life.

ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY Princes Street. 225 667 l. Mon —Sat Warn 5me Suit 2- 5pm. £I.5t) (75p). 17tst Annual Exhibition Until 5 Jul. This annual exhibition features the work of many of Scotland's leading contemporary artists. sculptors. printmakers and architects. namer Richard Murphy. Professor Gordon Benson who has designed the new Museum of Scotland aiid l)a\ id Page. designer of Glasgow's ltaliaii Centre.


I6 Dutidas Street. 558 l200. Mon-~l-ii l()arn—6pm; Sat I()atn~-Ipin.

James Morrison RSA, RSW, RG! Until 7 May. New landscape iaintings.

Sarah Jane Selwoo L'ntil 7 May. New contemporary ceramics.

Charmian Pollock Until 7 May. Recent colla 'e work.

Shei a McDonald Until 7 May. litianiel jewellery.

Alexandra Gardner Mon I2 May-4 luii. New paintings including still life. laiidsca es and figurative paintings. Scottis Silver Mon I2 May—J Inn. The work of contemporary silverstniths working in Scotland today is on show. as well as a historical section which looks back at the history of Scottish silverware.


5 I.othian Road. 22‘) lI-I2. Mon-Sat l()am—«1ptii; Tue 68 in.

Walking With Cuth ert Sat tt) May~- l6 Aug. An exhibition of the life of St Cuthbert and a photographic display of the ministry of St Cuthbert‘s Parish Church today.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY University of Edinburgh. ()ld College. South Bridge. 650 22l l. Tue—Sat l()arii—»5 tn. CulturaTBridges - Riga, Copenhagen And Edinburgh Until l7 May. Carvings in wood by Latvian artist Zigfrids Sapietis. His sculptures are a powerful vehicle for articulating powerful feelings. restating values and reflecting on the world he knows. seen through the perspective of the history of his native Latvia and his adopted country Scotland. See lectures 8: Events.

Angus Hood Until 17 May. A site- specific installation from Angus Hood. This is the first in a series oI projects iii the Round Rootii of the gallery. which features work from youtig artists. TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Duridas Street. 556 6366. Mon Hi I lain—6pm; Sat I().3()atii-~1ptn.

Sally Carlaw and Elizabeth Sharp Until H) May. Recent paintings.


Cambridge Street. 228 I404. Mon Sat I().3()atn—-l lpiii; Stiii 6.3(l-rl Ipiii. Geoflows Until 25 May. An exhibition of new work by Ann .‘ylcCluskey. Her paintings explore the nature of creativity. using images from the natural world.



7 Charlotte Square. 225 2I60. Mon Sat l0ani-5pm; Sun 2~5pni. Open until 3i ()ct. Ati l8th century house showing life in liditiburgh’s elegant New Town.


477B High Street. 226 5856. Mort-Sat l0atn—5pni; Sun 2—5pni. ()pen tititil 3| ()ct. Completed in I620 and now refurbished as a home in Edinburgh's Old Town of the period.

Cultural Bridges Riga - Copenhagen - Edinburgh Carved wood sculpture & ceramics

by Scottish based Latvian Artist Zigfrids Sapietis also Launching a series of “Round Room" projects by young artists - a site specific installation by

Angus Hood

l‘)th April - 17th May Tues - Sat IOain - 5pm

'l‘alhot Rice Gallery University of Edinburgh South Bridge Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 650 22”)


HUNTLY HOUSE MUSEUM l-I2 Canongate. 52‘) J H}. .\Ion Sat l0am ~6pm. Packed w itli historic artefacts. this museum tells the story of litlinburgli‘s past and its people. MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD

42 High Street. 52‘) 4 H2. .\lon Stiii l0am ohm. All manner of arcltive material and old toys relating to childhood through the ages,


I63 Canongate. 52‘) 4057. Mon Sat l0aiii—6pm. The sights. sounds and even smells of Edinburgh folk from the 18th century onwards.


2 Chambers Street. 225 7534. .\Ion Sat I0amr 5pm tTtie until 8prnt'. Stiri

noon» 5pm,

Art 81 Industry An educational and fun interactive gallery featuring everything from an lilton .loliri stage stiit to a Charles Rennie Mackintosh bookcase. pltis the chance to step back iii tinie atid re-lrve the fashions. music and pastimes of the l‘)5()s, 60s. 70s and 80s.

