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Scotland’s Anne Gibson: The first Scottish badminton player to represent Britain at the Olympic Games

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Glasgow is to be centre court for the UK's biggest badminton showcase. Words: Julian Taylor

For the first time. Scotland is hosting the two largest events on badminton‘s calendar. the World Individual Championships and the Sudirman Cup.

Besides being history in the making for Scotland. the fourteen-day badminton blockbuster will be the biggest sporting spectacle ever to be held in Glasgow. with ()8 competing nations. This will also be the first time the world championships of an Olympic sport have been staged in the l'is’.

The last tournament. two years in i.ausanne. Swit/eriand. saw a spread of honours going to lndonesia. Korea. Denmark. as well as China traditionally the strongest nation. Perhaps one of the more surprising revelations is the fact that badminton. as far as recreation is concerned. is the lFK‘s highest participation sport. with an estimated 5 million people playing regularly. The impact of the badminton spectacular. to be held from 1‘) May at Scoutstoun Leisure Centre. Glasgow. promises to be huge.

('hief executive of the Scottish Badminton l'nion (SBl'). Anne Srniliie is confident of triggering the public’s imagination. ‘it‘s undoubtedly a coup for us to host the championships. particularly as it could be the first and last time we get the chance as we‘re


always up against other nations to host the major

cvcttls.‘ site says. 'We‘ve succeeded this time due to the SBli's good

’We are up against some good teams and they'll be tough matches, but we’re capable of winning them.’ l‘srrrte Flori hart

track record of organisation and development initiatives. plus its a good opportunity for talented youngsters to come along to watch and learn. so

hopeftrlly Scotland will be able to produce some of

the stars for the future.. Despite the glowing promise the World Championships hold. with over i().()()() spectators

anticipated. Smillie is bewildered at the lack of

interest shown by the terrestrial television companies in broadcasting badminton.

‘Whiie we've had tremendous support from Glasgow (‘ity (‘ouncil in particular. all the important bodies from TV companies to the Scottish Tourist Board should be doing more in terms of promotion and advertising. especially for people living outside Giasgow.‘ she says.

The event‘s first week plays host to the mixed team Sudirman Cup. and the Scots side includes Anne Gibson the first Scottish player to compete in the Olympics in Atlanta last year in a ten strong line-up. headed by Dunfermiine's Bruce iiiockhart. This will be followed by the individual (‘hampionships - always a box office attraction.

Scotland are in Division Three. where there are two groups of four countries. and the opposition comes from New Zealand. india and Norway. before a play-off sy stein emerges.

i-‘Iockhart says: ‘i’m quite happy with my own form over the last month and it‘ll be great to play in what is a tremendous occasion for Scotland. never mind Scottish badminton] he says. 'i'iven though we are tip against some good teams and they‘ll all be tough matches. were capable of winning them.‘

The hope is that the showcase will leave a positive legacy. prompting broadcasters to give badminton a platform for a new generation.

The World Individual Badminton Championships and the Sudirman Cup are at Scotstoun Leisure Centre, Glasgow, Mon 19 May-1 Jun. See sport listings.

sport ' listings

Events are listed alphabetically by sport, then by da . Fixtures are correct at time o publication, but may be affected by weather. Sports listings compiled by Brian Donaldson.


Scottish Claymores v Amsterdam Admirals Sun l8 May. Murraylield Stadium. Edinburgh. 3pm. The Claymores need a victory desperately here if they are to have any hope of holding on to the World Bowl title they fought so hard to collect last year.


The Britannia Women's 10K International Road Race Sun is May Kelvmgrove .-\rt (jailer res (‘ar Park. Glasgow. Part of Glasgow Is international Year of Sport and details available on ()141287 5991.


10th World Badminton Championships Mott It) May -I Jun. Scotstoun Leisure Centre. Danes Drive. Glasgow. The top names in lhc world of (he shuttlecock come to Glasgow fora high quality fortnight. Sixty seven nations and 45() competitors will he represented with the team tournament decided on 24 May. and the individual winners will be lifting the trophies on I June. The tournament also incorporates the 5th Sudirman ('up. Further details are available from the Scottish Badminton I'Ition on (ii-ll 445 i3 i8.


Saturday 17 scorrrsa carcxsr LEAGUE orvrsrou one

Aberdeenshire v Strathmore Morningside Road. Aberdeen. iiarri. Carlton v Grange Grange loan. iidinbur'gh. ilanr.

Freuchie V RHSM The (‘rickct Ground. Freuchie. llam.

Heriot's FP v Arbroath United Goldenacre. i‘idinburgh. iiarn.

Stirling County v West Lothian \‘v'illiamfreld. Stirling. ilarn.

Saturday 24 scorrrsa CRICKET LEAGUE orvrsrou ONE

Aberdeenshire v Stirling County .‘yiorningsidc Road. Aberdwxn. iiam. Arbroath United v Carlton I ticitiantis' (‘r'ickct Ground. Arhroati: liam Grange v Freuchie Ritciitifli Piece. iidinhurgh. liam.

RHSM V West Lothian inyeziurtii. iidinhurgh. llam.

Strathmore v Heriot’s FP i.i\'i‘r.\tric‘ Road. iiorfar. l lain.


Saturday 24

TENNENT'S SCOTTISH CUP FINAL Falkirk v Kilmarnock Hum; .s‘raarurrr. i'.tilIII\itlllI)I"\C.(ii;l\i1tl\\' {pm in i‘l57.

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The Scottish Claymores talte on the Amsterdam Admirals Sun 18 May. Murrayfield Stadium. Edinburgh

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