identity and folk culture. (‘all ()IZRo 4223 I (r for details.l’uri (i/LlIuv/i'sr. Arc/it's T/It’dll'c’, (i/usgme Ilntil Sun l8 .\Iay. 7pm.

(T'Ull’l'lt/‘L’t’ ('u/li'ge 'I‘lieiitri'. ('uut/irii/ei' .‘vlon l‘) May. 7pm.

Snowshow Russian clown Slava l’olunin returns to Scotland with his colourful. funny. constantly surprising and occasionally melancholic show. which was one of the big hits at last year's lidinburgh liestival Fringe. (‘all venues for details.

Kine '.v 'I’lii'utre, (i/uxeiiii' I'ntil Sat I? May. 8pm: Sat mat 3pm.

li’iivit/ Lyceum 'I‘IN'UIIT’. Iz‘i/i/I/mrg/i

Mon l‘)—Sat 3] May. Mon—Wed. 7.45pm: l‘ri 7.45pm; Sat 5pm ck 8.30pm. Tapping Harlem Written and directed by Johnny Worthy. this vibrant new musical vividly t'e-creates life at the world- I'amous .Apollo Theatre in Harlem. New York during the 30s and 4(ls. The all- .-\merican cast deliver a host of memorable songs from bats Waller. l.ouis .~\rinstrong. Billie llolliday and the likes. not to mention tapping a-pleiity. (‘all venues for details.

Kiiie’r Theatre. Iii/i'li/iiire/i .\Ioii l‘)

Sat 3-1 May. 7.3(lpni iSat S..‘s()piiii; Wed/Sat mats 3.3(1pni.

l’iii'i/iii/i T/ii'ritri'. (i/iiyeirii' Mon 36 Sat 31 May. 7.30pm; Wed/Sat iiiat 2pm. What The Butler Saw (iraeae 'I’lieati'e ('onipaiiy linrope‘s premier disabled company present .loe ()rtoii‘s provocatively l'tiiiny Iai'ce. lecherous psychiatrist l)r l’i‘enticc and his w it‘e both want their bits on the side to fill the position ot surgery secretary. Btit wires get increasingly crossed as the police embark on a \y ild goose chase w liile the commissioner torasyluins aims Iota hat- ti'!ck ol three strait iackcted maniacs

\t. itliiii the hour. ('all ()17l 2m W50 tor details. See preview. page 5‘).

‘I/It' .-II't’/I('\ i/i/Ir‘itfl‘i’. (i/(Itgnii THU

21) Sail-131a}. 7..‘~Opiii./’iirin/,lluvri'\t. 'li'ii‘ii'tri' Honky/nil). lir/i/i/tiil'g/i I‘ri Rtl/

Sat 31 May. Spin.



Bath Street. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. (‘andleriggs. see Ticket Link details above. [Accessz l’I’A. l.. Facilities: WC. “S. H. (i. C‘. Help: A. AA] Heritage Mon l‘)-«-Sat 24 May. 7.30pm: Sat mat 3.30pm. 15112.5() (concs available). From the Republic ot'Guinea comes the tamed JO-strong ensemble Ballets Al‘ricains. who have been on the go for over 41) years. performing a rich repertoire demonstrating Africa's prodigious cultural heritage. Heritage reflects the accomplishments and aspirations that have passed from generation to generation. and portrays the legendary tale of the history of the Balaton. precursor of the modern-day xylophone. and ot‘ the drum. See Mayfest preview. page 21). l’urr ut.lI(1\f/i'.vl.

MITCHELL THEATRE (iranville Street. 227 5033.

Dancing Princesses Wed 21 May. 7pm. liree tby reservation only). This community music and dance project has been created by three (ilasgow groups. including local school children. iii collaboration with dancer Maxine Railton and members of Paragon linsemble Scotland. lixpect to be enchanted by this piece which was inspired by the Brothers (irinini fairy-tale 'l/ii’ lli‘t'll't’ [hi/nine /’I‘/'/Ii'('vv('.v.

PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. l’aislcy. SS7 llll(). [Accessz l’l’A. l.. R. I-‘acilities: \\'(‘. \\'S. H. (i. C. Help: A. AA]

Renfrewshire Dance Project Sun 18 May. 7.3(ll‘tn. £3 t£l ). A concert of dance l'eatnring Renl‘rewshire l)ance Project‘s most recent work. .Vnni/in'r lli’ll(/(l\'.\. l‘t‘l‘lttl'lllt‘tl by children and adults. PAVILION THEATRE

IZI Rt‘lllilL‘ItI Sli't‘t‘l. .55: I346. [.-\Cc‘t‘\\2 S'l'. l‘aciliiies: \\'S. (i. Help: AA]

Tapping Harlem Mon 26—Sai 31 May. 7.30pm: Wed/Sat mat 2pm.

1; I 2.5()—£ l(i.5() tconcs available). See Touring.

TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. 287 55l I. [Accessz I’. l’I’A. R. Facilities: \\'(‘. WS. ll. (3. (‘1.

Rpm. £8 (£4). A new collaboration between Belgian choreographer Nadine

Crossing The Border t-‘ri 23/Sat 24 May.


Ma fest runs until Saturday 24 May. Tic ets for most Mayfest events are available from The Ticket Centre, Candleriggs, 0141287 5511; or The Mayfest Ticket Hotline 0141 287 5000.

Young bloods: NDTZ - the junior arm of Nederlands Dans Theater in Paul Lighfoot's Skew-Whiff, at Edinburgh Festival Theatre (see over page)

drama & danceTHEATRE

(ianase and American beat poet lra Cohen. The result is a highly visual work which crosses liypnotically from dance to poetry arid back again. Together with three dancers. they embark on a voyage crossing borders and cultures. with (‘ohen's live poetry and prose taking them from New York. via Paris and Katmandu. to Tangiers. l’uri (i/‘Mav/i'sr.


Assembly Rooms

54 George Street. 225 5525.

Tapping Harlem Workshop Tue 2()—Fri 23 May (Tue begs; Wed gen; Thurs adv). 3.30pm. £5. See the show at the King's Theatre then join some of the dance stars of the energetic 'Iiip/mie Harlem show to get the sparks flying with sortie exuberant tap. Wear hard-soled or tap shoes.

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11 to 14 June

Two programmes of new ballets and contemporary classics including Christopher Bruce's ROOSTER. STREAM and QUICKSILVER. and Paul Taylor's AIRS. Music from NYMAN. the ROLLING STONES & HANDEL.

Box Office 0131 529 6000 TICKETS £6.50 - £19.50


L.r\l'RI..\'ti. "i.l\ [ER \vk'AIs‘l“


See it Hear it Feel it

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