The Ivy Wu Gallery This permanent gallery features a superb collection of artworks from China. Japan and Korea. with costumes. ceramics. lurnittire and prints. many of which are on show for the first time.

Shibata Zeshin l'ntil I Get. In the Ivy Wu Gallery. a collection of rare .Iapanese Iacquerware by one of its greatest exponents. Shihata Xeshin. This exhibition presents over 70 of his “next works from the collection of Nasser I). Khalili. Objects Of Our Time l'ntil 8 Inn. A display front work of (ill people at tlte forefront of contemporary applied arts including ceramics. furniture. textiles. wood. glass. book arts. metal work. jewellery. and lllttc‘lllltt"ktltllt‘tl wool chairs. This exhibition celebrates the silvetjllrbilee of the Crafts Council.


l.ady Stair's Close. 52‘) J‘)()l. .\lon Sat I0am 6pm. A treasure house of items relating to three of Scotland‘s most fatnous writers: Robert I.ottis Stevenson. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.



Main Street. Abei‘t'oy le. Stirling. ()l877 382873. l-‘ri Tue Ilatrt 5pm iCIosed Wed-Thurs).

Mhairi P. McGregor Sttn -I 25 May. New work by this (ilasgow School oI'AIt graduate. Her work is mainly landscapes. particulain Scottish tow er houses and keeps. and their strategic positions within the landscape. where they embody natural defensive land formation.



St John‘s Hospital. llowdeii \Vest. l.rxmgston. Open daily for 21 hours. The gallery is located on the second floor.

listings ART

enter via the main reception and ask directions. Contact Hospital Co-ordinator at Artlink for further information on 22‘) Calum Colvin's In Hospital! In l‘)‘)7. Caltriii Colvin was commissioned to create a new piece of work for the hospital. using a space and objects within the hospital environment. As well the results of this work. there will also be a small retrospective of Colvin's work frorii I987. The show will be touritig hospital galleries.

lectures & .events


Aidan Shingler Thurs 8 May. Ipiii. Project Ability. A talk by the artist currently exhibiting at Project Ability with Beyond R(’(I.\'HII..

Sir Norman Foster Thurs 8 May. 6..‘i()piii. Strathclyde Suite. Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Renowned architect Sir Norman I‘ostet‘. will talk about recent architectural projects iii Glasgow. Downtown Sat l7 May. I—5pni. The following galleries will be opening their doors for .tltrv/t'xt. giving people a unique opportunity to meet the artists who create the paintings: Art lixposure Gallery. Collins Gallery. Glasgow Film And Video \\’orkshop. Glasgow Independent Studios. Glasgow Print Studio. Project Ability. Sharrnaiika Gallery 6’: Workshop. Street level Gallery. [Garner Gallery. 'l‘ranstnission Gallery and WASPS.


Martinique Landscape Fri 2 May. I2.-I5pni. I 'ational Gallery Of Scotlatid. Paul Gauguin's painting is discussed by Pattl Stirton.

Simon Bond Sat 3 May. ||.3()atn—2ptii. Rogues‘ Gallery. A chance to meet the cartoonist responsible for the l‘)80s' Dem! ("tit publications.

Steven Campbell Mon 5 May. I2.-15ptii. Scottiin National Gallery Of Modern Art. Ken Neil discusses the work of Catiipbell. A Home Of Signs And Wonders Wed 7 May. l2.45pni. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. ()wen Logan talks about his current exhibition.

Haystacks: Snow Effect t-‘ri ‘) May. l2.s15prn. National Gallery Of Scotland. Belinda Thomson talks about Claude Monet.

Joan Eardley Mon I: May. l2.~I5pm. Scottiin National Gallery Of Modern Art. l.rndsay lirrington puts the artist's work under the spotlight.

Sir William Chambers Wed It May. l2.-15pni. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Ailsa Turner talks about Francis (,‘otes‘s painting.

Fashion Show Hi It» May. 3piii/7prn/‘)pin. Iidinburgh College Of Art. Contact the college on 22l 6000 for further information arid ticket prices. The Annual l~ashiori Show. with designs from graduating students. second year and third year students.


25 linion Street. lil)l.\'l5liR(ill lilll 5l.R Tel 0151 55‘ 2t") Fax (ll_’i1 558 8-i18


~ “1"”...

26 April - 24 May I‘)‘)7

Gallery Hours: 'l‘uesday - Saturday Itlani - 6pm

P rim/ts from G wwd/a/I/a/ja/Va/ M war/00

27-15 May 1997 THE usrss