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Hum Aapke Hain Kaun we.) (Soot'aj Bariatiy'a. India. 1904) I80 miris. India's biggest box oil—tee hit of IOU-l is a tender love story. ln Hindi with no subtitles. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Intimate Relations I I5) I Philip (ioodhew. UK. l‘N7I Julie Walters. Rupert (iray'es'. l.aura Sadler. 9*) mins. With an appropriate choice of title for a tale about sidesteppiirg the offensive. this black comedy charts the dangers ot‘ keeping up appearances. Middle- aged Walters's strict adherence to family values begins to falter when she takes in the handsome (irayes. Stealing the screen. Walters is perfect as a manipulative woman who unwittingly whips tip a domestic cocktail of repressed emotions. L‘laustrophobic and dark. btit laced w itli a humorous I'rill. See reyiew'. lidinburgh: t.'(‘l. Isle OI Lesbos (Jeff B. Harmon. US. l‘)‘)(il US mitts. T/lc‘ Rocky Horror Picture Show meets ()l/ti/imiirl.’ in a 40s style musical fairy tale. A southern belle is about to marry the local lootbtlll hero. btit a collision ot‘ worlds brings the Isle ol‘ l.esbos to litiint‘uck. Arkansas. Crude. unsubtle and a lot of fun. (ilasgow; (il’l‘. lidinburgh: l5ilmhouse.

It Takes Two tl’(il l:\lttl_\ 'l‘ennant. l'S. l‘)‘)7r Kirstie Alley. Steye (itittenberg. 100 mins. 'lhe potentially cloy ing combination ol romantic comedy and orphaned kids are strongly to the fore as caseworker Diane IKrrstie .-\lley'r and millionaire w idowei‘ Roger lStey e (iuttenbergi are irratchrrrade by identical girls. On paper. it all sounds \ei'y iiianulactured. w iili two stars who aren‘t exactly in the pi'eiiiiere league. (ilasgow: ()deon Quay, (ilenrothes.

It's In The Water l I.s‘r tIs‘eIIi Ilerd. t'S. l()()()l llX) mins. lit a white lesan paradise. the men are rugged and the w omen hay e big hair. But under the surI'ace is a trot-bed ol lesbianism and homosesualrty is there something in the water that's turning the Iolks queer".’ An utterly camp and outrageous comedy that suby et‘ts not only right-w ing :\iiierican hypocrisy. but also gay and lesbian cliches, (ilasgow: (il’l. lhlrnburgh: l‘ilnihouse.

Jerry Maguire l ISI l(‘anieron (‘row e. l’S. 19%) Tom Cruise. ('uba (ioodrng .li‘. Renee Zellw egei'. IRS mins. ('ruise is perlect as sports agent Magurre. who suddenly I'rnds himscll' otrt ol' a rob w hen he w rites a .‘ylission Statement calling Ior his colleagues to rediscover the sincerity ol' their business. With only one client on his books i(ioodingi and the loyal Dorothy I/ellw L‘gt‘l'i lot' alleetiott and support. he soldiers on. ('rowe's picture oI air .v\iirerrca crippled by a lack ol genuine intimacy gives the blur .r

Hello Sailor: Rupert Graves in Intimate Relations

maturity that's rarely seen in I‘eelgood star vehicles. l-‘ite: .-\dam Smith.

Johns I I8) (Scott Silver. I'S. I006) David Arquette. Lukas llaas. lilliot (iould. ()(1 mins. Male prostitute John l.-\rtiuettel wakes to Iind his money stolen. then attempts to hustle the money he needs with the help oI~ his I'riend Donner IHaasI. .lri/iirs owes a certain amount to .llir/iiie/rr (on Inn and lit ()lt'll l’rir'tilt' lt/tl/Ir’. but has neither the relentlessness ol' the hunter nor the lyricism ol' the latter. Neyertheless the leads imbue the film with moments oI‘ real poignancy. See review. (ilasgow: (il’l‘ lidinburgh' l-‘ilmhouse.

Jungle 2 Jungle Il’(iI IJolin l’asquin. l‘S. I‘M? i Tim Allen. Sam lluntingdon. Martin Short. I(I5 units. This Hollywood remake ot~ l'it‘ench comedy ('11 litt/rt'i: [hilly lo I'll/c tells of a workaholic businessman unespectedly' reunited with his thirteen- year-old soil - who has been liy ing amongst tribesnreii in the Ania/on 'ltlllfllc. But this is no lfnit'rti/t/ [Von-ll; instead the mood is closer to ('rot ot/i/t' Hunt/cc as the eyes ol- an innocent adiust to the urban iiingle (ienera release.

