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V I saw you the day after election on Elderslie. Main Road. You‘d been celebrating. You thought you recognised me and came up attd chatted. I'd like to talk. David. Box No U/306/l

V I saw you Gavin. Swedish speaker with Winnie the Pooh tattoo. 26/3/97. We went to lnsotnttia. then Delmonicas but you had to leave. Been searching ever since. Eeyore needs a hug. Please write. Box No U/306/2.

V I saw you itt Bent 100% on ID May. You were dancing tranced and didn't react when l approached. Were you playing cool orjust unimpressed? I was the womatt in black with lottg curly hair watching yott. Box No U/306/3.

V I saw you ()asis girl limma for floorside chat. The Vaults. Friday 9th May. Heard tny name first time. tne too wasted but you kept trying. Let's meet again. Box No U/306/4.

V I saw you Dark-haired FAE foxtrel. You ‘drive' me crazy when you flutter your flyers at me. Too shy to say hi. Box No U/30o/S.

V I saw you working in James Thin. George Street and l have never spent so much money there since. Let's spend my money buying you coffee instead of Le Mom/e. Box No U/306/6.

V I saw you blonde Edinburgh girl with tequila and the best nails iii the Sub Club on Sunday. We danced. How about joining me next time'.’ Back l()th June. Box No U/30o/7.

V I saw you at the Cameo. l3/5/97. Twin Town. 9.25pm. You: skinhead with three girls in the second row. wearing a striped polo shirt. How about the back row with a boy? Box No U/306/8.

v I saw you at the Ben Watt reading. Thurs ISth May. You: crewcut and faded black T-shirt. l was standing outside shop with three friends as you left. Wish I'd said hello. Box No U/306/9.

V I saw you on Saturday l7th May in C.C.'s. You tall. slim. attractive. perhaps into arts”? You were with Craig. Me dark haired. black 50ls. cute. get iii touch. Box No U/306/l0.

V I saw you at the Pumpathon yabby stabby oooh splash. silly marmalade! We love you loads. From botlt your Kinder eggs. xxx Box No U/306/l l.

V I saw you beautiful. tall. blonde thing with incredibly sensual eyes and mouth. Me: tall. rugged. dark and sweaty. We danced. we touched. you left. Can't get you out of my mind. Let's touch sotne more. Box No U/306/l2.

U I saw you in Kwik Fit. you exhausted blue Polo. me tyred Mazda sports. Waiting room. Too many ears. I catne back. You had gone. Let‘s meet for a coffee soon. Box No U/306/l3. V I saw you Glen Clova. We are once iii a blue moon brunettes are having fun. Happiness and care on your trip for summer ‘97. Box No U/306/l-l.

V I saw you iii The Lounge. again and again. With your long. blottd. plaited hair attd mestnerising looks. drinking with worktnates. Sometimes you see me. Who are you'.’ Box No U/30o/l5.

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V I saw you spying on tne through my window in the student flats on Hillhead Street. You: trenchcoat. black gloves and binoculars. Me: blue towel and toothbrush. You always ltave a hand where your belt buckle would be. Were those smiles for me'.’ Box No U/306/lb.

V I saw you Ali. 3/6. Pablo and things have never been the same. Love from South Carolina. M. Box No U/306/l7. V I saw you Sunday. 4th May on the bus from Buchanan Street station. We chatted the whole journey through. Let‘s meet for coffee. Box No U/306/l8.

V I saw you at Raymond’s hairdressers. You: tall. gorgeous. intelligent receptionist into the Net. Me: illiterate. brightly coloured social worker. Can we surf the Net together (or just paddle). Box No U/306/l9.


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V I saw you a vision of red playing clarinet at Greyfriars Kirk for Edinburgh University Symphony Orchestra. You took me from the abyss to paradise. I haven't slept since. Please. please contact tne. Box No U/306/20.

V I saw you Shuttle Lounge. Glasgow Airport. early morning 30/4/97. You: bright red cardigan. Me: long blonde hair. I was overwhelmed by the depth of your eyes and resurfaced fighting for breath. Would you let me drown again'.’ Box No U/306/2 l.

V I saw you and you me in friend’s car to Glasgow and back Saturday l7/S/97. l was drtmk and you sober. driving. You cart light the flame again anytime Chris! Box No U/30o/22.


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V I saw you at Bennet‘s l7/5/97. You: black hair. white shirt. Me: dark brown hair. dark blue shirt with two friends. We looked at each other a lot. still interested? Box No U/30o/23.

O I saw you in Club

Mercado's every single week. at

Burger Queen and Colours of Love! You know who I attt and I know you watched my appearance on You Be! . . . Wanna Yip Yap with me'.’ Box No U/306/24.

V I saw you responding to my ad in The List. You doctor from southern Ireland. Wish to hear front you and possibly meet. Send tne your telephone number again. Box No U/306/25.

V I saw you ‘Snobbish guy‘. Me: shy but ready to play. I want to chat to you again attd laugh our old soap operas and ltave bright time. Box No U/306/26.

V I saw you Gavin. I saw you l7th iti Bennet's. Forgot to say happy birtltday! Get in touch. we'll do that coffee! Box No U/30o/27.

V I saw you Cafe Florentin. l0 May. First you were feeling sick. then hungry and after the soup you went away. The next day I saw you again. you were standing in front of the same cafe. waiting for me.

obviously . . . What was wrong with the Continental Platter‘.’ Come back! Box No U/30o/28.

V I saw you aboard delayed b.30am Stansted flight. 9/5/97. You: seat 1 IA. long. brown hair. engrossed in documents (red folder). Me: seat I IF. tall. bearded. trying to read. Too shy and sleep-deprived to talk to you. but unable to tear my eyes away. How about dinner'.’ Box No U/306/2‘).

V I saw you first at work. then asked you out. Six months on. I‘m still glad I did. Love you babe. from the bunny with the orange rucksack. Box No U/306/30.

V I saw you cute. lovely. handsome Froggy at the New College Library. You: so engrossed in Plato and his myths. not even glancing around. Me: supposed to work too but couldn't help looking. You are like a Greek god. let me be your Aphrodite. ()r be my Socrates and I'd be your Xanthippe. Love to improve my French. my: ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi. ce soir. Cltipounet'!‘. is that correct'.’ Box No U/306/3l.

O I saw you Gary (iiltlay. being wacky and fun. Pleel. get in touch so we can be sassy rock chicks together. Box No U/30o/32.

V I saw you spiralling all through my life (for the past few weeks) since my passion inflamed at Fury's. You. the sexiest. most challenging person -- floor the again! Box No U/306/33.

V I saw you my sex goddess. You: small. very sexy woman. Me: totally mad about you. You drive me crazy. But I love every bit of it. Do you know I miss our Mondays. Box No [7306/34.

V I saw you and we had a ‘tlomestic' itt public again! If you were chocolate. you would eat yourself. but I would beat you to it! Love. fudge. Box No [7306/35.

G We saw you ‘Mr Golden Boy' on a whistle stop from Germany. Looking good. Come back soon. Box No li/3()(i/3(i.

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