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MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE University of Stirling. Stirling. 01786

4610?“. [.Access: P. PPA. l.. R. Facilities:

WC. WS. H. G]

Phoenix Dance Company - Celebrating Fifteen Years Of Exhilarating Dance Until Fri 16 May. 7.30pm. 1.7 (£3.50). See Central Dance.

The Singing Kettle Tue 20—Sat 24 May.

Tue—Thurs l0am/lpm; Fri l0am/6pm;

Sat Ham/2pm. £7 (£6). See Kids listings.

The Merchant 0f Venice Tue 27—-Thurs 2‘) May. 7.30pm; Wetl mat 2pm. £7 (£3.50); apex £6 (£3). Shakespeare's challenging and provocative play about menace. tnoney antl mercy. in which a man pledges a pound of his flesh against a loan of money. Compass Theatre Company's lively and economical production. which formerly played at the Tron in Glasgow. has been highly acclaimed for its brutal honesty.


"Pure jaw dropping pleasure" Daily Telegraph

“Brilliant... you won't be able to steal a ticket" Scotland on Sunday


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This section lists all future dates in the central belt of shows that are on tour.

Absent Friends Alan Ayckbourn's classic black comedy is presented by Five Finger Productions. the community arm of Castlemilk People's Theatre on the City Wide Circuit. Call venues for details. Part ol'Mav/esl.

Soul/u/eelt Cale Pro/eel. (I/asgott' Fri 16 May. 7.30pm.

Barbra And Shirley Glasgow-based Take Two Productions in a new play by Stuart Thomas about a pair of pals who are Streisand and Bassey impersonators ‘— the twist being that one of them is a male bus-driver named Bobby. Call 0l~ll 576 0603 for details. See review. page ()l. (ireenoek Arts (Iui/tl Fri l6 May. 7.30pm. Mal/terit'ell (.‘ii‘it‘ 'Ilteall'e Sat l7 May. 7.30pm.

Village 'I'ltealre, liasl Klll’l'ltlt’ Mon l9/ Tue 20 May. 7.30pm.

MONDAY 19 - SATURDAY 31 MAY 1997 BOX OFFICE: 0131 229 9697 ;

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Paisley Arts Centre Wed 2l—Sat 24 May. 7.30pm.

Collier Theatre. (ilasgott- Mon 2/Tue 3 Jun. 8pm.

Hour/en I’ar/t' Centre. Livingston \Ved 4 Jun. 7.30pm.

Cumbernaultl Theatre Thurs S/Fri 6 Jun. 7.45pm.

Denny Civic Centre. Dum/ntrton Sat 7 Jun. 7.30pm.

Cafe Del Mince Theatrebox Youth Theatre present a devised comedy. set in a cafe in Yoker in the swinging oils. on the City Wide circuit. Call 0141 630 0000 for details. Part of .vllavlest.

l’eart'e Institute. (ilasgott‘ Mon l‘)/Tue 20 May. 7.30pm.

Dal/narnm'k Conununitv Centre. (ilasgott- Thurs 22 May. 7.30pm. llll'k/lt’ld (‘t’llll'tfl (ilasgoit' Sill 24 Mil): 7.30pm.

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare ()n the go since [981. the bard-busters of The Reduced Shakespeare Company present what we're toltl is the last ever Scottish tour of their whistle-stop tour through the Bard’s canon. laughter and abridgement a-go- go. Call venues for details.

Rova/ Lyceum lllt’llll’t‘. lit/in/iuig/i

Mon 2—Sat 7 Jun. 7.45pm: Wed/Sat mats 2.30pm.

l’aislev Arts Centre Sun 8 Jun. 7.30pm. The Hands Of Time The Cartnylites. who describe themselves as ‘a group of over-ripe girls'. present a self-penned ‘cotnedy gem". set at Number 2‘) Clyde Street during wartime and peacetime. and touring the City Wide circuit. Contact venues for details. Part a] .l/Iav/est. ,)(lllll(ll'll()(‘/\' ('onnnunitv Centre. (i/asgow l’ntil Fri 16 May. 8pm. Bishop/(it'll Resii/enls Hall, (ilasgott' Mon l8 May. 7.30pm.

Not About Heroes The friendship between World War I poets Wilfred Owen and Seigfried Sassoon —- who met in Ftlinburgh while recuperating from war injuries -r is esplorcd in Scottish actor Stephen MacDonald's play. presented on a short tour of the City

Wide venues by Mull Theatre. Call (“688 400 377 for details. Part of Ma_\_‘fest.

Burl/rill Pie-5 Community Education Centre, (I/asgott- Fri l6 May. lpm. Castlentilk Your/t Complex. (Ilasgmt' Sat l7 May. 2pm.

Peter Pan To celebrate their 30th birthday. TAG present a new adaptation by Stuart Paterson oflM. Barrie's classic play about how a little boy who won't grow up uses his magic powers to

, save his friends frotu Captain Hook and

his band of pirates. For seven-year-olds upwards and all the family. Call 0M! 552 494‘) for details.

'Ii'amwav. (Ilasgott' Until Sat 17 May. 7.30pm; Sat mat l0.30am. Part of


Scottish International Children 's l-‘estii'al, Edinburgh Mon 19 May. l0.30am; Thurs 22/Fri 23 May. 10am; Sat 24 May. 4pm; Sun 25 May. l.30pm. Perineum Intact-a & Plummeting Libido A free glass of wine before the show (City Wide venues only) will fortify you for this show written and performed by lattice McSkimniing and Alison Park aka Tripod Theatre which centres on the pregnancy experience from conception to post-natal ward. Call (ll-1| 423 37l7 for details. Part of .llavlest.lxirk/ielrl Centre. (i/asgott' Fri 16 May. 7.30pm.

.N'orl/l (Ilasgott' College. (Ilasgoit' Sat l7 May. 7.30pm.

(‘iti:ens ' ('irt'le Studio, (Ilasgott' Tue 20—-Sat 24 May. 8pm.

Red Road Goes To Hollywood A celebration of Hollywood's musicals. presented by the not-so-young Red Road Young 'L'ns on the City Wide touring circuit. Call (ll—ll 558 032‘) for details. Part of .‘lIav/est.

Bishop/oil! Resit/enls Hall. (ilasgott' Tue

20 May. 7.30pm. Saudade A collaboration between 40

“NC Performing Arts students from

Coatbridge College and their Portuguese counterparts. this innovative piece is a cross-cultural meditation on national


Childbirth made queasy: Tripod Theatre in Perineum Intact-a 8: Plummeting Libido,

on tour at Mayfest





Is N012 the best young dance company in the wodd? Yes.’

Christopher Bowen of The Scotsman

Monday 19 & Tuesday

20 May at 7.30pm. Tickets from £5.50

Box Office

0131529 6000

66 THE LIST 16—29 May 1997