MUSIG rock & pop




I Half Man Half Biscuit Cathouse. Union Street. 248 6606. 8pm. £6.30 p1us booking. Funny guy. funny natne. Still driving iii and out of Cltigley with a cargo of snortables. one suspects.

I Felicity Kicks and Never Blacks Out Cavern Bar. Strathclyde University Union. John Street. 552 1895. 10pm. Free. Students attd guests.

I The Commercials Cottiers.

Hyndland Street. 357 5825. 9pm. Free. More live music as part of the West Find Festival.

I Javaal, The Finger Creams and Frisk Curlers. Byres Road. 334 1284. 9pm. Free. Contittuittg Curlers' Battle of the Bands.

I Geebo, Iain McVie and Lost Icon The Brewhouse. John Street. 552 3801. 9.30pm. Free.

Edinburgh I Dollstoy, 7 Zark 7 and Enola Venue. Caltort Road. 557 3073. 9pm. £3. Three

local bands. Dollstoy profess to be rather

good at horn-blasted. beat-backed packed. funky-rock-ska muzak. whatever that is. 7 Zark 7 offer a more rocky take on the Britpop ideal.

I Sliding Delta Whistle Binkies. Niddry Street. 557 5114. 9pm. Free. Hot blues action.

I Planet Caravan and Desert Rose The Attic. Dyer's Close. Cowgate. 225 8382. 9pm. £2. local bands.

I Jim Knight Canon‘s Gait. 232 Canongate. 556 4481. 9pm. Free.

I L ndsay Cooper’s Free

Un erground Henry's Cellar Bar. Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm. £2 (£1). ()rganised and improvised jazz. I Jazz Joint The Honeycomb. Blair Street. 220 4381. 10pm. £tbe. The prolific promoter Kulu presents vibing jazz jatns.


TUESDAY 17 Glasgow

I lungleg and Candy Store Prophets The 13th Note. Glassford Street. 553 1638. 8.30pm. £1. Sharp-dressed gals who've toned down the caterwauling of late. but still give it punk rock attitude. I Jude. Null 8: Void and Oceana Glory Box. Curlers. Byres Road. 334 1284. 8.30pm. Free.

I Slinky and Smug Cavern Bar. Strathclyde University Union. John Street. 552 1895. 10pm. Free. Students and guests.

I Drift and The Geiger Babies The Brewhouse. John Street. 552 3801. 9.30pm. Free.

I Vagabonds Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. 9pm. Free.

I Glasgow Songwriters featuring John McCluskey Blttckfriztrs. Bell Street. 552 5924. 9.30pm. Free. Scottish folk rock with political undertones. Plus open mic guest spot. Come early to book your spot. Priority goes to first time guests.


I Gretschen Hofner and The Unsophisticates The Attic. Dyer‘s Close. Cowgate. 225 8382. 9pm. £2.50. Critically-acclaimed four-piece Gretschen Hofner have been variously described as ‘1)uane Eddy-style skiffle'. a ‘greased tip lounge lizzard gang' and 'a classy datne not just a one night stand'. Not sure about that last one. but their last single ‘(Welcome To My) Judy Garland l.ife’ (Poppy Records) was splendid. The Unsophisticates' album (inn/u is top hole brooding jazz. sleaze and psychotic guitars.

I Songwriters' Showcase Tron Tavern. Hunter Square. 8.30pm. £1. Information: 661 5275. Weekly forum for Edinburgh-based singer-songwriters. with anybody welcome to perform a 15 minute set. providing they get there early enou 'h.

I W iskey Dogs Canon‘s Gait. 232


__,...~.. ' "' Weay 8! 91239 aflttia9dlqlg’gzsf‘tré;

. . ‘ngdeiizot Tolbooth Thatre; Briggdt'Stigft

Tickets: Cottier Box Office. Bar Bro! (Ashton Lane). Tickelflnk

featuring various members of

BMX Bandits

The Pearlfishers Belle and Sebastian The Bathers

plus special guests and video footage

.ust s s.- “:50?

is i " s V r I“. .

