i saw you CLASS!!!)


O I saw you Princes Street Gardens. Wed 28 May. Afternoon of sunshine. You. long hair and legs. busy writing? Me. blue shirt supposedly reading The Scotsman. Will you be thy sunshine? Box No U/307/l.

V I saw you on King's Cross Station. hope iti heart and flowers in hand. Tell me where to go to. princess travels with her sweet man. Box No U/307/2.

V I saw you Catherine/ Katherine. Sunday 4/5/97. I'm Will. the non-student you danced with in Century?! You’re the most amazing kisser . . . so get iii touch and we‘ll find somewhere decent to dance! Box No U/307/3.

V I saw you Colin the fiddler in Whistle Binkies on 22/3/97. Are you my bear necessity? Contact me please. Box No U/3()7/4.

V I saw you tall. dark and handsome on the Dundee to Glasgow train. I8/5/97. Sat close by. brief encounter want to get closer? Marie Claire? Box No U/3()7/5.

V I saw you Cosa fea. yesterday arid I already miss you . . . a lot. Good luck in your exams. Besitosx por todo tti cuerpo. I love that belly-button. Sad! Box No U/307/o.

V I saw you at Tribal Funktion. 10 May. I think your name‘s Eddie. You with small blonde chick who kept on kicking you. is she your girlfriend? I'm in love with you! Box No U/307/7.

V I saw you working behind the bar in Mayfest Club and King‘s Theatre (Billy Connolly). Also in Squires and Polo Lounge. I would like to talk. meet and see more!! Fancy dinner or drinks. My treat. Box No U/307/8.

V I saw you stunning young woman with short. dark hair. 24/5/97 Piersfield Grove viewing flat with older woman (your mother?) l‘m available if you are. Box No U/307/9.

V I saw you wind-surfing dude (is it Craig?) I saw you Gullane beach l/6/97. I held 5.7 rig. Me blue shirt and cut-offs. You were pretty cool. please get in touch. Box No U/307/l0.

V I saw you Martin. Glasgow X. 2 Feb/Mar. After Gandolfi. I wrote. If you would still be interested in an occasional pint in Glasgow. please get in touch. Box No U/307/l l.

V I tasted you at the Sauza launch party - had a great time and would like to meet again. Fancy a Sauza and Lemonade that could lead to re-awakening your

senses! Box U/307/50.

V I saw you Botanic Gardens. 29/5/97. long blonde hair. combat bra. scared of wasp. Me. curly hair. beard. glasses. loud. opinionated. with other office types. Fancy a drink? Box No U/307/I2.

V I saw you at Austin‘s singing Lure Is All Aron/til. You dark with goatee. Me Kev 22. No boyfriend now so let's meet! Box No U/3()7/l3.

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V I saw you Gary. being a pop star! Let’s get together and behave like spoilt brats! (PS I think your ears are iii the wrong place fora polo-neck!) Box No U/307/l4.

V I saw you wearing a bright red top. and sweatshirt. You stood out like a sore thumb. and still looked beautiful. You'll always be my lst (3rd) choice! Box No U/307/15.

V I saw you Gary. selling handbags. hosiery etc in a Princes Street store. This window shopping guy would like to discreetly get to know you. Get in touch. Box No U/3()7/ l (i.


V I saw you H.M. in the classroom. You helped me when I got involved with the wrong person 90/9 I. I wanted you then and still want you now. Most of all I miss the talks we used to have. Can we talk some more? Box No U/307/I7.

V I saw you CC. Bloom's. 24/5/97 company on the terraces? You cheeky wee sod keen to slap. Still tip for it ehh? How do you look in your strip? Get writing. sexy babe. Box No U/3()7/18.

V I saw you drinking: Bar Ten. Dancing: Shoot Up And Dance. l.ove Boutique. Shirleys Temple. Stib Club and 'I‘PA. l was the one with the camera. Get ready for an evening of culture. Box No U/3()7/l9.

V I saw you 2. I Spin. Rut/97. Sauchiehall Street. heading into BHS. You: female. long blonde hair. huge very stylish glasses. dressed red/black. Me: male. hopelessly smitten. I must see you again. Box No L7/3()7/2().

