Valerie Edmond

BIG BREAK Ashley in The Crow Road<l996i

PAST Born in Springburn, Glasgow. Studied at Glasgow University and the RSAMD, where she was awarded Best Student of the Year. Stage work included The Sunshine Boys at Edinburgh's Royal ' Lyceum and productions for Borderline and Wildcat theatre companies. A brief appearance in Fierce Creatures and other low-key film work expanded her experience in front of the cameras.

FUTURE Follows her television break-thrOugh as Joseph McFadden's patient admirer in The Crow Road, With a role as a young barrister alongside John Thaw in Kavanagh OC.

Ewen Bremner

BIG BREAK Spud in Trainspotting (1996).

PAST Adept on both stage and screen, Portobello-born Bremner starred in Gillies Mackinnon’s Conquest Of The South Pole, featured in Heaven/y Pursuits and refined his slack-jawed schemie in Mike Leigh's Naked and TV dramas DeaCOn Brodie and Ruffian Hearts. Took the Renton role in the original Traverse Theatre production of Trainspotting and in the play's London transfer, but almost stole the show in the film version as speeded-up, shite-the-sheets Spud. Found himself in the world of the Hollywood blockbuster and Sylvester Stallone in Judge Dredd.

FUTURE After shooting The Acid House in Glasgow (see location report) he is off to Hungary and France for location work on Rhinoceros Hunting In Budapest, about an American searching for his estranged girlfriend in Paris. Starring with Jan Hart and Harold Pinter in Jez Butterworth’s film of his controversial, darkly comic stage play Mojo. Just completed The Life Of Stuff, another feature directing debut, by Scottish playwright Simon Donald.


Susan Vidler

BIG BREAK Alison in Trainspotting (7996)

PAST Like Ewen Bremner she starred in the original Edinburgh and London stage

Joseph McFadden

BIG BREAK Gary Macdonald in TV’s High Road. PAST Has JUSI been killed off as Gary, his long-running role in Scottish TeleVision’s soap High Road. Played the sensitive, artistic middle brother in the McLean family in

Smal/ Faces and found fame as Prentice McHoan in BBC

Scotland's fOur-part adaptation of The Crow Road. Also

known for looking smart in Paul Smith suits.

FUTURE Stars beside Patrick 'Jean Luc Picard’ Stewart in

forthcoming film Dad Savage, set in Lincolnshire. Delvmg

into inner city Glasgow and the murky world of loan sharks in BBC Scotland's drama Bumping The Odds.

versions of Trainspotting before graduating to Danny Boyle’s film as Alison, the junkie mother of dead baby Dawn; also appeared wrth Bremner in Mike Leigh’s Naked. Notable televiSion appearances include Cracker: To Say / Love You, as the sceptical sooal worker Magda in 'satanic abuse' drama Flowers Of The Forest, and as a Valium-popping queen in Macbeth On The Estate.

FUTURE Currently in England shooting Wilkie Collins’s mystery thriller The Woman In White alongside Tara Fitzgerald, for the BBC.

30 May—12 Jun l997TIIE lIST9