I The Address 3 Royal Exchange Court. 221 6898. At this sltop. recycling the best in designer fashion. you can botlt buy arid sell designer goods. Clothes are new arid ‘as new‘ ntatty of them come direct from the homes of the rich and famous. Best deal: All the big natttes are here Armani. Versace. Chanel —most of them retailing at up to a third off the original price.

Other bargains: Shoes and accessories are also discounted.

I Retro 8 ()tago Street. 339 8770. Recently expanded second-hand clothing outlet: the top floor retails funky flares and 70s paraphernalia. while the basement is a vintage haven of beads. boas and sequinned clothes.

Best deal: Trouser suits are very popular and all the clothes are very reasonably priced.

Best concession: Studettts receive a 10 per cent discount on items over £10. Other bargains: Good selection of unusual purses and handbags at affordable prices.


I Armstrongs 307—3 13 Cowgate. 556 5977; 85 The Grassmarket. 220 5557. Packed to the ceilings with second-hand bargains. both branches offer the best itt retro fashion and designer wear for men and women without having to sift through the chaff of charity shops.

Best deals: Bargain bin £4. Dettints. skirts and shirts from £6. Dresses. fake furs and suits frotn £10.

I Herman Brown's 15! West Port. 228 4899. Select attd selected retro second- hand clothing in spacious environment surroundings. Best deals: Accessories front £4. Jumpers. tops and skirts front £10. Dresses front £15.


I TK Maxx Sauchiehall Centre. 331 0-41 1. Based on the American concept of ‘discount villagcs' this is a retail outlet selling discouttted women‘s. men's attd children's fashions.

Best deal: Designer atttl high street labels at dramatically discounted prices. The lingerie section especially is vast. attd major brand names such as Gossard Wonderbras are substantially reduced. Best Concession: Most items are reduced to 20—60 per cent of original price.

Other bargains: Shoes. bags and toiletries are all cheap.


I Jenners Princes Street/South St David Street. 225 24-12. Not an obvious outlet for cheap goods. but Jenncrs' sales are legendary.

Best deals: At the back of the first floor iii the Designer Room. there is a ‘reduced to clean" rail where you can get hundreds of pounds off clothes by the likes of Lawrence Steele. (‘ieorges Reech aitd

Rottit Zilkke.



I Avalanche Records 34 1)undas Street. 332 2099. (Joe of tlte cheapest shops iii town. Avalanche is the place to sell your unwanted CDs and tapes and replace them with sontething less embarrassing. Best deal: CDs front £6.99. C1) singles £1.99 or less.

Other bargains: Second-hand tapes from 99p.

I Echo 305 Byres Road. Long- established and jam-packed witlt new releases attd second-hand bargains. You'll need to be eagle-eyed. bttt patience will

pay off. Everything frotn reggae to

§ jazz to classical. Exceptionally

helpful staff. Best deal: Three mid-price CDs for £20

Other bargains: CD singles frotn 99p.

I Fopp 357 Byres Road. 357 0774. Well stocked with everything front new dance and indie tojazz attd soul. in all formats. Consistently cheaper than many high street competitors. Fopp also has regular sales. Perfect for Saturday afternoon mooching. Best deal: Most CD singles £1.99. Other bargains: Hundreds of end- of—line CDs and tapes under £5.

I Rub-A-Dub Virginia Galleries. 31 Virginia Street. 552 5791. Specialists in underground house. techno and electro. imported and home-grown. Also hip hop. futik and reggae. Mainly vinyl. but also a small range of CDs.

Best deal: On-going sale. with British records from 25p and American from £1.

Other bargains: Most albums around£10.


I Avalanche 28 Lady Lawson

Street. 228 1939. Specialising iii second-hand vinyl. this particular Avalanche branch is a favourite

atnon techno-heads.

Best eal: Art excellent selection of almost new 12in vinyl.

I Bandparts Music Stores 1()

Atttiqua Street (Leith Walk). 556 6621. Bandparts mostly sells musical instruments and sheet music.

Best deal: A limited but very reasonably priced selection of new tapes and CDs. I Fopp 55 Cockburn Street. 220 0133. Everyone's favourite alternative record shop. selling something to suit tttost tastes attd still undercutting the high street giants.

Best deal: Check out their bargain bins you never know what you might find.

I Reptile Record Exchange 33 West Nicolson Street. 668 1-100. This eclectic selection of second-hand tapes. CDs attd records generally offers up sonte interestin v finds.

Best dea : Sale now on features selected records at £1.99 (three for £5).



I Glasgow School of Art 167 Rellft‘ew Street. 353 4500. The final-year students' degree show is an ideal opportunity to pick up art by tomorrow's stars at a bargain price. This year. the show rttns Fri 20—l‘ri 27 Jtttt.

I Art Exposure 1‘) Parnie Street. 552 7779. Art exhibition called The Art lixposure ()pett. featuring 100 works by 100 different artists will be on show until Tue 27 May. All the works of art are for sale attd all are priced under £300.


I Edinburgh College of Art l.attriston Place. 221 6000. The degree show at Edinburgh's major art training establishment. with a wide range of departments covering many disciplines runs Sat 14— Sat 2| Jtut.

I Leith School of Art 25 North Junction Street. 55-1 5761. The less protttittent l.eitlt School will display its students' work for sale on l-‘ri l3/Sat 14 Jtitt.