Kolya I III l.lali Syei'ak. ('/ech. I‘l‘lbl /.denek Syer'ak. Andrei Llltlllltttill. l.ibuse Sal'rankoya. HIS mlns. \\'oriranrser and batchelor l.ouka liiarries a Russian woman who wants a (‘Iecli passport and. w hen she skips the country. is let't to look alter her liye-year-old son, Separated by language. nationality. age and blood. surrogate Iatlrer arid child discover how to care and loye across such dryrdes 'l'his winner ot the liest l‘oi'eign language l’ilm ()scai‘ is a resonant mis oI gentle humour and w eepy emotion. w rtli litre perl'ormances and brilliant craltilig. lldrnbui'glr (‘ameo

Lady And The Tramp ll' i I llamilton l.iiske. l‘S. l‘IFSI With the \oices oI' l’eggy Ice and lhll 'l‘hoiirpsoli. “5 nuns, Disney 's Iirst animated teature in crirerriascope has mongrel 'l'ramp helping pedigree pooch lady out oI'a sticky situation arid Ialliiig in lime along the way Richly drawn with humirrable tunes and endearing cliai'actei'rsatrons. this is the classic l)rsriey llll\ .rs beloi'e. l.o\ely spaghetti eating sequence (lire-oil prey iew s across Scotland Liar Liar i II I lloip Sliadyac. l'S. W” 7 » .liiii ('ari‘ey. .lL‘IlIlllL‘l' 'l'illy. :\iirarida lhriiolioe \' miirs. .'\llL'I' the bew ilderingly ill-Iocused ('tl/ih' (irri. .lllll (‘ai‘t'ey deliy ers a likeable. ell'ectiye. but decidedly iiialiistl'eaiii comedy with a set-up that's blissl'irlly simple a birthday wish by ('ari‘ey is son means lawyer dad must stop telling lies tor a single day .\ yei'y workable springboard Ioi' .llllt ('ar'rey 's usual repertoire oI' play -dolr laclal tics and energetic slapstick. (ienei'al release Looking For Richard I ISi I.\l l’acino. lls‘. l‘NbI .\l l’aciiro. \\'rriona Ryder. :\lec

Baldw in. I ll ruins. l’acino investigates his passion lttl' Shakespeare by scurrying around New York. interviewing ordinary people and lattrotts thespians about the liard‘s appeal. When he gets together his churns to chew over the test and enact some scenes Irom th'lltll'tl l/l however. his ot'tbeat lIlIll goes sadly till lllL‘ t‘ails ttlttl resembles :1 Higher llnglish lesson. .\ noble el‘l‘ot‘t that‘s too sell-indulgent to secure an new audience or tuither enlighten Shakespeare tans. lidrnbui'gh: (‘ameo

Love Jones I ISrr IIrt-odore \Vitchet'. US. WWI .\'ia long. l.ateii/ 'l’ate. l.isa Carson. 10‘) mins. .\ special prey iew screening of a romantic comedy set among the over- educated and under-eiiipltiyed in downtown Chicago. .\ struggling photographer meets a struggling writer. and initial rejection leads to a night oI' passion with inevitable colripllcations. (ilasgow: Show case.

Love Lessons r Iii ttlo \y’itIer-Iierg. Swedenr’l)errmark. NUS) Joliali Widerberg. \lar‘ika l agercr‘anU. 'l'olnas \'on Bi'omssen. IFII irrins. The late lio \\'iderberg (If/rim Ilia/resin) bows out only partially successt'ully w till this tale ot' scsual awakening in -llIs .\lalmo. 'l’he clandestine .rtlarr' between litteen—year old Stig and his married teacher is complicated by Stig's grow rng I'riendship with her husband Kyiell. 1 his is loye alrd lust Irom a male poilit ol‘

\ iew and only the Iiliii's sombre tone sets it apart l'r'om its many pi'tslecessors. See

rev iew (ilasgow' (il'vl‘.

Madame Butterfly it’t 1r iI-‘retIer-ic .\littei'and. l lance. l‘fllol Ying lltiang. Richard li'o\ell. Richard ('owan. 135 mins. liyen those with only the skrmpiest

know ledge ol l‘I‘era w ill be lamihar with l’ucciiri's ll';l}‘Ic' loye story between philaiiderrlrg .\irrerican sailor l’iirket'toii and ill-tated Japanese sireir (‘ltt-(‘ltt San. so it's disappointing .\lrtter';ind didn't take a more radical approach to the piece. What we get is a realist. iirc.rt'-aiid<two \eg rendition in picture postcard lapaiicse settings. liyeli beginners would be better ol't' seeing a liye production See review l5drirbui'gh; l'iliiilrouse.

Mars Attacks! l l .‘Ii l'rirr lllll'lt‘ll. liS. l‘Nol Jack Nicholson. (ilenrr (’Iose. :\nnette llenirrg IIIS ririirs lake some Slls alien

rrry asrorr tiliirs. add the star' bodycotriit ol~ 'Ils disaster riroy res. round Il oil with the

w eird iriragrnatiorr or Inn liirrtolr. aird you hare this espeiisrye sci-ll spool. llie li'l‘s literally are little green men. wrecking hayoc on l'ai'th w liile disparate bunches ol Iriiirrairs light back, (iood gags. great design and eye popping corirputcr animation. bill it doesn't really connect as a complete lilm. (ilasgow I ldeoti (‘lll.l_\

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