CHILDRENS FESTWAL listings Making a mark

It's tough being a kid in Teatergruppen Mariehonen‘s Henry And The Seahorse.

Inverleith Park is about to come alive as the giant tents are being erected to create the venue for the eighth Scottish International Children's Festival. With over 30 theatre shows, workshops and activities to choose from, the customary Bank Holiday expression of ‘I'm bored' will be non- existent.

One of the festival’s highlights has to

be the Danish contingency, which festival director Tony Reekie uncovered during a recent visit to the Danish Children's Festival. The three pieces from Teatergruppen Mariehonen, The Little Touring Company and Corona Dance Theatre will 'reflect the high- standard and diversity of Danish Children's Theatre and will prove to be a great theatrical experience,’ says Reekie. The award-winning Teatergruppen Mariehonen, in their first visit to Scotland, will be performing Maze of Power. The issue- based police murder-mystery looks at the themes of responsibility, power and violence when three young friends are faced with the death of Casper; each person gives a different version of events, which the audience acting as jury has to decide. This is the first time that the festival has gone off site and the show will be at Theatre Workshop creating a more adult environment for the older children.

While the importance and extensive funding of Children’s Theatre in Denmark is so much greater than in Scotland, the International Children's Festival will showcase the wonderful contribution Scottish companies offer, as well as impressive global performers. 60 along to Inverleith Park and see for yourself. (Helen Monaghan)


who doesn‘t want to grow up. Follow Peter Pan‘s action-packed adventures. full of magic. music and dance as he tries to defeat the dastardly Captain Hook. Alice In Wonderland Theatre Tent Three. Wed 21 May 4pm; Sat 24 3.30pm; Sun 25 ll.30am. £5 (£3). Ages five plus. Follow Alice‘s adventures into a strange and mystifying world in pursuit of the White Rabbit in Hunter Puppet Theatre's original musical production. which uses unique large scale puppetry. physical theatre and masks to re-create Lewis

Carroll‘s classic tale.

The Radio-Men Theatre Tent Two. Mon 19 May/Tue 20 12.30pm: Wed 2l noon; Thurs 22 l.30pm; Fri 23 noon; Sat 24 10.30am; Sun 25 May 3.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages eight plus. Crazy capers with the Theatre company of B & D from the Netherlands which looks at the lives of the people who work in a radio station. The Enormous Turnip See photo caption. Magic Bob's Virtual llilartty Show Theatre Tent Two. Wed 2] May. 4pm; Friday 23 1.30pm; Sat 24 12.30pm: Sun 25 1.30pm. £5 (£3). All ages. Conjuring up magic. tricks. circus skills and lots of

THE MAN AND THE MOUNTAIN Theatre Tent Three. Mon 19 May 2.30pm,

Tue 20 4pm; Thurs 22 1.30pm, 4pm; Fri 23 noon, 2.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages six and over. In Pancake Land life is pretty chaotic for Mr Heinz Flan, what with looking after his niece and nephew and trying to finish a story that he hasn't started writing. However, on discovering a mountain in his back garden, he finds all the inspiration he needs for his story. An imaginative tale from Hullaballoo Children’s Theatre.

audience participation with an unusual collection of props that only Magic Bob could get awa with.

The Man An The Mountain See photo ca tion.

Bi e! Theatre Tent Four. Mon l9 May 10.30am; Wed 2lfThurs 22 IOam; Friday 23 4pm; Sat 24 3pm. £5 (£3). Ages 3—6. Axis Dance are on a mission to solve the

THE ENORMOUS TURNIP Theatre Tent Two. Mon 19 May/Tue 20 10.30am; Wed 21 1.30pm; Thurs 22 May noon; Fri 23 May 10am. £5 (£3). Ages five plus. The Armagh Rhymers, a trio of mummers. re-create the ancient Irish art of musrc, theatre, rhyme and riddle. The story centres on a soldier returning from the war. Penniless, he asks for help from his mtserly brother. A field of stones is his reward, but with the help of the audience, he clears the field and manages to grow the most enormous turnip ever seen.

92 THE usr 16—29 May 1997

mystery of the new bicycle bell that doesn't ring. Join in with the fun. full of theatre. music and dance.

Henry And The Seahorse Theatre Tent Four. Mon l9 [Tue 20 May 12.30pm; Wed 21 noon; Friday 23 10am. noon; Sat 24 12.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages 4—7. When paper is discovered burning in the shed. all eyes fall immediately on poor Henry. but he is determined to find out the truth. Teatergruppen Mariehanen's story looks at the relationship between grown-ups and children.

Tiger Tango Theatre Tent Three. Mon l9fl‘ue 20 May 12.30pm; Wed 2| IOam. noon; Thurs 22 noon; Sat 24 l2.30pm; Sun 25 l.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages seven plus. The amusing story of Henning who befriends a tiger and brings it back home. Using dance. music and storytelling. The Little Touring Company and Corona Dance Theatre from Denmark look at how man and beast cope with living in the same house.

Winnie The Pooh Theatre Tent Four. Mon l9 May/Tue 20 2.30pm; Sat 24 10.30am; Sun 25 ll.3()am. 3pm. £5 (£3). Ages 4—7. The wonderful tales of everyone's favourite bear Winne The Pooh and friends are re-created by Richard Medrington's Parable Puppet Theatre.

The Happy Gang In Hyperspace Theatre Tent One. Tue 20 May 12.30pm: Sat 24 2.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages three and over. Follow the interstellar adventures of the Happy Gang in Hyperspace as they meet aliens and visit lost planets. Groovy Not Gravy Theatre Tent Two. Sun 25 May 11.30am. £5 (£3). All ages. The dynamic trio bring fun. juggling. routines. music. song and dance in a very entertaining show for all the family. Maze Of Power Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place. Tue 20—Sat 24 May 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages twelve plus. Denmark‘s Teatergruppen Manehonen's gripping murder-mystery focuses on responsibility. power and violence as three young friends give their accounts of the fateful night in the yard when ajoke gets out of hand. It's up to the audience to decide which one is telling the truth.