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V I saw you Catherine. outside The Bailie. Sat l2th. I've lost your number since Jersey. so please get in touch! Ian Clark. Box No U/305/l.

V I saw you in yottr Us! ad 3(?) years ago. lookitig for ‘quiet fetnale rebel’. Think that’s the. but too shy to reply then. If you're still looking. the too. Box No U/305/2.

V I saw you tny lender tiger in Rosebank. 10/4/97. Thank you for the nights of passion we share. xxxx Box No U/305/3. V I saw you Neil. 25/4/97. from Glasgow Pregnancy Predictor scientist! And Sharleen’s ex. We went to the satne gig on 2(i/l/97. l.et's melt ice again in Edinburgh. Box No ll/305/4.

V I saw you 22/4 at .Iittty's. Me tall. long blond hair. with friends. You grey shirt. white Collar. Lots of eye contact. wished we'd spoken. Box No U/305/5.

V I saw you in Utilities. Broughlon Street. 26/4/97. You: tall. friendly man. with beard. Me: tall female. collecting crockery. Would you like to talk sortie tnore about ottr mutual addiction to Victorian sottp plates? Box No Il/305/(i.

V I saw you with kitbag and in suit on Dublin Street. Yott nearly tripped over my rubbish first time. Since then we have smiled. looked back time and time again and said ‘good morning’. Wish to know more abottt yott. Let‘s talk. l’ancy another breakfast before work? HUX NU [7305/7


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V I saw you afternoon 30th .-\prtl in Commonwealth Pool. .\Ic: tall. dark. tattoo on left artn. You: sexy girl. long dark blonde. black swimsuit. Couldn't help looking. you noticed me? Box No Ll/305/X. V I saw you at Tribal Ir'unktion. lidinburgh on Saturday 26th April. You tall. dark. handsome and l)ling - fancy going on a ferris wheel ritle? l.ove lowdown attd dirty adtmrer. Box No l!/3()5/9.

V I saw you Michael. 25th May in C.C.'s. You walked the down I.eith Walk with your three friends. We spoke only l-reuclt. Ileureus tle t'ayoir

tencontre. .le youlais tc dire

merci. Box No [7305/10.

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V I saw you looking irresistibly sexy on top of a mountain in Glencoe. You fell in the snow. I fell for you. There ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from you! Let's do it again sometime under canvas. Box No U/305/l l.

V I saw you black Ford Probe. Tollcross. Edinburgh. You tall. blonde. Me architect with hard— hat. If you‘re unattached. any chance you'd get attached to me? Box No U/305/I2.

V I saw you from no 8 bus. Nicolson Street. 30/4/97. You: gorgeous. tight white T—shirt. reddish hair. Me: dark. spiky- cut. Iixchanged smiles; waved but couldn't stop. Would love to get off at your stop . . . Box No U/305/l 3.

V I saw you Sunday 4 May. Polwarth. You tall. long-haired and cute. Me behind a car window (instead of a bar). Box No U/305/l4.

V I saw you moving my illegitimate Victorian cabinet to Warriston Road. Your warm conversation has left tne feeling distracted and wanting more. You have my number. don‘t wait for the house-warming. Box No U/305/15.

V I saw you Sunday 4th May at Cratnond car park. then The Inn. You dark hair and denim. Me too shy to smile and say hi.

Get in touch? Box No U/305/l6.

V I saw you Ainslie. at The Bongo Club. Friday 2nd May. Lost your phone number. so ring us. Love two long lost friends. Box No U/305/l7.

V I saw you my lover. Can't wait till we meet again for drinks. Hope you know I lurve yott. Box No U/305/18.

V I saw you in your little bed (Saturday 12.4.97) all cuddled tip. holding my hand. You haven‘t let go since! I‘m

smitten! How about you? Shorty

xx. Box No U/305/l9.

V I saw you and love being with yott. I love being a toy girl. How old did you say you are? Never mind. I‘ll still love you when you are old. love the Ice Maiden. Box No U/305/20.

