l5 .lun (preview (i In”). Spin.

Trim Their/re. (i/(ts'yoti' \Vctl IS Sat 28 Jun. 8pm.

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare ()n the go since ms t. the htii'tl-husters ol' the Reduced Shakespeare (‘oiiipany present what we're told is the last eyei' Scottish tour of their whistle-stop tour through the Bard‘s canon. laughter and ahi‘idgeinent a-go-go. ('aII yenues for details.

Rural I,\‘t't'uui 'l'lit'iilrt'. [Jilin/Hugh Mon 2 Sat 7 .liiii. 7,-15pin; Wed/Sat tlltlls 2.10pm.

I’u/i/t'i' .'Il'i'.\ (‘t'nm' Sun S .lun. 7.30pm. .llui'rii/u'rl .'II'/\ ('t IIII‘t'. Stirling The H) .liiii. 7.30pm.

Snowshow Riissian clown Slay a l’olunin returns to Scotland with his colourful. l'unny. constantly surprising and poignant show. which was one ot' the big hits at last year's Itdinhurgh I‘estiyal I‘i'inge. (‘alI \‘enues l'or details. li’oi‘ti/ law-rum l/ir'iilri'. Iii/In/iiire/I l'ntil Sat M May. I'i'i 7.45pm; Sat 5pm & 8.30pm.

Tapping Harlem wont-ii and directed by Johnny Worthy. this \ ll‘!';llli new musical \ l\ idly i'e-ereates lite .it the worldltainous .'\poIlo Theatre in Harlem. New York. during the I‘Htis and -10s. The .lll-.'\lllL‘l'lt’;lll cast tleliy er .i host ot' memorable songs t'i'om I'ats \VaIlei'. l,otti\ .'\l'lll\ll’tlll:~.'. Billie llolliday and the likes. not to mention tapping .l‘ plc‘lll}. (iitll \L'lltlt‘ IUI' tIt‘Itllls.

I’m i/mn 'l'limfn'. (i/meim I'ntil Sat il .\Ia_\. 7.30pm; Sat mat 2pm.

Weekend Breaks lluII 't‘iiiek ‘t‘heaiie‘s latest play by John (iodher 'liull/it‘t‘t'v xI/H‘I/ In l’iir/H is a hitter «meet comedy ai‘oiit a 53-year old Iecturer named .\I.u'tiu. whose hray e decision to spend a quiet weekend in the lake l)istiict with his t1\t'l'l‘L‘;ll'lIl:.' parents goes horribly wiong. See New Shows. page (i i. (Kill HHS: IIISINI I'oi tickiiis.

(mi/lurk .lli'\ (i.'i.'/i/ _\Ioii " ltiii.

" Killiny

/’::/\/t\ :II’.’\ (t III/t 'l tic It! \Ved I I lllll. " ‘0 \iii.

What The Butler Saw ( ii'aeae ’I'Iieatie (‘ompany I'iirope's pieiiiiei dis iI‘Ietl company present .loe ( )rion's pioyocatnely l'tiiiny taic-c lecheioiis psychiatrist l)r l’i'entice .lllkl Ins w 01' 'ooth want their hits on the side to till the position ot surgery secretary. But wires get incieasingly crossed .is the police emhaik on a w llkl goose chase. while the commissioner t'oi .isyltiins aims for a hat trick oi tiiiee sli'ait-tackeled maniacs \\Iilllll the hour. See iex iew page (\-I. (".tll IIITI 2(1" I‘l5‘) to! details.

'I/Ititlrt' IIiiIh/iuy't. [St/Hil’lllg'll l'tt iii/Sat .il \Iay Split



‘I Burgh lIaII Street

Tapping Harlem Workshops ten to May 2 2 me LtiaL-Ii, Iiiteimediate leyei Booking .'\Hll.t (Ink III-II 2N" I'lIl-I. \Vt‘.” LIP l‘l llill'il \Ult'tl \llHtN .tlltl tom the chorus line .it this workshop l'llll

drama & dance THEATRE

How do they do that? Rambert Dance in Christopher Bruce's new piece Stream, part of the first programme the company is bringing to Edinburgh Festival Theatre on Wed 11fthurs 12. Programme 2 is on Fri 13/Sat 14

by the cast of hit-show 'Iii/i/u'ng liar/em. See I’ayilion ’l‘lieatre. (ilasgow. SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIOS

Rohin Anderson Theatre. 26] West l’t‘lltc‘t‘s SII‘L‘L‘I. 5 l-<l 0020.

