Ellen Galford

New Jersey-born, Glasgow-based writer


’The phrase "Red Clydeside turned me" comes to mind. There were a lot of changes going on in my life when I came to Scotland. There was a sense of flux, a new wave of feminism and lesbian mermaids floating in the Clyde. It took me a long time to get on the right track and maybe it took crossing the ocean to make me change. There were many people caught up in this idea of queer migration and I think one of the changes that has occurred is that people no longer have to migrate to come out. Pride is a great way of bringing people together, whatever their background.’



Graeme Woolaston

_ Good food and wines Glasgow-based writer

’I think Pride Scotland could be given a much higher profile in the years to In a relaxed atmosphere come with the possibility of a devolved Parliament and there is a hope that a new government will have a more positive attitude towards the equalisation of rights for lesbians and gay men. I haven’t been to Pride for a couple of

years but I hope that it has retained its friendliness. Pride is a festival, a gala Open I I Dixon Street, event and with Glasgay! postponed for a year at the very least, it will be the _ -

only such large-scale gathering of gay people this year. We are sharing Mon sat 103m In” late Glasgow’ GI 4AL visibility by going to Pride.’ Sun 12 - 6pm Tel: 0141 204 S418


Pride Scotland is on Saturday 2! Jun. beginning at l l.3()anl with a march from East London Street to the festival site at The Meadows. The day's celebrations are free and run from l—7pm. For more details see the Pride Scotland pro- gramme. call ()l3l 556 8822. or e-mail .- pndescotlandCG‘drink f. The Pride Scotland Web site is at

kw”: http://www.scotsgayco. uk/pride/ S D S

PREMIER GAY and Assemble at East London Street from M

l lam. The march begins at il.3()am.

Stewards in red T-shirts will escort the NOW StOCkIng: marchers along a route of about a mile

and a half. There will be an access section ISIe 0f Arran

for wheelchair users and others at the AROMATHERAPY

front of the march.

toiletries range


MAIN STAGE l-7pm. Acts include Silver RINGS and BODY (i i. A S (i 0 \\' S Scottish dance diva Mary Klani. singer-

songwriter Lorna Brooks. poet and singer PIERCING IEWELLERY: Red

Labi Simi. Scottish dance-based band . Ribbon Costume jewellery H l; _\ I l l I l l. S i Cicero and the Glasgow (Jay Men s Chorr. WOMEN-ONLY TENT 3-7pm. Bar. cabaret A FABULOUS range of s ace and stalls. V235." MEGASTORE DANCE TEN, silver and resin photo l i. s n l .\ x \' l (i ii i ' 3-7pm. The best of Scotland's DJs are frames promised. btlt details are still to be SHE T-Shirts and ' NCE 3le. ill memory of those lost through AIDS. To be followed I i { yalninutc‘gC(“nnuniOIL . \ Ilt'i' .llliI inlllltIt‘ltlIJl IIt‘JIlIl SL'I\I\'L' \EH‘t I.tI ‘i \t'\i:11““ cascne FACILITIES Available for 2—8- OPEN M0” ' Sat' 12mm '

r . I|‘I ~diHlit‘ll \\Iil‘ Ii.l\l' lt'I.lllt‘ll\iili‘\ '.‘.llIl ‘.\t\lilt‘l‘. year-olds. There WIII alsobe a health tent. 7pm. Sun: 12110011 - 5pm 11 "\I(’ II 't‘“ 1\.lfll '.l‘ Ill I'kk .ii‘. il‘z‘lilfliliil I‘.I \‘7 '.\‘:.I I llfdll Z'ZIi‘IiT‘..iI3\‘II

information stall. Broughton Street ( gm” 1“ “mm”: “with U .

ED'NBURG“ 0141-211 6700

Tel: 0131-558 8174

For details of events outwith the Festival see Film. Music. Clubs and Books sections.


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