V I saw you this morning and every other morning on the train from Central Station to Hillington Iiast. You are very slim with shoulder length brown hair. Wore denim pinafore on Thursday 29 May. Box No U/3()7/2 l.

V I saw you slamming Tequila at the Bongo Club. l‘riday 30 May. What a night! I‘ll be there on Friday. Can we slain together? Box No l,l/3()7/22.

V I saw you at the Bongo Club. Your ironing board/ goldfish routine made me howl. Your rubber long-johns finished tne off! Remember? See you there then. Mr Snow flake. Ho\ No [7307/23.

V I saw you standing in the crowd watching me. I may not have won on the day btit I won the best pri/e when I started going out with you. line your little nut. Box No [9307/24.

V I saw you my inspiration. thoughts. dreams. daily sunshine and evening star. Tune will fly and w e‘ll be together again soon. As we both know. Box No [7307/25.


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V I saw you babes of top floor Stratht'illan Road flat. My binoculars are getting tired. Conic arid borrow sonte coffee sometime. Box No U/3()7/2(i. V I saw you at The Puppet Theatre. Friday 23 May I997. You the gorgeous. tall waiter. Me the guy in the denim shirt with the group of singing woment!!!!). Please contact me! Box No U/3()7/27.

V I saw you lovely ladies. on the top floor of a Strathfillan Road flat. Discovered heaven that day. Believe iii angels now. Just come over for some champagne to celebrate. Box No U/3()7/28.

V I saw you the day after election on lilderslie. Main Road. You'd been celebrating. You thought you recognised me and came up and chatted. I’d like to lttlls‘. l)a\'id. Box No l,’/.‘i()(i/l

V l smelled you from afar and thought YOU smell gorgeous! Like to get to know you better. Can we meet for a long tall Sauza at a bar near YOU? Box U/307/Sl

V I saw you (iai in. Swedish speaker with Winnie the Pooh tattoo. 20/3/97. We went to Insomnia. then Delinonicas but you had to leaye. Been searching ever since. lieyore needs a littg. Please write. Bo\ No tf/soo/Z.

V I saw you lll Bent lot)“; on It) May. You were dancing tranced and didn’t react when l

- approached. Were you playing

cool or ~iust uninipressed'.’ I was the woman iii black with long curly hair watching you. Bo\ .\'o [7/306/3

V I saw you ()asis giil liiiinia lol' lloot'sitle chat. The Vaults. Friday 9th May. Heard my name first time. me too wasted but you kept trying. let’s meet again. Bo\ .\'o l'/.‘~()(i/-l.

V I saw you Dark-haired EAE fostrel. Yott ‘drive' me crazy when you ll utter your llyers‘ at me. Too shy to say hi. Box No l,'/3()(i/5.

V I saw you working in James Thin. George Street and l have never spent so much money there since. Let's spend my money buying you coffee instead of Le Morn/e. Box No [7/306/(3.

V I saw you blonde Edinburgh girl with tequila and the best nails in the Sub Club on Sunday. We danced. How about joining me next time? Back l()th .lune. Box No U/306/7.

V We Saw You doing cartwheels down the High Street in your hare-es and purple ItaItan with a hunch oI wee hairns and a cat in tow. Enjoy the great escape, .Io. Hope the good times keep on rolling. Missing you already - come and see us soon - with the biscuits!!!

V I saw you at the C‘ameo. IVS/97. Twin Town. 9.25pm. You: skinhead with three girls in the second row. wearing tt striped polo shirt. How about the back row with a boy? Box No l,i/3()(i/b’.

V I saw you at the Bert Watt reading. Thurs lfith May. You: crew cut and faded black T—shirt. I was standing otitside shop with three friends as you left. Wish I'd said hello. Box No l,'/.‘\llo/‘).

V I saw you on Saturday l7th .\lay iii ('.(‘.‘s. You tall. slim. attractne. perhaps into arts? You were w llll Craig. Me dark haired. black 5()ls. cute. get in touch. Box No lil.‘it)(i/l().

V I saw you at the Pumpathon y'abby stabby oooh splash. silly marmalade! We love you loads. From both your Kinder eggs. xxx Box No U/306/l l.


l3--26 Jun 1997 TIIE LIST 109