I Bright double room in spacious l.eitli flat. Available for n/s vegetarian. to share with one other. Would suit creative proli'post-grad/iiiature student. (SCH. all mod cons. £200 pcm + bills. 0131 554 199‘).

I Room in modern flat available. 15 Illlllsiilll‘llS110111 city centre to June with one other male student. £170 p/mth plus bills. Tel (1131 (157 S(165

after (npiii.

I Enthusiastic young person lllltllt‘ul'1t‘111111c‘1udlllc‘c1.lS supportive ilatmzite for young man with physical/lcarmng disabilities Near lidiiiburgh l’iiiversny ()w n bedroom. rent five and sharing of bills. Tel: 11111 on] was

I Two double rooms 111 large. triendiy 11.11. Stockbridge/West liad. .'\‘.'.|11.’11‘ICL'1111 May begin .ltl‘lt‘.£21—lpt'lll-L1‘!11<.+(‘.'1711X. Phone 111.21 .1in (‘10:.

I Two large double rooms marlable in New Town llal. Beautiful.sp;iciotis.‘.ve11— ctiuipped. s'udnn. 11’s pt'elcrrcd. £275pc11‘. 11131335 273‘?

I Two young creative Pl‘t‘lt‘sslxulalv seek similar llatmate to: unfiiii:;slied bedroom in pleasant. 2 .‘1y central llat, Ridiculously low rent. (it’ll. share «‘1 i" (11 1: <<7 on?“

Room available in attractive double upper Georgian l‘lat off Leith Links.

(Kill. shower and bath. ‘Ail‘ihllit: machine. .111 mod cons (heat area. everything is round the corner' Share with one other

Protessional wanted £‘00 p/in 4- share of bills.

Tel: 0131,“ 55.4 6301

I Large room sunny .‘vlurraylicld llat. Mid-.1 unc. 10 minutes trom Princes Street by bus. easy P:.l'1.lllfl.\\c‘11 equipped kitchen. 0.11:1; living- room. gardeii. “('11 £300 pcm. s11.11731113111s.ll.1111.117'lc‘111131 :45 3(i(i()l(1;._\‘v 01 31 Ho 4714 (me).

I Bruntsfield 1.;iigci‘ms inoni 111\\L‘11tll‘l‘tllllit‘tlQllltlllvllltiiil' 1‘1;:1.Li1~ll1:\c‘111 r deposit and share ol bills Student wanted for itiiirwdiate entry for summer oilongtei'm,01.‘-1229124i

I Two large rooms to let 111 spacious. bright and cliaiactcrlul triplliir-t. 1 ct‘l.11.11.(itt':il outlook and tree parking. two bathrooms including large

shower. (‘11.tlls1:\.\‘islicl and all mod cons. (‘hilled out professionalsonly.11101.11 ‘54 7.50

I Central single room available now 111 shach llait Street 11:11. :\11 llllltl cons. £101) pcm +1‘iil\. 01.11 557 0210.

I Single room to let lll comfortable West lind flat. All mod cons_ would suit young prolessional or post-graduate. ll/s‘ (female preferred). (‘ontact 0131 33‘) 0.190 after 6pm. £230 pcm + bills.

I Single room in quality flat on The Shore. 1.eith. available from 1 June. £160 pcm. Contact Lee or John on 0131 553 435‘).


I Single room available cosy. two—bedroom \ illa in quiet Dalgety Bay. Share kitchen. lounge. hath. £50 week. Non~ smoker. cal-1m ing. independent professional or mature student please. Tel 01333 821069.





0131 663 4063


The SPLASH river rafting experience is the ultimate adventure.

Our intemationally experienced guides will lead you down beautiful scenery

and through the challenge and excitement of white-water rapids.

1/2 Day, 1 Day and 2 Day river trips in Scotland. Trips to Nepal and the Alps. For our colour brochure call: 01887 829706 or fax: 01887 820038 SPLASH,

The Whitewater Specialists. Market Square. Aberfeldy. l’erthshire, l’lllS 2R1.)

I Highland hideaway Magical. lofty elegance. Light and affordable with open sea views through beautiful mature woodland. l.och l'yne. 01853 500016:

Trans Atrica



_ REAL AFRICA .‘ ,- Gorilla & Game Park Safari 25 days Wildlife Discoverer

South East Explorer Livingstones Trail

Southern Central Interior

:.~ For a lull selection on all our safaris call us NOW for our FREE 1* colour brochure and details of our video show


25 days £445 6 weeks £580 10 weeks £895 7 week £845 22 weeks £1450

55 Huddlesrane Rd

London NW2 50L



E0216. .th




p \‘r S J‘ a ' V' V 41 H V A

({e 211%


(gal/e {117)26. (SSW)? 772.6)!le

76) @Ve'lmiiylif EXMWCT.

