’Beneath the surface of respectability lies Crush theatre company are offering tigkets F the Shadow Of our darker S'de V- - W9 V9 for the price of one to the first fifteen people to~¥seej _= 3” been The“?! perfemy 'espons'b'?’ Let Her Body Become A Living Letter at the Theatre 1 UDS‘and'W p'l'a'S Of “‘9 commun'ty one Workshop, Edinburgh on Thurs 12 Jun..Take this ' day, then Friday night rolls around and, copy of The List to the box office. ,

several pints later, we’ve turned into Bernard Manning. Problematic as this might be, it’s nothing compared to the difficulties faced by poor old Sir Hugo Coal and his long suffering wife Harriet. Sir Hugo is more interested in his fascinating collection of dinosaur skeletons than his wrfe, and she is becoming rather frustrated. Bored and ignored, she's ready for some action.

Enter Fledge (Sting) and his wife Doris, supposedly live-in servants but in reality . . . well, we all know what butlers get up to if not kept busy. The devil finds work for idle glands and all that. Needless to say, the natural order lS nearly subverted and all sorts of shenanigans go on in the scullery. Barry Norman was moved to call it an 'Eccentric, anarchic concoction of black comedy drama and murder mystery’.

We've got ten copies of the video to give away and five stills of the mowe signed by Sting. If you don't win then the vid is available on sell through

Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

Name another movie Sting has been in.

Answers in a bottle by Fri 27 Jun. Mark them: GROTESQUE COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1T5.

Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

The I 1th Annual London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is on tour and will be visiting the Glasgow Film Theatre from 13—26 Jun and Edinburgh Filmhouse from 13—21 Jun. There is a particularly strong contingent of lesbian films at this year's festival, including features such as Female Persuasions and Isle Of Lesbos. ' Johns is the star in the firmament of gay films with its striking portrayal of a young V hustler on the streets of Hollywood. . 1 A; My, To mark the festival, The List, Filmhouse

a -- . DJANGO BATES'S dGFTh h )b k f FHLMH E Ii. ~ magma; GUS "'ltllw-l-"ll-‘HW DELIGHTFUL G'l'ThC'G ;f leGM’G'd SfS’97d Deli;“Salli?bri’lfheoéliifi'iti.nbfigfamilial 9" 8“ ‘WO PRECIPICE To get the goodies answer this;

U1 LLI D O O U LL] 3 O’ m LIJ '— O E U LU I '—


Bound And Gagged are offering 100 free tickets to the press showing of this year’s hit Fringe debut, Barry Sorts It Out at the Theatre Workshop, Stockbridge, Edinburgh on Wed 25 Jun at 8pm. Tickets can be obtained by phoning Tartan Silk on 0131

557 8885.

BOUNDIi Gillill

Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

Glasgow International Jazz Festival are offering two Who is the female lead in Female Persuasi'ons? tickets for the price of one to see Django Bates's

f Answers on a postcard by Mon I6 Jun. Include a daytime phone number, Mark them; gf'lghth' Pricipigeja: the McEwan's Old Fruitmarket, L&GFF COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. aSQOW 0n U“ U .

Win an evening of hedonism.

’There is something remarkably modern and radical about the Kama Sutra' . ls Mira Nair talking about her new mowe or

«rim ERNNLONAI .- referring to Glasgow’s ritzy new edition to the Indian restaurant scene Kama Sutra at

visit/Get? 331 Sauchiehall Street?

Aptly described earlier this year by The List OFFERS; an out me coupon or take an,” the . +1 ; a} d romantr'c Dame’s”? bemee” '“d'a” whole magazine and present it to the relevant V M “"5” and “flaw” Ch'c I “"5 hot new box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to edition to Charan Gill's Harlequin Leisure availability and managements reserve the right empire promises to ignite the flames of deSire in the culinary sense, of course. to “fuse admission Just as Mira's film gives you a pOignant, Visual lesson in love, the eponymous restaurant companions: 0,“; one entry per pen-,0" per

inVites you to least your senses on the food of love. competition If you are enteflng more than one Kama Sutra, the movie, IS on release from 27 Jun at the GFT, and, as sponsors, Kama competition you need use onIy one envelope hm

I u Sutra, t ie restaurant, has teamed .ip With Film Four distributors and the GFT to give four please make sme that your name. address and

couples the chance to enjoy an evening of hedonism. Watch the triumphantly sensual vouch" are attached to EACH entry Competitions mowe, then whisper sweet nothings over a Lovers' Thali in the restaurant after the show. are open to a" UK “Swen” (over the age of 18 In

What better way to lgnlte the fires Of paSSI0n7 a|cohol.felated offers). No responsibility can What IS Kama Sutra translated into EngllSh7 accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be

The pnze must be taken between Sun 29 Jun and Thurs 3 Jul so get your answers to US obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To

7 . . obtain a list of winners please send a SAE to The on a French tickler by Mon 23 Jun. Mark them KAMA COMP, The List, 14 High Street, . ' Edinburgh, EH1 "E. List Competition Winners, stating which issue(s)

results you require.


GLAS ' w

a; E 2 he: 0’3 '55 2'; >3 g: eg .53 wit: a: E}; O; UZ‘

E To E" E

U! III-l G O O D < m l— 3 U5 < E < X

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