Rumble in the jungle

They've been away three years but absence has

made the rap grow stronger. Words: Rory Weller

We’re cruising Atlanta With Afrika Baby Bambatta (no relation), Mikey G and Sarniiiv B at the mid—point of their national tour to promote their new album Paw Ce/nxe Everywhere we stop off, tln—ty’re recognised and get ’mad love from the fans. Hell, even the world's ltiiigest hoxmg promoter

Don King, eating in the same restaurant, gives them maximum respect

The Jungle Brothers, however, should he a lot bigger than they are now. They're "ilrl skool thrown: and through with a viii-tot: legacy and three fantastic, if St‘iittetirnes rnisti'trfer'st'::v’l, (illfitll'l'; i‘é"‘i'i’.i tliern. ‘irst album in 12383 $7.333")? Out Tire Joni)“ triixeti samrlwl classic old SkOOl break beats ‘.'.'liil posrtne, Afro-centric vie-"e so different to the ‘ivxar going; on at the

trencl‘azit In; ‘i'W-

By The Forces of

NJ: .."Y‘. (film)

Nature brought in the talents of Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul which in turn led on to the Native Tongues project of like-minded artists. Three years later they came up with the avant-garde hip hop album JBeez Wit Da Remedy. The problem is they've tended to lurk just out of the high definition media spotlight that shone so brightly on other non-gangsta rap acts. They were accessible, but not poppy enough to cross into the mainstream. Spiritual, but not when it was fashionable. Three years away from their last record, they figure the Brothers got it worked out.

Afrika feels that despite the ups and downs of The Jungle Brothers history they’ve never lost the feeling they started out with as fresh young things on the New York talent circun, sitting in on Red Alert's radio shows and learning from the masters. ’The JB’s are always going to remain at a certain stature. We’re a ClaSSIC group who came out of the days when hip hep

'We're continuing with the love on the album, just trying to show the new hip hop artists that's coming out that you don't need to portray no gangsta or whatever.’

Afrika Baby Bamhatta

was pretty much at its finest We're continuing With the love on the album, just trying to show the new hip hop artists that’s coming out that you don't need to portray no gangsta or whatever,’

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The Jungle Brothers get fresh with the old skool

It was a matured trio who went into the studio for this fourth album. All three had become fathers and learnt a few lessons about the importance of good and bad advice in the musrc industry. were more business minded and more into the mtiSic. After the third album I lost the love for it because of the trials and tribulations we had to go through With messed up deals With record labels. After gorng through all those negative things it was a turn off,’ Mikey explains, ’but now all three of us have grown as business men, as partners This time I think we’re gomg to take it to the next level.‘

But what would this next level be? Songs about love, sorting out their business, changes in life and just being the happy go lucky JBeez. The new single ’Brain' is so funky it shouldn't be allowed. 'The album is like same day, different shit, same vibe,’ says Sammy. ’The Brothers haven't changed from the past. We're still here bringing the love to the music, not selling out. We've still got the same positive vibe, but The Brothers are always going to move on.’

Raw Deluxe? Translate as old skool, fresh for 97 and beyond.

Raw Deluxe is out now on Gee Street Records.

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