Shan Khan: filming in Bombay has brought him closer to his roots

Khan‘s East-meets-West experience of India runs parallel to that of his character in Bombay Blur). He plays plainclothes ot't‘icer Tarun Dev. who snil'fs out a heroin trail which takes him to London where he hooks up with cynical old Scotland Yard copper Mayberry (Donald Sampler). The trail points to Bombay. and working on the assumption that because Dev is Asian. he‘ll be at home in India. Mayberry invites Dev along. When they arrive. Dev‘s Urdu turns out to be as much use as Gaelic and he is just as culture-shocked as the English copper.

Though the series uses many of the standard devices of TV police drama. the fact

it was commissioned by Channel 4's multi- cultural department is a clue to its bigger ambition. This year is the 50th anniversary of lndia and Pakistan’s independence from British colonial rule. and the focus has been on how the two nations have fared during the last half century. For young British Asians like Shan Khan. who feel the often conflicting pull of their parents‘ culture and western upbringing. independence means something very different. They are struggling to find it every day.

Bombay Blue is due to be screened on Channel 4 in the autumn.


0n the ball

Rangers young player JASWINDER .IUTTLA is one of the few Asian footballers in Britain to reach the big time. Words: Lorin McDougall

JAZZ JU'ITLA HAS yet to make his first team debut for Rangers, but it may not be long before the nineteen-year-old right- back lines up alongside Gascoigne, Laudrup and co.

Glasgow-bom J uttla has only to look at the progress this season of some of his colleagues in the lbrox Reserves. As the Scottish champions fought a punishing campaign at home and abroad, manager Walter Smith used well over 30 players, giving several youngsters their big break. Defenders Greg Shields and Scott Wilson enjoyed the most dramatic promotion of all as both made their European debut against Dutch superclub Ajax.

Jazz short for Jaswinder - missed only a handful of Reserve matches last season and is a prominent member of the talented young group coached by the two Johns, McGregor and Brown. Juttla joined Rangers three years ago and quickly began developing the good habits and will to win demanded at the highest level.

Kenny Dalglish was his boyhood hero, but a more recent role model has been fellow full-back David Robertson who has just quit Rangers for Leeds. Juttla has tried hard to emulate Robbo's work rate and trademark attacking play, but admits that his poor goal scoring record is in urgent need of improvement.

With new stars, including Jonas Thern and Tony Vidmar. due at lbrox shortly, competition for places will be fiercer that ever next season. Juttla‘s prospects of making that long-awaited first appearance are perhaps best summed up by the album title of his favourite band Oasis: Definitely, Maybe. As a big fan too of cult Scottish movie Trainspotting, Juttla will be hoping Walter Smith, to paraphrase Renton. will ‘Choose Juttla’.


Jaswindar Juttla

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