V I saw you Tate and I.er Alan at Insomnia and then my party. We didn't manage to get your number. please get in touch. Your girlie mates!! Box No U/305/2 I.

V I saw you appealing. pierced and American. behind the bar in Asylum. Thursday ttights. serving me (tall. brunette. lush and totally pissed). Can't wait until next week? TIICI‘ ontact. Box No U/305/22.

V I saw you Radka. Czech au pair. .\le: shy Frenchie with goatee and glasses (Nicky's friend). Do you like Scottish cigarettes? Ashtrays? Have you seen the squirrels? Please call. Yott drive me nuts. Iiric. Box No U/305/23.

V I saw you Friday 18th April at the station. Saturday in Iguana. Sunday in Montpeliers and Monday in your bed! Let‘s do it again sometime. I really enjoyed it. Box No U/305/25. V I saw you in the Wild West. You big muscular Indian boy and a midget squaw. Me cttte Indian M. I danced with you both. bill you should have sent in the Cavalry with cranberry

juice and a caramel slice.

Pegasus? Box No U/305/26.


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V I saw you Mohamtned -- C.C. Bloom’s. Saturday 3 May. My friend told you liked you while I hid behind the pillar. Is there room in your pants for two? Box No U/305/27.

V I saw you Craig. at Going Places. Assembly Rooms. 26/4/97. We used to wear low cut sleeping bags and share boots. You wrote your number. Bad choice of pen. it smudged. Where have you been for six years? Box No [9305/28.

V I saw you behind me in the mirror Cari. but there was something not quite right. It clicked just before I left. Let's have a rematch. Box No U/305/29.

V I saw you watching Iileclion Night Special nervously. you old labottr. me old labourer. Don't worry. It'll be the First Big Weekend of the Summer. See you there for lots of httgging and kissing etc. etc. Box No U/305/30.

V I saw you the tall. lovely. honey coloured girl. white top. black skirt. on Princes Street on Thursday 1st May. I was the suit crossing the road. frotn Waverley. dazzled despite sun- glasses. ()ur skins match. Will we? Box No Il/305/3I.

V I saw you waitress. red bob. nose stud. distracted at the Chip 09/04/97. Me: Russian-ltmking uncle sharing ice-cream with baby. Six years ago were you behind a chemist's counter? Another chance to talk? Box No U/305/32.

V I saw you 12/4/97 Father Dougal T-shirt. Haymarket station. waiting for the phone. Yott gave the l0p insisting you were honourable. Let's meet and swap Father Ted/phone anecdotes . . . Box No U/305/33.

V I saw you Filmhouse I7/l2/9o. It's A Wonderful Life. I‘ilmhouse bar. 29/3/97 having a beer with a friend. and numerous times in Cafe Lucia (near where you work?) weekdays. l().30am-ish. You are a beautiful grey-haired young man. read the Guardian. smoke. wear Brylcreetn. sport horn- rimmed glasses and are a natty dresser. I never seem to have the guts to say hello. but this 25- year-old tnan is smitten. Help me overcome my Edinburgh reserve. Box No Ll/305/34.

V I saw your Edinburgh bus pass when you were buying disco tops in Sheffield. Your friend said ‘lt's way too small and very. very tight.‘ You said ‘Perfect.' I.et‘s discuss why you slam car doors over coffee at the Interval Bar. Box No U/305/36. V I saw you leaving the Whyte McKay building after work. You: petite blontl bombshell power dressed in a green suit. Me: helpless. speechless. useless. Keep on keepin‘ on . . . Box No [9305/37.

V I saw you Blue Moon Cafe. November 96 (Friday night). Me with glamorous blonde (Patsy). We exchanged glances. She asked were you going to C.C.'s. You did. We snogged. Alastair. Get in touch! Box No U/304/7.

V I saw you No 43 bus. [2/4/97. followed me down Bryce Road. Currie. You in black with long black hair. Me turquoise polo shirt. jeans and goatee heard. The person I was visiting was out. so I went to The Weavers. Fancy joining tne next time? Box No U/304/8.

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