6 Scotland The Movie 2 Frontlines Ewan McGregor heads a tartan army of talent in 4 Agenda an eight-page Scottish film special. We bring you 23 Film

the stars, the filmmakers and the movies that are 24 New releases shaping the future of Scottish film. 29 Video reviews Plus an exclusive report from the set of Irvine 30 Film index Welsh’s The Acid House, news of movies in 35 F'lm "Sf'ngs the making and a profile of the godfather of 43 MUSIC Scottish film, 48 Record reviews

50 Live reviews 51 Rock & Pop listings 56 Jazz listings

15 Famespomng 53 Folk & World listings

After a brief fling with Hamish Macbeth, Sharon 50 Classical 8; opera listings Small speaks from the set of her first film. 62 Theatre 63 New shows , 64 Theatre reviews 16 Tu“ ROth 66 Drama & Dance listings The British bad boy talks about Grid/ock’d and 71 Comedy listings sharing the bill with Tupac Shakur months 72 Clubs before the rap star was murdered. 73 Clubs listings 80 Venues 81 TV 18 WU-Tang Clan 82 Channel Hopping A—Z guide to the giants of rap who have 82 Soapbox swapped street life for the sweet life. Just don’t 33 TV & Radio Highlights think it was easy. 84 Art

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20 Harry Hill 90 Books The award-winning comedian 91 New titles with his finger on the pulse 92 300k events gets his face on the box. 93 Sport 94 Extra Time PLUS: 95 Kids Stanley Tucci on Big Night (23); Roger McGuinn 96 Scanner

remembers The Byrds (43); David Greig on his new play Ca/edonia Dreaming (62); Bristol junglist 97 R r .t t

Roni Size; Jon Pleased Wimmin exclusive (72); 102 Hisfilagen

Bill Viola’s new show at Fruitmarket (84); 105 [Saw You

James Hawes on Rancid Aluminium (90); - The new Cyrix chips checked out (96); 106 FOOd & Drmk

97 Classified

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