MUSIC folk & world


I Finnegan's Wake Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9pm—2am. Free. Irish theme pub with live music.

I Whistlebinkies Niddry Street. 557

5] l4. l0.30pm-late. Free. Live roots/folk bands.

I Ensign Ewart Lawnmarket. top of High Street. 225 7-140. 9pm. Free. Live folksingers.

I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 225 3656. 0pm. Free. Accordion music in the bar.

I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976. 9pm till late. Free. lnforrrtal session.


I Drouthy Neebors West Preston Street. 667 4 I43. 9pm. Songs and tunes with Jim Knight and friends.

I Sandy Brechin and Friends tinsign Iiwart. Lawrimar'ket. top of Higlt Street. 225 7-1-10. 0 llpm. Free. Hot accordioriist in art open session.

I Whistlebinkies Niddry Street. 557

5| l-l. l0.30prn- late. Free. Live roots/folk bands.

I Sandy Bell's t-orresr Road. 225 275 I. Afternoon from Ipm. l‘r'ee. Session in the famous folk ptib.

I Finnegan's Wake Victoria Street. 226 38l6. ()prrt-2am. l-‘r'ee. Irislt theme ptib

High Street. 220 l550. 9pm. Free. Bluegrass night.


I O'Neill's South Bridge. 9pm. Free. Irish theme pub. Live bartds.

I Finnegan's Wake Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9pm—2am. Free. Irish theme pub with live music.

I Green Tree Cowgaie. 225 1294. 9pm. Free. Instrumental. mainly btit not exclussivel Irish.

I Whistle inkies Niddry Street. l0.30pm-late. Free. Live roots/folk bands.

I Bannerman's Bar Cowgate. 556 3254. 9.30 tn. Free. Irish music.

I Tron Ceilidh House Hunter Square. High Street. 220 1550. Informal live acoustic session most nights.


I Scruffy Murphy's George IV Bridge. 225 I68]. 9.30pm. Free. Irish theme pub witlt live bartd.

I The Shore Bar The Shore. Leith. 553 5080. 9pm. Free. Sessiort.

I Tron Ceilidh House Hunter Square. High Street. 220 I550. Informal live acoustic rnttsic most nights.

I Finnegan's Wake Victoria Street. 226 3816. ‘)prn--2am. Free. Irish theme pub with live music.

classical &



Concerts are listed by date, then by city. Classical 8: Opera Listings compiled by Alan Morrison.



I The Cunning Little Vixen 't‘heatre Royal. Hope Street. 332 9000. 7. l5pnr £3.50—£45. Scottish ()pera's .Ianacek cycle returns with Welsh soprano Rebecca Evans iii the title role. Director arid choreographer Stuart llopps r'ey l\'t‘s David Pourtney's original production. arid tonight the conductor is Martin Andre. The setting combines forest creatures and hutrtan life in a way tltat is never sentimental. while .lanacek's music often reveals art expressive. folky edge. Strrtg iii English.

I Junior Academy Chamber Orchestra Stevenson Hall. RS.»\.\ID. too Ren‘rew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). The young musicians play Stanley 's ('om‘r'rto (irovvo No 3'. Htrtter'worth's lllt' Brill/(X UNI/“cert ill/low. Richard Rodney Bennett's l’urrv I’ir'r r'. llaydir's

front 33-1 7 l42 and at the door. The evening’s programme includes ('oroiiution Ant/rents by Handel and Bach's .l/Irtenilicrrt.


I Organ Recital St (rites‘ Cathedral. lliglt Street. 225 94-12. 6pm. Free. (ir'ahani Scott plays works by [)0 Mage. Bach and Messiaen.

I Seicento and Squair Mile Consort ('anongate Kirk. ('anongate. 6pm. £5

tL.3.5lll at the door. The choral and instrumental music ofJohanrt Pachelbel ‘- famous for his three violitr canon 4- takes centre stage this evening. As well as a selection of sacred motets for double choir performed by an ensemble of local

soloists. there will be first performances

of two suites for viols and arrangements ol c‘ltttt‘alt‘ [‘t'cltttlcs.



I Musica Electronica (‘oneert Hall. l'niyer'srty of ( ilasgow. 330 4002.

