Hill climbing

Comedian HARRY HILL has already stormed the nation's stand-up circuit now they are squeezing him onto the box. But is TV big enough? Words: Brian Donaldson

20 THE LIST 3O May—12 Jun 199/

ll: HARRY HILL was a surfing type. which he‘s not. he would probably be feeling pretty chuffed with himself right now. The comedian is perched on the crest of a rather impressive wave. Last year he became the first British comedian to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman and be asked back. This year. he is reserving a chunk of airtime all to himself in a new. eight-part Channel 4 gigglcfcst. Harry [Ii/l.

His catch phrases are within weeks of cracking up and down the nation‘s school- yards. rcfectorics and pubs. ‘You‘vc got to have a system‘. ‘Goalill‘ and 'What are the chances of that happening‘." are soon to be late-()()s speak. On top of all that he is soon to

bc a dad. Acclaim has already been heaped upon Hill for his work on radio with Harry Hill's l’ruil ('(n'm'r and on television with Saturday Lira.