Margaret Morris Movement

Wor shop Sun I .lun. Beginners:

11am 12.30pm; general: 1.30-3pm. £6

1 L111. Kay Morrison leads this workshop hased on the teachings of Scottish modern dance pioneer. the late Margaret \Itil't‘tsoll.

TRON THEATRE o.‘~ 'I'i‘ongate. 552 4267. [.-\ccess: PI’A. ST. R. l.. l-acilities: \\'('. WS. H. (i. C. Help: .»\.-\|

Jaleo Wed 4 Sat 7.1un. 8pm. L") (£51. The popular Iiye-piece flamenco outfit t'i'om Se\ ille return to the Tron for some more hot latin nights. See New Shows. page (15.

PAVILION THEATRE I21 Rentield Street. 332 ism. [Accessz S'l‘. I'.lc‘llillt‘\2 \\'S. (i. Help: .-\.»\] Tapping Harlem t'niil Sat 31 May.

" itlpm; Sat mat 2pm. £l2.50 -£|(i.50 tconcs ay tllltll‘lt‘l. See Touring.


Scotland’s only authentic

Extensive menu of Malaysian specialities

Vegetarian/Vegan Malay buffets

Open 6 days Lunch & dinner

Malay Restaurant

Taste of Malaysia buffets

Sunday Malaysian Tiffin

0131 556 6758

The Kris Malaysian Restaurant 20A Leopold Place, London Road



Assentny Rooms. 54 George Street. 225 5525. Ticketline: 220-1341). [Accessz ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. (3]

Tango Venue: I’ortobello Town Hall. High Street. Portobello. Sat 7/Sun 8 Jun. Beginners l: 7 Jun. llam- lpm. £10 iL'S). Beginners 2: 8 Jun. Ham—1pm. £ 10 (£8). Intermediate l: 7 Jun. 2-5pm. £15 (£10). Intermediate 2: 8 Jun. 2---5pm. £15 (£101. Get tangoed the real way with masters of the art Pedro Andrade and Michele Goyens. Men should wear leather-soled shoes and women should wear hiin heels and short skirts which do not hinder movement. And remember. it takes two to tango. so bring a partner.

EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE l3/29 Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. [Access: l.. Facilities: WC. WS. AS. II. C. T. Help: A]

Rambert Dance Company Wed 1 I Sal l-t Jun. 7.30pm. £6.50-~£l‘).50

t£~1.50—£ I 7.50). The biggest. and possibly most exciting contemporary dance company in the UK returns to the venue where it staged its dramatic re-

7? 4’


S [I I I A I‘ II

It Sean was in town... and time was running out...

what would you do to track him down?

launch in [904 with another two Programmes of \'lt‘Illt1st) modern dance. Programme l i\\’ei.lfl'hiirs) includes liti/o/on t(i/im11 by Kim Brandstrup. (‘hristopher Bruce's Rolling Stones trihute Rmnh’l' and his new hallet Stream. Programme 2 (Hi/Sat) features Quicksilver. another recent piece choreographed by Bruce. plus .‘III‘.\‘. a classic Paul Taylor piece from 1978. and a brand new work from highly original Swedish choreographer I’er .lonsson. See New Shows. page (i3. THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. [:‘xccess: I’l’.-\. ST. R. I‘acilities: \\'(‘. \\'S. H. (i. C. Help: .’\.'\]

Let Her Body Become A Living Letter Thurs l2 Sat M Jan. Spin. £050 (£31. (‘omhining physical theatre with film. light and computer technology. this second lull-length work from Glasgow- hased Victoria Beattie and her company (rush. is beautifully directed and at times highly original. The themes of loss and memory are not always crystal clear. but it triumphs on atmosphere alone.

Continued on page 71


Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh Fri 6 - Sun 15 June 8.00pm Tickets: £8.00 (£4001 Provmw 6 June £4.00

Tel: 0131 228 1404

Tron Theatre. Glasgow

Wed 18 - Sat 28 Juno 8.00pm TICKUIS' £8.00 (£4.00)

First Night 18 June £3.00

Tel: 0141 552 4267/28? 5511

And On Tour Details from 0141331 2219

.30 May I.’ Jun I‘M/THE LIST 69