I. l5pm. l-ree. .-\ concert featuring electr‘oacorrstrc music selected froin international festiy als. prr/es and studios around the world. prepared arid diffused by fmal year students of the Hlirrg tlilectronrcs With Music i course on

with live music. I Whistlebinkies Niddry Street. 557 I Royal Oak lnfirrnary Street. 557 2976. . 5 l l4. l0.30pm-late. Free. Live roots/folk 10pm. l‘r'ee. Irtforrnal music upstairs and t bands.


Thursdays Mondays I Sandy Bell's Forrest Road. 225 275 l. I Session Sandy Bells. l-‘or't'est Road. 9pm. Session. Free. 225 275 I. 9pm. Free. I Whistlebinkies Niddr'y Street. 557 I Finnegan's Wake Victoria Street. 226 5| I-l. l0.30pm—late. Free. 38 I6. ‘Iptn—2ant. l‘ree. lrislt theme ptib I O'Neill’s South Bridge. 9pm. Free. with live music. Irish theme ptrb. Live bands. I Whistlebinkies Niddry Street. 557 I Tron Ceilidh House Hunter Square. 5| l-t. l(l.3(lpttt -late. Free. Live roots/folk lliglt Street. 220 I550. 9pm. Free.

Svmp/roirv No /()l) and Berkeley ‘s l)lt'(’l'lllilt'lll(t iii If fllll.


I Savoyard Orchestra Queen‘s llall. C‘lerk Street. 668 201‘) tct'edit card hotlirte 667 7776). 7.45pm. L7 (L5 l, :\ group of well-known Iidtrtbtrrgh musicians combine under the baton of David to perform Sullivan's Svnip/ioiiv III If nut/or I "I‘lrr' Ir/y/r r. as

\\ ell as Schubert's ()i'i'ritm' tlllt/ li’rrl/r! Mas/r .\'o 2: RU.\‘(IIIIIIII(/t‘ arid Schumann's

special sound diffusion equipment.

I The Cunning Little Vixen ‘l‘tiearre Royal. llopc Street. 332 0000. 7. I 5pm. £3.50 L-l5. See Sat 3|

I Guitar Duo Recital .-\delarde's. Jot) Hath Street. 2-1S.:*)7(l. 7 30pm. .\llarr \eaye and Simon Dinnigan play Bach. Debtrssey. Hellrnatt and .r new piece by (iordon McPherson. .S/on bit/iv.

Edinburgh I Dalkeith Symphony Orchestra

(ir'ey friars Kirk. (ir‘ey friars Place.


I Fiddler's Arms (irassritarket. 22‘) 2665. 9pm. Free. Instrtiiriental session. I Tron Ceilidh House llurrter‘ Square.


proudly presents

lnforrtial session.

I Finnegan's Wake y'icioria Street. 226 3816. 9pm-2am. Free. Irish theme pub with live music.

I’irr/iu ('u/rr'r'rto Ill .rl mirror r w rtlt Nicholas Ashton). In aid of the Musicians Benevolent l'tllltl.

I Edinburgh Bach Choir and Orchestra (ir‘eyfriar's Kirk. (ir‘ey friars Place. 7.45pm. £8 l UH from Queens Hall (box office 668 20W. credit card hotline ()67 7776). King's 'lihealrc and Assembly Rooms (220 434% and l'sher Hall (228 ll55). Neil Mantle conducts Bach's S! John l’uvvioli. \y ilh soloists Dertnis Haggerty. lain Paterson. .Itrlie Flanagan. Sally Bruce-Pay rre. Steven

7 30pm. L-l IL2~ front (‘ltlt'c‘lLs IIalI rbo\ office 66.\' 201‘). credit card hotlrrte 667 "770i arid at the door. \lalcohtr Portcotts conducts the orchestra lll ’lchaikovsky's .l/im In .\3r/o/r/ic.’/r'. Rimsky ls'orsakov‘s Suite: lyrrr .‘iirltir/r. .\lias|soy sky is Svmp/rnrrv .\'o .‘l arid Day rd .ltlllllstHLS (illr'yy llllt' / .llr'l [.(Hl .\‘I;'/I!.

I Organ Recital St Marys (‘atliedr-al. Palmerston Place. 225 6203. bl‘ltl. 15 Mei I at the door. 'l'irrtotlry Hyr'arri- \Vigfteid play s organ transcriptions of music by Prokotrey. \\agner. Dukas arid

(iriffin and Richard Btrrkltard. others. i I Scottish Chamber Choir St Mary ‘s ; Cathedral. Palmerston Place. Spin. £5 4 i (£4) from Mcs‘ylister .\latheson Music 3 Ltd. I (irindlay Street and at the door. Glasgow

I Samson And Delilah 't‘treatre Royal. llope Street. 332 0000, Tl5pm.

