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Pandemonium (Saturn £39.99)

media & technology

Going for girlie "" Pandemonium is a Saturn conversion

of a game that first appeared on the PlayStation. Often Saturn conversions

lf lads' magazine Loaded boasts that

size is {everythng- a pew breed 9f girlie :- . .0 b. .0 Sony magazmes IS QIVlflg It a run for Its " ' -- originals, but with Pandemonium that‘s not the case. Essentially a 20

money. Words: Claire Prentice . platformer set in your standard fantasy

world, the game impresses with its illusion of a 3D environment. Graphical effects, more usually associated with the PlayStation, have been successfully ported across, which goes to show that with clever programming, the Saturn can pull the stops out too. Fortunately, Pandemonium is not just about the visuals, and offers solid gameplay as well.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0

(PC shareware)

A preview version of IE 4.0 is now available on the Net from www.microsoftcom/ie/ie40 that shows Just how ambitious the package is. Turning the Win95 background from an inert work-surface into what Microsoft calls an 'Active Desktop‘, the main advance offered by IE 4.0 is that it’s ready for the advent of 'push' technology information providers, who will keep that desktop continually updated with information. The only

Getting lagered up. leering at totty and shouting sexist remarks across the street while scoffing a kebab. are no longer the sole domain of blokes. Yep. girl power is alive and kickin‘ and three spritzers and a kiss on the cheek are not what 90s girlies want.

Right on cue. a new breed of glossy has burst onto the scene with titles battling it out to give today’s descendant of the People ’5' Friend generation what she wants. But are these baby-boomers giving the Loaded lot a run for their money in the tits an’ ass stakes?

Sugar and More were the first to make waves with their saucy no-holes-barred position of the fortnight and unflinching ’how to blow your bloke into oblivion‘ style features. The problem was that many of their readers - teens and pre-teens - were deemed too young for this blatant filth by their moral forbears.

Now from the same people that brought you Sugar. the sassy. sexy B. as in ’Just Be‘. has hit the shelves. intended as the natural

progression for kids weened onSugar who‘ve pULL THAT I problem is that you need to be online hit their late teens and are looking for something a tad Bgsaysaow all the time. The aggressiveness of the Vim; , ,

more racey. ARE YO ' ,1, a package is evident in the demand for

Featuring a suitably gratuitous hunk of the month GOOD free local calls. Parts of America have slot. sex scandals. ’creative alcoholism’. a feature on ORS'S HE 0U ’-’ them now. Will the rest of the world masturbation and a penchant for demeaning man-kind .D A :*G YO have to follow suit to make the most with labels like ‘raunch’. ‘totty’ and ’meat’. this mag .. of ’push' technology? is having a go. By the same token. an article on why 1 g ' we get dumped and how to give your man a feast g“ . _ ' WEB SITE he’ll never forget (no innuendo) takes the female ' J - -

. . ' YA? Mo

race back into the kitchen. V Voucuengusw ' Batman And Rabm

Again pitched at the late teens/early (http://www'batman'mbin'com)

twentysomethings market. the recently-launched Fresh is a more ballsy. though slightly skinny affair. with advice from agony uncle and ex- Chippendale Murray Grant. and an article on the ’ladette’ by a terrified bloke who found he just couldn’t compete in the drinking and obscenity stakes. Fine. but like their mother figure. TV’s The characters. Through a mixture of Girlie Show. you can’t help but suspect these mags Shockwave Flash and Qurcktime VR, are going to be short-lived. way since the original Woman 's you’ll find yourself transported by the But there is hope. For girlies looking for full-on Weekly days of recipes. Dear Marge and knitting characters’ own vehicles to 30 walk- tips on how to pull Adonis down the local disco. patterns. Even so. there is a lot of catching up to do. through locations, games, and other

Warner has put some serious effort into this promotional site for its latest blockbuster. Although it provides the standard mix of info on the movie, it also acts as a shell for five more sites based around each of the main

there‘s a bold. brassy new Louded‘s circulation is interactions. The whole site has been bible at hand - Minx. Alter It's fine for girls to have a we”- 323.l l5. while Minx’s stands slickly structured and neatlythought nine months in the big bad - - at l7().()()(). out, and ifyou're used to static pages worldsthis title has shaken deyelopEd m'ddle fmgef' to While there‘s a definite of pictures and text on the Web, it'll off its grow-bra to enjoy no-strmgs. one-night market out there. it‘s make you sit up and pay attention. acknowledge what we’ve Stands and to Ogle at the debatable if the ever-

known all along. Uh-huh. it’s

. multiplying lasses titles will REVIEWER‘I’HIS ISSUE fine for girls to have a well- appendages 0f hunks m trunks'

ever quite reach (or rather John Henderson

developed middle finger. to descend to) the standards of

enjoy no-strings. one-night stands and to ogle at the the lads.

appendages ofhunks in trunks. Still girls. with features on mean cocktails. DlY ADDRESS COMMENTS Minx combines Jackie-style true-life stories. a bliss and numerous scantily-clad boys. who needs an TO SCANNER AT

dose of Marie-Claire intelligence. More‘s sex content old faithful? Revel in what it means to be young. hip and all the usual beauty and body coverage with an and sexually aware with all manner of hot info at untempered ‘up-lor-it’ attitude. It has come a long your fingertips. Go girle

100 TIIEUSI' 13—26 Jun 1997