Cubanismo! Malembe (Rykodisc) * ‘k ‘k *

Like your grooves big, brassy, and hot as hell? Then check out Cuban trumpet master Jesus Alemany and his high-octane Cuban crew on this sizzling follow up to last year’s successful Cubanismo! album. The band explores a whole range of authentic Cuban dance rhythms here, overlaid with powerful, Jazz-influenced instrumental solos with Alemany’s lustrous trumpet at the forefront and the sultry vocals of Rojitas. If this doesn't make you want to move your butt, you may well be dead. See a doctor immediately. (KM)

Kronos Quartet

Ghost Opera (Nonesuch) it w it Kronos simultaneously issue two new,

typically exploratory single-work discs, Golijov's powerful The Dreams And Prayers Of Isaac The Blind (With clarinetist David Krakauer), and Tan Dun’s evocative Ghost Opera, for string quartet, pipa (played by Wu Mari), voice, percussion, stones, and water. The Chinese composer's music has a strong visual and spatial element which is missed at times in this purely audio version, but his fusion of Bach and ancient folk-song with his own distinctive musical language creates a VlVld tapestry which is absorbing and highly original. (Klvl)

Martyn Joseph

Full Colour Black And White

(Grapevine) * fir * Downshifting is something of a buzz

word these days, and Martyn Joseph seems to be applying the principle very successfully to his own career. The sWitch from major label (Sony) to top- ranking independent seems likely to offer a more congenial home for his thoughful brand of sensitive, literate song writing, and the pared-down backings of his literally home-produced debut for the label prowdes a very apt showcase for both the songs and his pleasant v0ice. Hard to find fault, but hard to get really excited, either. (Klvl) See rock listings for Joseph dates

The Starlets Happy Camper (Nlel) * at i’

There’s a feather boa on the cover of ’Happy Camper’ so Cast this ain't. What it is, is a mascara teardrop of glitter 'n’ glu pop that straddles (with p0ise) the not inconsiderable gulf between The Rocky Horror Show and Billy Joel’s ’Uptown Girl' Which makes it the business in these eyes. (PW)


The Bathtime EP (This Way Up) st * Forever changes, praise the Owl Tindersticks never do. Yes, this is throat-deep in that post-war underworld of wrnter-palloured black marketeers, wheezmg under a single lightbulb in a cold-water London flat. 'Bathtime' is a groower affair than usual that wears its Lee Hazelwood influence like a black arm-band on its de-mob sleeves. (PW)


Are You Enemy? (13th Hour) ** ’QUiet bit, LOUD bitl’, the most hackneyed 90s rock archetype, right? Foil clearly don't think so but why would they when their loud bit includes what sounds like the shriek of a man who has 'nicked’ himself on a falling t0ilet seat. Cool - but this really has to be the last time (PW)


Flux EP 1%

Niiice? An Edinburgh ambient Jazz duo who blip and scat around to inVisible effect. There are vague signs of life With the finger-popping sax on 'Zephyr’ but the rest is disconcertineg redolent of the theme from the Ronnie Corbett side-threatener, Sorry. Not niiice. (PW)


Down it Oh dear. Look, Buzzbomb are no

doubt tremendous blokes (One of

thern's called Andy All Andy’s are nice)

but really, this Just won’t do The same

old drizzly chords, the same old phony

Martyn Joseph: sensitive, literate song writing

’attichoood' courtesy of tediously sneered vocals it’s enough to make you swear off guitars for life. Let's hope they've got something to fall back on (PW)

Number One Cup

Ease Back Down (Blue Rose) it * Are all American alternative bands influenced solely by other American alternative bands? Does America think all British music sounds the same? Do they still think that British comedy is Benny Hill and Mantee Pythaaan.7 'Ease Back Down' is a throwaway shrug of a tune that is neither long nor offensive For both we should be merCifully grateful. (PW)


Hazel's Hob (Haiku) * *

'There must be something more' breathes a rather irritating sub-Polly

Harvey v0ice Moody strum, spooky :

svvirl go the rather irritating sub-Bad Seeds band A song that desperately

The Starlets: mascara teardrop of glitter 'n' glu pop

record reviews MUSIC


a“, .315. «2.

V" “W“‘"



wants to be a mad-eyed banshee howl from the deepest, darkest Louisianna Bayou but decides that it can't be arsed. 'Us neither’ go the Kids. (PW)

Kid Loco

The Real Pop Porn Blue Sound (Yellow) * * *1» it

Just in case you didn't know, Paris is now the capital of the world. At least as far as slo-mo sexy electronica goes. Kid Loco sounds like Air playing the outro to 'Wichita Lineman’ over several days. Deep, sensual and full of soul. (SP)


Andrew Burnet, Jim Byers, Brian Donaldson, Roger Evans, Alastair Mabbott, Kenny lvlathieson, Stephen Pastel, Paul Whitelaw.


i it * * t 1* Outstanding

| * t at * Recommended , * i it Worth a try

I t * So-so

* Poor

The new album out now

also available. their acclaimed debut (in: My (frm ! u re:

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