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ADMINISTRATION MANAGER 10 SUPDOIT the Head loiured. Volunteers are required to Initial 7 months contract (covering maternity leave) Demand 8 Head 'nlured

person and help increase his/her confidence. This will

Exciting and dynamic, UZ Ltd Events for Glasgow involve every day activities /6 (( ll : ...:‘—-——___ organise large scale events including Glasgow’s i8. Cinema YiSitS. Playing I 11", ' Hogmany, Shine On Glasgow and the Glasgow Art 59°” 0' hav'"9 3 Chat we '

F , will require volunteers to a”: give a minimum of 2 hours Requirements per week. In return .we Must be computer literate - Microsoft of lice, email, arngitgziegfgégae'géng} 7 Internet, contacts management - with good June. 4 keyboard/administration and communication skills: a I, you are ,nmesmd team player with a flexible attitude, financial aptitude contact TOM on

t 0131 537 9116.

and a sense of humour. ( Write, with CV, to Dawn at UZ Ltd, (Jdavp {1177(09 (KEN)? Wye) n (fL/

40A High Street, Glasgow, G1 lNL g _ 76) @vfl‘gng Ex, I) (f 61,061,,

Pathway Project provides support in temporary - Why pay for your accommodation accommodation to young women who are vulnerable when you can sleep your jOLlrnCy away?

as a result of homelessness and abuse. Leave London late evening,

We require additional arrive in Edinburgh in time for breakfast. VOLUNTEER WOMEN MANAGERS

with possibility to extend negotiable at Christmas.

Book your ticket at:

to work with the sta collective in the k | / I f 2 (g ( 1 v t . - titt) UN“. ’..i l()li.l zipti'ss, .‘i' )f()‘5Vl‘H()f I'l“., i(‘ t)ri.i management of the protect. The “St. int...“ mm... 1;; min-n: sum-i

VlCT()f|.l Cn.i(‘h Station, L’AJCHUHITLIHI‘i- Hint! Timri'd Iiiftiriimtiriii Ci-ntri‘, VICI()HJ ()r .iiiy (if 2000 .Hfl'lit‘. ii.iti()ii~wi(ii'

For details of your nearest agent call:

0990 O1 O1 O4 Graver/lit Evilni'r-ijj)‘ (In 31/ let/M!

If you have experience in any of the following areas we would be pleased to hear from you:

Housing, management, working in a supported accommodation project, financial management, MALE 8‘ FEMALE RECRUITS WANTED

fundraisin , e ual o ortunities and staff su ort. 9 q pp pp for contraceptive studies —7_

Females 18-40 I u , currently non-pm _ REAL AFRICA

Pathway are presently working towards being an 0mm, so" users, reglllar Cyde Gorilla & Game Park small 25 days £495 equal opportunities employer. M a I e s 1842 " x Wildlile Discoverer 25 days £445

Please contact us at: 77 Buccleuch Street, (Quay pr _

Edinburgh EH8 9L5 for further information a? @

and an application form.


fit and health i South East Explorer 6weeks £580

Blue Tiger Music Theatre y Livingstones Trail 10 weeks £895 ‘The Magic Flute’ I Expenses paid Southern Central Interior 7 week £845 October showcase , """'"'”‘”"' ' iii”: Trans Africa 22 WBGKS £1450

For further information: Call CRB: 0131-229 2575

For it lull selection on all our safaris call us NOW for our FREE

Equity contract 1998 _ . 4* colour brochure and details 0! our Video show

Actor/Singcr/Musicians required.

Can you sing: ‘l'm going to wash : EXT 2105/6 A. (A? g . that man right out of my hair' - Audrey/Cameron/Karen if ' acid: g__ \ 55 Huddlcslone Rd and play it on lots ofinstruments . -- ~ . r I _, London NW2 50L

‘“°“"‘"‘°"’ f FAMILY WANTED ' *““ '

Send CV/photo: Simon Hart,

PUBLICITY 27 Gordon Terraccglm'em‘c FAMILIES WITH TEENAGERS ' : \VZIIILCd IL) hUSL ITLL‘IICLI SILKICIIIS o O . for two weeks this summer in -———--~* ---~~--r ___, _.__,___._________ Will be recrutung a Beauty ; liii‘lnbtlrglii. (ioodEratcslpaid. rel: fififigfilgyilfifiofimpflr 3 nor ALL ACCOUNTANTS n ie a ner, uro an ties “F L" I“ t “"l DRIVE FLASH CARS team 0f temporary consultants 1 g o13y1 225 6124. g publicity. advertising. can NC” Mucmfgm.‘ Staff for required )E’Sji’i‘aivc Pinmilrl‘ ('haricrcd .-\ccounlants. . L" C m C" NSC T l‘or all \‘Ulll' tax and me telephone Richard C amphcll acumniunc). “ccdg.

. O No experience necessary Edlnburgh O Full/part time positions

Festival. Mon-Fri. O Targeting gay and 40 hrs. £4.15/hr. straight markets.

1 o For further details contact C can hcence and 01259 730253 (T/F)

01555 663591 7 0421 325 326 (mobile). . . .. .. I¢.L9.1}1...5..5_6.2.7§i -.-_-_

Venus fl. my

detailed knowledge __ 2 0f Eimburgh FESTIVALJOBS ., essenual’ Please Bright. energetic stuff i apply in writing to (technical. box office. 11 o S o front-of-housc) $ lme' t“ mlth- required for prestigious Fringe venues during the . ' date June Edinburgh Festival this summer. I Highland hideaway . Previous experience and “T‘f'fi‘l' '10:)? “Ligh‘mcc- "lg"! CUSTOM AND TRADITIONAL WORK . . , art a on a mt ) i s‘; interest in theatre essential. viewsthrong}:hem":35'1";ch (OFF LONDON ROAD) 1:0, more details can woodland. Loch liync. 01852 Lucy on 0131 651 1292. 5006 '0 _

100 THE UST 3O May—12 Jun 1997