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I Good-looking gay guy, 34 works at sea. home on leave soon and wishing to widen. my circle of active friends. seeks adventurous guys. singles/ couples. with whom to spend time with when home and write to when away. ()wn place Edinburgh. Travel/

'7 accommodate. ALA. Box No 3 307/52.

GAY, LATE 30$ MALE (not l‘)30s) n/s. professional. very straightforward. but sensitive. masculine and very confident. btit sexually passive. fairly inexperienced. intellectual. generous spirited. with attractive lifestyle. slim. not at all bad-looking. WLTM gay/bisexual man. n/sc. n/sm. 23 -40.

Box No 307/53.

I AM TACTILE. ADVENTUROUS giving and would like to take thrill seeking exotic man to where he‘s never been. Must be fit. 25—40.

Box No 307/54.

I Glasgow-based sporty. bearded fanatic (man about town) seeks bear for midnight excursions. hillwalking and conversation. All letters answered. Box No 307/55.

I Edinburgh guy, 36 uh.

professional. sa/l. non-smoker. GSOH. WLTM similar (26—36)

i for fun/friendship/more. Into

movies. music. most arty/ things. good food/wine and travel. Your phone number would be appreciated. Box No 307/56.

' I Sick of meeting Mr Wrong?

Fashionable. slim Mr Right (Glasgow) seeks similar for moonlight and roses and romance. . . . let‘s face the music and dance. All letters answered. Box No 307/57.

I You wouldn't normally

reply to an ad'.’ I wouldn't

f normally place one. Gay guy 3 (23) Edinburgh. SUCKS

interesting. non-camp. m/f. for friendship. Bored with satne old satne old'.’ Reply immediately. Box No 307/58.

I Sensual, professional couple. non-smokers. seek passionate. feminine bi lady. 38—47. for discreet fun and games. Fife/Edinburgh. Photo

appreciated. Box No 307/5‘).

I Attractive bisexual female

I Inexperienced Edinburgh-

based gay guy. 24. tall. thin. with GSOH (allegedly) seeks big hirsute and athletic male. 30—45. possibly a uniform wearer. for protection. comfort and warmth. Box No 307/61.

I Gay male, 34 straight-acting. non-scene. An average ordinary guy whojust happens to be gay. seeks similar for friendship or hopefully more. Box No 307/62. I Edinburgh Loving gay male (33) WLTM a ‘special guy' for friendship. hopefully more. ‘Hope this will be a bright start with lovely things to warm our hearts.‘ Write soon. ALA. Box No 307/63.

I Bisexual, attractive feminine lady (aged under 45) sought by lovely. attractive. friendly. sensual. outgoing. easy-going. prof. 30s couple (she brunette. very pretty; he tall. gorgeous). Exceptional males (ie genuine. friendly) considered. Box No 307/64.

I Edinburgh gay male, 32 professional. straight-acting/ looking. who enjoys life and long summer days - very easy- going. reliable and honest. Go ahead make our summer a good one. ALA. Box No 307/65.

I Good-looking Fife gay guy (37) slim build. straight- acting/looking. seeks fit. straight-acting. attractive guy. 20-30. for younger brother type relationship. Photo phone please. Box No 307/66.

I 30-something professional gay female. intelligent. with VGSOH and a zest for life. Does this sound like you? Then. don't delay. reply today. Let's get together and live a little. Box No 307/67.

I ’Sorted' Edinburgh guy, 30 tall. attractive. sincere. professional. seeks laughter and levin with cute. smiling tiger. Penchant for fun and nonsense an advantage. Challenge me to make you really purr! Box No 307/68.

I Glasgow male (37) seeks special guy who can share my life. Interests: music. cinema. theatre. tennis. You are kind. gentle. honest. fun to be with. Love to hear from you. Thanks. Box No 307/6‘).

I Attractive. gay male, 24 slim build. 5ft llin tall. dark hair. straight-acting. GSOH. Interests sports. travel. Scottish politics. cinema. pubs. Seeks guy. |‘)~35. for friendship maybe relationship. Glasgow/ Ayrshire. ALA. Box No 307/70. I Free-spirited prof lady wants to meet gay. feminine person with following attributes. honesty. C}S()H. financially independent. with drive. ambition and w ho understands the meaning of unconditional love and completeness. Box No 307/7 |.

I Glasgow gay professional male (33) straight-acting. rioti- snioking. non-drinking. seeks similar male for long term relationship (26-36). You don't tisually do this sort of thing either but . . . Box No 307/73. I Professional male, 31 slim. decent looks. n/s. seeks similar Glasgow male (35-35) for possible relationship. Interests

would like to meet similar forO-mfiielude classical music. cinema.

fun evenings in/out. Photo. Box No 307/60.

sports. current affairs. Photo appreciated. Box No 307/73.

NIO THELIST 13—26 Jun 1997