I WASPS Patriot Gallery ~18 Hamilton Place. Stockbridge. 225 1299, Artists open up their stttdios directly to the public fora very limited time only: the weekend before Christmas atid a weekend during the lidinburgh Festival (exact dates to be announced ).

I Collective Gallery 22- 2s ('ockbttt'n Street. 220 1260. A ‘display cabinet' will be on show front the beginning of June. featuring exhibits by various artists with bargain prices ranging from £1 to £15.

CHEAP 'l'llllllls *

How I get mine

Stuart Cosgrove

Controller of Arts & Entertainments at Channel 4.

'When i was eight or nine years old, if the football team I supported was playing away on a Saturday afternoon, I would look at the weddings column in our local paper, The Perthshire Advertiser and then myself and a couple of friends would just travel all over the town to the different churches and hang around outside waiting for the scramble.

'The scramble is when the best man and the groom come out. It's traditional in the East of Scotland that they have a pocketful of money pennies and ha'pennies. They chuck it to the kids and the kids all fight for the money. I worked out that this

happened at all weddings. You would shoot ’Scramble, mister!’ and they would throw the money. It was bizarre because it was a money-making enterprise but

it was also hugely entertaining.’


I Fish Plaice 1 St Andrews Street at Glasgow Cross. 552 2337. (Closed Mondays). ltt business since 1978. this small fish market. tucked away off the Saltmarket. is popular throughout the Glasgow community. Sonte of the staff ltave worked here for nineteen years and cart provide plentiful advice on cooking the slippery souls. Seasonal poultry attd game are also available.

Best deal: Quite simply everything here is a bargain. bttt seasonal offers include: salmon fillet steaks at 99p per pound. freslt mussels at 28p per pound. Arbroath sntokies at £1.50 per pound. fresh crab at 60p per pound and 12~--1-1o7. chicken legs at 40p each. Other bargains: Frozen produce is also available, including 11b bag of prawns for £2. box of smoked salmon for £2.50. 11h swordfish for £2 attd a frozen lobster for £6.50. Fresh lobster can be ordered. starting at £7.50. while oysters are offered for 35p each.

I Lim's Chinese Supermarket ()3 Cambridge Street. 332 9399. ()pett seven days. liverytlting you could wattt for ()riental cookittg under one stttall roof. This is a family—run business with a friendly attd relaxed atmosphere. which stocks fresh and imported goods from Japan. Korea. Singapore. Malaysia. Thailand attd elsewhere in liast Asia. Best deal: Noodles start at 25p: soya sauces start at 40p.

Best concession: A discount is givett to customers spending over £20. At the discretion of Mr a further discount is available to students; particularly from the nearby Glasgow School of Art. Other bargains: Woks start at £5.99. and free printed recipes are available with each purchase; ttot to mention the abundance of free cooking advice front Mr Li”) and his staff.

I No.1 For Value 61 Catttllet'iggs. 552 8634. Not the most original of titles but very apt for the best priced quality frtiit attd veg on offer in the merchant city. This independent shop tie ttot part of Candleriggs mat'kett ltas been itt business for over 1i fteett years.

Best deal: Spend more than £5 attd get 10 per cent Off. Prices vary seasonally. bttt just now two melons or two mangoes Cost £1.

Other bargains: (‘hilli peppers 60p for

402; aubergines 75p per pound.

I Tony Tatlford Meats Moncur Street. Barras Market. 333 1329. Open Sat/Sun 9am—4pm. Lively attd friendly fresh meat stall. Very popular with families and people buying iii bulk to fill the freezer. Stack it high attd sell it cheap is the principal. and you ltave to decide quickly what you want. Butchers announce the offers via microphones. raise your hand and the runners will fetch you your chosen meat bargain.

Best deal: Sirloin steak £2.50 per pound.

Other bargains: Pork chops at £1 per pound; boneless chicken breast fillets at £2 per pound and beef steak mince at £1.25 per pound.


I Argyle Place This Mat’clttttottt street ltas no less than three cheap greengrocers' shops selling a huge selection of vegetables at wholesale prices.

Best deals: Vary front week to week and frottt store to store. so it pays to shop around.

I George Campbell 8r Sons The Stnoke House. West Harbour Road. (iranton. 552 0376. If yott haven’t the stamina (or the nose) to ltaggle for freshly caugltt fish at the early-morning fish ntarkct beside the harbour. you will find this unassuming wareltouse 111 Granton a wonderful alternative. Here. you catt find an outstanding range of fresh fish and sltellfislt at very good prices. A huge range of seafood can be ordered over the phone and delivered to your door (delivery charge £11.

Best deals: Such succulent treats as mussels cost 89p per pound. oysters cost 39p each and a llb lobster will set you back about £7.50.

Other bargains: For those seeking something a little more unusual the Smoke House also sells fresh red mullet. strawberry grouper. Shetland salmon. sea trout. squid. crayfish. and edible seaweed. all at low prices. This is also the place to cottte for all manner ofgante and poultry ~ wild boar. duck. venison, pigeon and even frogs' legs.

I Pat's Chung Ying I99 l.eitlt Walk. 554 (1358. l.eitlt‘s famed Chinese supermarket. selling bttlk lots of staples sttclt as rice and oil as well as art inspiring selection of weird and wonderful Chinese food sttt ffs‘.

16—29 May 1997 THE LIST 11