Keep a look out for "The King" this weekend... because if you find THE GENUINE ARTICLE you will win tickets to the biggest US dance music event ever held in Scotland -


TODD TERRY, ROBERT OWENS, MARSHALL JEFFERSON & DERRICK MAY Will all be at noon AT THE TOP in Bathgate on FRIDAY 13 JUNE. between 10 pm and 4 am. mixmg up a tusron of House. Techno & Garage from three of America’s most famous breeding grounds -

New York, Chicago 8 Detroit (NYCD).

To get your hands on a couple of free tickets keep an eye out for "The King" at your regular haunt every weekend until the event If you spot him and you're drinking a Bud. ask him if hes THE GENUINE ARTICLE If the answer is yes. two tickets worth £12 each are yours (whilst stocks last) II he says no. ask him why the hell he's dressed as EIvrs'

Elvrs wrll be touring these bars -

Edinburgh Glasgow

City Cafe The Lounge Monkey Bar Blacktriars Iguana The Livmg Room Bar 10 Bonharns Basement Cul De Sac (West October Cale McPhabbs Ryans End) Bar lvliro

Negocrants lvlaxaluna Yo Yo

The Watershed Ocho Pablo's

EH1 Rab Ha's Bar Bola

Tickets available from selected HMV and Tower Records Stores and usual agents All ticket prices SlejOCI to booking tee unless otherWIse stated Information: 0181 963 0940 (10 am - 6.00 pm Mon - Sat)