Why pay for your accommodation when you can sleep your Journey away? Leave London late CVClTltTg, arrive in Edinburgh in time for breakfast.

Book your ticket at:

l ll"DII'I"\/' I llift"s‘,_

Ire-lulu Travail. 1.1 Hr‘qo'lll ‘rtn'o't

Vl( ttirm CI).I('1 ")lJlltill. li..~('kivuili.uii l’.iI.i(i- Hind Yuriri‘d Irilrirrrmtiim Ci'rilro'. Vic turns ()r .iriy (i1 ."J(it) .itii-rits. r'.|111)".-.ir1i-

For details of your nearest agent call:

0990 O1 Ovri'n‘r/Iil ,E\/Illl'('l,':)’ rlr Tl al 1177/7]!

O1 O4


lawn tennis & squash club


1 Here’s an easy way to try us out

Drop in on our open day 1 anytime from noon on

1 Sunday May 25th. Free

lessons, gifts for juniors, ; fun events, and money

off if you join. We’re at

30 Hyndland Road

I in Glasgow’s West End.

i Phone 3390065.

WOMENS FOOTBALL at the Meadows on Monday nights. Meet at the blue but at (v.30pm. pub afterwards perhaps. 1 Call Oct 0131 554 2191 1 or just come along.

Aerobics. Hill-walking. Meals ()ut. Badminton. Bridge. Cinema. Dancing. Tennis. Theatre. l’arties. Football. Exhibitions. ('cilidhs. Weekend Trips and lots of other activities too numerous to mention?

It could be with IVC a self-run club for go-ahead people. Membership is less than £20 a year. You can give us a try for a mouth or so

with no obligation to join but we're sure you'll want to? Details from 0141 569 3741 for (ilasgow or 0131 332 1342 for lidinburgh or 01382 456403 for Dundee. ()~ 10pm.

EXCITED/CONFUSED by the promise of ‘New Labour". new Britain'.’ Unsure what to think after 18 years of Tory nusrulc'.’ (liven tip on political parties and the politics ofchange'.’ l‘ollow debates on identity politics and po-mo that fill the weekend supplements" Small organising group forming to organise discussions and events on cultural. political atid social areas. drawing from academia. media. politics. community activism.

No previous experience necessary. A sense of humour and getting on with people from diverse backgrounds essential. Contact Gerry Hassan: 0141423 3114.

IS YOUR LIFE niis eveuriur‘?‘

QUEST Gay or Lesbian and Catholic? So are we? Quest is a self help support group. In times of calm or crisis. telephone 0141 948 0397. livery Sunday between 7— 10pm.


Then Stonewall Youth is for you! With two lidinburgh- based groups and a support worker offering individual advice and support. Stonewall is the place to contact. Phone in confidence on Tuesdays between 7.30pm and 9pm on

0131 556 4040.

THE FOURTH WAY (iurdiieff. ()uspensky. Self Remeitiberuig l'indocrine Types. Regular meetings. ('ontact: 1.1:. Soutat. c/o214133 lhiiidas Street. l‘itliiihui'gh 1.113 (iQQ.

_ 19159.13] 55.6 _1_§_Z__6;___-

CLUB THIRTY PLUS 416 Iislablished 1992 all .S'(’()7‘1-'11\'I) '3' PREMIER CLUB FOR (IN/’1 'I'I}1('Illfl) I’lfUI’LIf Glasgow rmrl Ifrllnlmrgli.

Hundreds of ruembers enjoy mid-week club nights many weekend events dances sports - walks - concerts theatre - and much much

Phone (anytime) DON ~ ()1786 823 426

Evening __ Class

1 XliW (il.:\S(it)\\' llASlil) (21.1'11 150R llN.»\'l'l‘.-\(lel-Zl) llllSle-‘SS .-\.\'1) l’lt()l5liSS1().\J:\l. l’l-IOl’lJ-l. Widen your social circle by attending our llar .\'ights, Dinner Parties and Theatre Nights. livcnts throughout the year.

Il'hy not give our first night, no memln'rsliip obligation offer a try?

For details call: ()141 941 3992

Come on gents the ladies are any ahead lift/011.,



We’ll help you find yours.

Approach 4 Beech Rd. Dunblane Tel: (01786) 825777

100 THE usr ill-79171.31, 1w