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PLUS EAST COAST PROJECT DJ'SZ \Jll‘st")l) ifld‘ik Th? Wuu

7 ’1 S N E A K E [’P I M F: w GLASGOW Fn'day 6H1 June The Garage


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DJ Sneak Nush Attica Biues

Perfecto Jamie Myerson S"°'°“°”‘s* OMAR GLASGOW Barrowlands Sunday 8th June

. DJ Sneak Attica Blues

Sun In The East Festival Norwich 315t May.

Nush Perfecto 5 Live at: Astoria London 12th June. I http://www.clean.music.co.uk/pimp$/ "=2"; I n n E" C? - '

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EDINBURGH Monday 9H1 June The Venue

0 N Tickets from venue box office, Glasgow Just the Ticket Union St., . Edinburgh Virgin 8- Ripping Records and all Tocta outlets c/c 0131-557 6969 Buy tickets on-Iine at www.regulormusic.com

30 May~12 Jun 1997 THE U8T45