Suzanne Bonnar seduces Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 6

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I iitttlll‘tttt Slt't‘t‘l. llltS George Street. 553 NH l. llfitlpin 3am (no admission alter l;tllll. £3. late-night jaI/ and hlues.

Edinburgh I Stacey Kent Quintet Tion .la// ("eltaiz

Tron Tavern atid Ceilidh llotise. llunter Square. 220 ISFH. .S. 1(thin. to i ‘5‘. l’ollo“ in; the recent ielease ot' her tii’st alhtim. ('lme )i’lll' litm l(‘andidt this l.ondon-hased .-\meriean singer inalses her Scottish dehiit. in the company ot saxophonist .lnn Tomlinson. and oui nun l)a\id Newton Trio. She is a hiehl} accomplished interpreter ot the tan standard repertoire. and \\as t'eaturetl as the big hand singer in laii .\leKellen‘s tilni li’i't llti'l'i/ ///. hut liAt‘ll h.i\en‘t come across her )et. she is \\ ell \‘.t\llll checking' out.

I Paul Harrison Quartet lletir_\ ('ellai' Bar. S .\loiiison Street «pp .-\li(' cinema). le lZHS Itlpni late. £3 N42». The pianist leads his quartet. \\ ith litltllk‘ Se\ern ttriimpet i. .\lario ('ai‘ihe ihass ». and John Rae ‘tll'lIIITSJ.


I Dundee Jazz Festival the Rep Theatre. Ta_\' Street. (ll KS: 32353” See Tue 3.



I Basement Jazz The Ramstium Theatre. ()8 Ingram Street. 553 3-15“). l)oors ltlpm. hand It). itlpm. :4 it.“ Tonight's artists had still to he contirmed check with \enue tor details.

I Bruce Mathiske t’.iis!e_\ .»\rts (‘enne New Street. NS" lllllt. 7.30pm. to t £2 a Aiistt'alian gtntai‘ist Bruce .\lathisl».e has already “on man} t'riends tn these parts \\ ith his da/jling solo shim s.

I Midnight Club Bourhon Street. ltlS’ George Street. 552 til-l l. ll..‘~t)pm--3am tno admission atter lami. £3. late-night iazz and blues.


I Suzanne Bonnar and Herb Geller Queen's Hall. (‘lerk Street. 608 201‘). 8.30pm. {7—18.50 (£51. Alto sasophonist Herb Geller counted the lllsc‘s ol‘(‘lill'ord Brown and (‘het Baker among his collaborators tn the Sits lic‘§tlt‘_\ ot‘ West Coast tau. het'ore eventually mm ing (like Art l‘armert to a stalT hig. hand ioh in Europe. He \\ ill he heard here \\ ith a local trio. and shares a double hill \\ itli a rather more t'amiliar headliner. the increasingly accomplished singer Suzanne Bonnar.

I Makossa Henry's (‘ettai- liar. s

Morrison Street tol‘t‘ .~\li(‘ cinema). III IZSH. ltlpni late. £4 (£3 t. See Hi 30. I Kulu and Seiji Present The Bongo ('luh. 1-1 New Street. 556 52m.

l lpm 3am. £5 til i. .la// nteets contemporary dancel'loor and eluh


I Dundee Jazz Festival the Rep 'l‘heatre. Ta.\ Street. ttifihl 2235.“). See Tue ‘.



I Brafrica l’t//;i list‘i'ess. l5l Queen Street. ill ‘33“. Ulltlitj.‘ t'iom ~15pin. hand tioin 0pm. to. .\n earl} return

\ isit tor lii‘iaii (iiassei is hand. Ill \shteli tau torms a \ ihrant t'tision \\ ith lira/ilian and South Ali‘iean lt\\\tl\llll‘ rh_\tliins

I Midnight Club Hoiii‘hon Stteet. lll.\ (ieoige Street. 552 Hill ll..‘\'tt‘iti iam ttto admission alter l;tll‘;' Li late-night iax/ .iiid hhies.


I Dundee Jazz Festival the Rep Tlltktlte. 'l‘.i_\ Street. Hi “I I: ‘3 Ht See Iiillt‘ i

SUNDAY 8 Edinburgh

I Kevin Mackenzie and Friends Rank Hotel. I South Bridge. ‘Fh UHH

3.3T) ~5..‘\llpiii. Ll See Sun l

I John Rae Trio Hem; ‘s ('elta: Hat. \ .\lorrison Street «opp .v\l%(‘ LiilL‘lltJ i. ll! 1285. lltpm late. LI Ll' See Sui: i



I Lindsay C00per Free Underground Henry's Cellar Bar. S .\lori'ison Street -opp :\li(' cinemat. 32! 1:88.

lltpme late. £3 til t. See Mon 3.

I T.I.A (Transient Ischaemic Attack) Kulu's Jan hunt. The llone}eomh. .‘wtiv3ts’a Blair Street. 220 -135 l. llpninfiain. £3 (L: t. See Mon 2.

' TUESDAY 10 Edinburgh

I Paul Harrison Trio Hank Hotel. I South Bridge. 550 Oil-13. h llpni. Ll See Tltc‘s‘ A,

I John Coltrane Tribute Band Kutu's .la// hunt. The lloneyomh. it» .‘Xa Blair Street. Bil—1.1M llpni 1am. L4 it...“ Sk't‘ Tue 3.

jazz MUSID

Glasgow International Jazz Festival

June 27th - July 6th ’l997

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

29 June Cleo Laine & John Dankworth ’| July Dionne Warwick

McEwan's Old Fruitmarket Atlantic Telecom New Wave Series

27 June Martin Taylor

27 June Chaser feat. Groove Collective 28 June Maynard Ferguson

28 June Kenny Wheeler

29 June Nat Adderley

29 June Mark Nightingale

30 June Tom Bancroft Orchestra

30 June Joe Locke 1 July Stan Tracey 1 July Jim Mullen

2 July 2 July 3 July 3 July 4 July 4 July 5 July 5 July 6 July

Buster Williams

Trevor Watts

Tom Harrell

Jazz Crusaders 8 Patti Austin Geri Allen

Joshua Bedman

Danilo Perez

Tito Puente Latin Jazz Ensemble Django Bates Delightful Precipice


Louis Sclavis Arguelles Duo Colours feat Tommy Smith

Tron 3 July

4 July 5 July

City Halls

Atlantic Telecom City Halls Series

3 July Humphrey Lyttelton

4 July Madeline Eastman

5 July Berklee All Stars

8 July London Community Gospel Choir

Blues at the Brewhouse

’10 days of top blues bands including - 28 June Paul Lamb 8 the Kingsnakes Angela Brown S the Mighty 455 Balham Alligators r

4 July

5 July Plus

Jazz on a Summer's Evening 30 June featuring: Terry Lightfoot S his Orchestra

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