It’s obviously more lethal than a handgun and more intoxicating than alcopops. The subject of bans stretching from London’s West End to North Lanarkshire, David Cronenberg’s disturbing study of eroticism and technology is, The List reckons, one of the films of the year. Based on J.G. Ballard’s equally controversial novel, it stars James Spader, Holly Hunter and Rosanna Arquette (above). ’Rosanna is so quirky, unique and beautiful in such an unusual way,‘ says the director. 'She was perfect for the role of Gabrielle, who is crippled but very sexual in her disability. She is a crucial element in the film because there’s a humour, wistfulness and sadness in her character that isn't in any other character in quite the same way.’ Crash opens at the Cameo, Edinburgh on Fri 6 Jun. See Agenda, page 4 and review, page 24.

Stone, Scissors, Paper

Workaholic Scots actor Ken Stott co-stars With Juliet Stevenson in Richard Cameron's striking teleViSion film about an extra-marital affair With unexpected consequences. Winner of the BBC’s first Dennis Potter Film Of The Year Award, Stone, Scissors, Paper is about two inarticulate, married peOple who gradually develop a guilty romance. It has been entered for various film festivals, but this Will be its world premiere screening.

Stone, Scissors, Paper is on BBC2 on Sat 7 Jun, 70pm.

Estelle Skornik

The French actress is better known as ’Nicole’ from the Renault Clio commercials. If her latest career move pays off, she may find wider fame. At 25, Mlle Skornik is making her British stage debut. in a national tour of Home Truths, which visits Edinburgh this fortnight. ’It is important to work in English because it’s a language very international,’ she says with appealingly imperfect syntax. ’I ’ave to learn the kind of musicality that English peOple 'ave, for that people understand me.’ Skornik's character :s compelled to speak the truth at all times, and exposes a family's underlying tensions when she disrupts their Christmas celebrations. ’lt’s not for ’urting them,’ she explains. ’I just said what I thinks, but with no aggressiVity - very natural, very spontaneous and it’s not without problem.’ One problem has been disappomting reviews; but ticket sales can’t have been harmed by the scene in which Skornik strips off for a spot of 'ow's yer papa. Questions on this SUbJECI have been forbidden, so . . . err . . .what’s her vehicle of choice, then? 'What do you thinks?’ she laughs. 'I drive a Clio' Mai's nature/lement. (Andrew Burnet)

Home Truths is at the Edinburgh Playhouse, Wed 4—Sat 7 Jun. See review, page 64.

All the best

What’s battering our buns this fortnight.

Music: Dylan/Morrison Who’d have thought it, eh? You wait half a lifetime for your musical idols to

3 appear and then two appear on the

1 same stage on the same night. It’s

i worse than the buses. What’s the odds on Big Bob and Van the Man ; duettinq together on 'Gloria'? Glasgow: SECC, Tue 3 Jun.

: Theatre: Caledonia Dreaming Scottish playwright DaVid Greig collaborates With 7:84 theatre

(ompany to write a play in

rehearsals Set on a rare warm

summer night in Edinburgh, it concerns a number of people including a disgraced MP, all of whom are mysteriously affected by rumours that Sean Connery is in town See preview Edinburgh:

Traverse Theatre, Fri 6~Sun 75 jun. 3 Glasgow Tron Theatre, Wed 78-"Sat 28 Jun

Music: Roger McGuinn Without this man there would probably be no

Teenage Fanclub, Jayhawks, Palace,

Long Ryders, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and even Dylan might be a little

. poorer Founder member of the Byrds and all rOund liying legend, Roger McGuinn is the man credited

With first taking a stroll down the dusty path known as country rock. Part of Big Big Country Seepreview. Glasgow The Old Fruit/market, Thurs

5 Jun

Dance: Rambert Dance Company The A list stars of British contemporary dance return to their home from home at the Festival Theatre Look out for a new work from Swedish Wild child

3 choreographer Per Jonsson as well as several recent ballets from artistic

director Christopher Bruce See

,')review Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Wed ll Sat i4lun

; Film: Crash Despite the usual tabloid

knee-Jerk controversy, DaVid Cronenberg's version of the l G. Ballard novel finally arrives on British

screens completely uncut. A strange and disturbing acc0unt of auto-

mutilatiOn fetishism, it's the biggest Cinema talking point of the year so far See rewew General release from Fri 6 Jun.

3O May—l? Jun 1997THE U313