Beavis And Butt-head

Those unloveable nerds have developed a worldwide following since their MTV debut in 1993, but these guys ain't forgotten where they came from. America’s their country, and it sucks, man. B ’n’ B found this out while filming their new road movie, Beavis And Butt-head Do America, in which they light out on a desperate mission in pursuit of a stolen television. Obviously, our boys run into some mean dudes and cool chicks on the way, but like hey that's rock ’n’ roll, man. Huh, heh-heh, huh-huh, etc.

Beavis And Butt-head 00 America is on general release from Fri 23 May. The soundtrack featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers, LL Cool J, the Buttho/e Surfers and many others is available now on Geffen.

Netherlands Dans Theater 2

Sounding a lot like the sequel to a weirdy foreign film, Netherlands Dans Theater 2 is in fact the junior arm of liri Kylian's NDT, possibly the best dance company in the world. Aged 17 to 21, this disgustingly youthful lot are still in the first flushes of performance, but don't be fooled they're no dance toddlers. The grown-ups at NDTl may have been the hot ticket at last year’s Edinburgh Festival, but NDTZ has a burgeoning worldwide reputation as a brilliant company in its own right. Our flexible friends bring two programmes to Edinburgh this fortnight. These feature several exquisite works by Kylian (includingStamping Ground pictured here), a new work, Skew Whiff, by Kylian’s protege Paul Lightfoot, and a few wild cards too. Look out for more from NDT, when its mature company NDT3 checks in for a run at the 1997 Edinburgh Festival to prove that, for some people, life really does begin at 40. (Ellie Carr) Neder/ands Dans Theater 2 is at Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Mon 79/ Tue 20 May. See Dance listings for details.

; Muhammed All I i - The artist formerly known as Cassius Clay he who

flew like a butterfly, stung like a bee is celebrated in a new documentary film, When We Were Kings, released this fortnight. More specifically, the film concerns the Rumble In The Jungle fight in Zaire, at which he reclaimed the World Heavyweight title from George Foreman. Sponsored by the now virtually overthrown President Mobutu, the contest and all its ramifications are revealed in Leon Gast’s 1 fascinating study of the event. See review, page 25. When We Were Kings is released on Fri 76 May.

All the best

What's quickening our pulses this fortnight.

Comedy Billy Connolly The jetsetting comedian, actor, musician and all round celeb, comes away hame to remind us how it all started: one man, one microphone, a bunch of smutty jokes, sweary words and perhaps the wee jangle of a banjo. Glasgow: King’s Theatre, Mon 26—Sat 37 May. Edinburgh: Playhouse, Thurs 22 May—Sat 24 May.

Music: Big Big Country From old time classics like Roger Mcguinn to relative newcomers, Glasgow’s annual celebration of the country genre is getting bigger and better, Spreading over more venues and covering more aspects of country's rich tapestry. For those who thought country meant just Patsy Cline, this will make them think again. See preview. Glasgow: various venues, Wed 28 May—Sat 7 June.

TV: Sitcom Weekend Channel 4 invites you to curl up on your sofa for a weekend celebrating the fine arts of British and US sitcom from the early days of Are You Being Served to the ultra-modern Friends. Also lined-up is an exciting billing of new programmes including George Clooney in a comic er. A must for all couch potatoes. See preview. Channel 4, Sat 24/Sun 25 May.

Theatre: Coriolanus Wired actor and director Steven Berkoff brings his distinctive and stylised approach to Shakespeare’s powerful study of military and political power. Naturally, Mr Berkoff has assigned himself the lead role. Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Thurs 22—Sat 24 May.

Sport: Tennents Scottish Cup Final In a repeat of 1957’s final, Falkirk meet Kilmarnock in an unexpected match which pitches two of the most unfashionable clubs against one another to the exclusion of the giants of Scottish football. See Famespotting. Glasgow: lbrox Stadium, Sat 24 May.

Film: Beavis And Butt-head 00 America Since our erudite film editor is in Cannes, the lads have taken over the driving seat in the film section. As expected, this is dumb, fun and full of clueless morons making arses of themselves for the audience's cheap enjoyment. Unmissable. Probably. See review.

On general release from Fri 23 May.

16—29 May 1997THE USU