The magnificent setting of St Mary 's Cathedral rings \y itli the sounds of fotrr ('uronution :litt/u'nry irncltrding /tlt/t‘ls L 3,50 L~l5 lot the first time. Scottish 'I‘lu' I’I'u's‘t) by Handel and two rrrotets by (lpera present Saint Sacriss \eiston of Bach Konini. ./(’\’H. ly'o/rrni and [h r the ( )Id ’I‘estairrent story abotrt slavery. (lt’fU Hill! (’Iiyr'r Sr lllltli /r/rr'rt .lrri. rebellion. passion and bad Irair days.


Conductor ~ DANIEL HEGE ' (.‘ellist ~ DANIEL FEDER

Deak Celebration and Remembrance A” “6”?” 5 , .\niony .\lcl )onald doubles .ts boili Saint Saens (Jello Concerto ’1 .7 ,.;.;fi- Haddmgton director and designer for a production Tchaikovskv Symphony No.4 " ' (concessions I Menuhin Gala Concert St Mary ‘s cottdttclcti by l-rederic (‘haslrrr 'l'he leads

are sung by acclaimed .\rncrrcan singer‘s \Iark ltrndberg and t'aroiyn Sebion. \ylrrlc Robert Hayward is .r dcyrotrs .ttrd seductive High Priest Sting: tll l'rerich \‘.llll Inglish \lll‘t‘lltlit‘s


I Ludus Instrumentalis \let'chaiitsi lliittst'_ ‘5‘ \Vc'sl (ic‘tlly‘t' Silt'c‘l. I2.~l5pm. Ilie baroque .‘nscrtrble \Vrlrrra Dorigall tsopi'artot. ('hristoplrer llrckerr 'ltllllll‘t‘li and Richard \cy ill.‘ low le «contirrtioi perlotrrr pieces by Scarlattr. l’trr‘ccll and Handel

I The Cunning Little Vixen 'l‘lieatre Royal. llopc Street. 332 ‘llltlll. 7 I5pm. L3 .2“ L-l5. St‘t‘ Sat “l.

I Strathclyde University Concert Band and Chorus \Vinter (iai'dens. l’copch Palace. 7 30pm. L5

it‘s Sir/L25lli trom Director of Music. l’2rryerstty ot Strathclyde. John Anderson (Iiiiiptis. |.r\ ingstone lower. Richmond Street. (ilasgow (il l.\l| £552 ~l»l()ll e\t 3.: 1 tr l'he Strathclyde students bring their acadcriiic year to a close with .l

(“Mable/W (‘htrrch. lladdington {S rL‘o’L' irorn

Queen‘s Hall rbos office 66S 20W; credit card ltotline 667 7776i; on“. Newsagents. lliglt Street. lladdington; The Mutilt House. Poldr'ate. lladdrngton t0l620 82.3738 i; arid at the door. Yehudi Menuhin conducts the orchestra of St Mary’s Mtisic School in a concert that marks the 30th anniversary of the l amp of l.othian Trust. The programme includes works by Bach. Sltoslakoy rcli. Iilgar. Raff and Vaughan Williams.


I Glasgow Phoenix Choir ('ottrcr' Theatre. 93 llyndland Road. 35" 3.\6.s 7.30pm. [S from (‘ottier' Hos ()ttrce and Tickctlink t2S’7 551 l t. l‘hc choir is routed by the (iemischtcr (‘hor front Podinghattsen in (iermany for .: grand fundraising concert in aid of a to million renovatiort project at the (‘oitrer lhcaltc. linjoy a pr'e-concert reception III the courtyard arid yieyy renovation plans in the foyer.

I Glasgow Lyric Choir lletrry wood Hall. ('laremont Street. '7. 30pm. L.\ 50

‘l’reternuturulli- brilliant music- making. which in it's tecbniculfr’nisl) and interperutii-e dept/J would be

the envy of muin (1 big-citi- professional

symphoni- orcbestm' Til/f (Ill/(.1407) lRllll '.\'I:'

‘Remurkabli- robust -firni and often sizzling

playing from ei-eri' section of the orchestra' .\'I:'lt' i'URIs‘ ‘1‘I.itI:is‘

TELEPHONE: 0141-287 5511

2 Sauchiehall St. Glasgow (i2 SNY

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