- Junefi'Bpm W-w; -.



r\ ‘3‘”

(0141 287 551 I) 6; Albert "a": Box ("Tire (01786 4735-14)

58 THE lIST 13-26 Jun 1997

Get low down and sleazy with The Unsophisticates at Glasgow's KTWWH on Wed

Canongate. 556 4481. 9pm. Free. Rock/pop.

I Blackjacks l.'.-\ttache. Shandwick Place. 22‘) 3402. mm". Free. Rock/pop. I Barkin' Bone Blues Henry's (‘etltir Bar. Morrison Street. 221 1288. 11pm. £2.50 (£1.50). Hot blues action from 1111\ four-piece.



I Je T'Aime Gainsbourg Cottier Theatre. Hyndland Street. 357 3868. 8pm. £6. A tribute to the dirty old titan of

FIuropop. as part of the West l-Tnd festival.

See preview.

I Gretschen Hofner and The Unsophisticates King Tut‘s with Walt Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £4. A moody and stylish double bill featurittg the Starve! Bun/emit! meets lilvis glamour of (iretschen Holner and their scratchy violins. coupled with the ntore straightforward but broody guitar sounds ofThe Unsophisticates.

I UK Subs attd Bonejack Nice ‘n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. The ‘Subs 20th anniversary tour will have them rolling on the moshpit Ill punk nostalgia ecstasy.

I Spacehopper and Royal Bronco Record Player. The 13th Note. (ilass'fot'd Street. 55.3 1638. 8.30pm. £1. Creeping Bent's monthly night of happening sounds and performances. featuring some outlaws Spacehopper and ‘existential

country and western' outfit Royal Bronco.

I Bionic, Split and Workshy Cavern Bar. Strathclyde l‘niversity l'nion. John Street. 552 1895. 10pm. Free. Students and guests.

I Brink and Long Shot Harley's. ()uarry Street. Hamilton. 01698 458174. 9pm. Free.


I Sola The Bongo Club. New Street. 556 5204. 10pm. £4 (£3). Contrasting dark and purple grooves witlt driving hypnotic rhythms. weaving threads of Celtic and dattce culture with soaring melodies. Look out for Sola's contribution on the forthcoming Fast Coast Project album.

I Filter Jar, Riser, Selfish Gene and Chemical Stars Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. 9pm. £3. Four young local battth strap on their electric instruments attd battle it otit for your attention. Riser

get a special mention because one of their

members is an accountant by day and another is a tax man. while a third is a comntunity worker. Yikes.

I Hybrid The Tap 0‘ l .auriston. [.auriston Place. 229 4041. 9pm. Free. Alternative rock 111:1 US college style frotn Hybrid.

I Spoonful Trio Whistle Binktes. Niddry Street. 557 511-1. 9pm. Free

I Transporter Room The .-\ttle. liyer‘s Close. Cowgate. 225 8382. 10pm. £3 waged. £2 unwaged. £1 members. Featuring DJs and live music froiu some of the city‘s finest bands. who'll be announced later. Well worth a \ tsu.

I Holyrood Slim And Guitar Jnr

18 and Edinburgh’s Attic on Tue 17

Canon's (iait. 232 Canongate. 5564481. 9pm. Free.

1 I Off The Edge Common (irounds. 2/3

North Batik Street. The Mound. 226 1416. 8pm. Free. 'T'raditional music from Scotland and other countries.

If I Long Distance Call l.‘ Attache.

Shaudwick Place. 229 3402. 10pm. Free.

I The Rigbys Stones. Frederick Street.

220 1226. 9pm. Free. Clearwater Revival meets The Stones itt Stones.


: Glasgow I The Bhundu Boys and La Boum

Cottier 'l'heatre. Hyndland Street. 357 3868. 8pm. £8. Part of the West F.nd Festival. The seats in the theatre will go by the wayside to make way for Africa's best-on ed musical export and the party that will ensue on contact with their

joyous sounds. Support from a beguiling

folk/world collective w ho feature ex- memhers of Kith And Kin.

j I The Real People King Tut's with Walt

Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £5. ('heery ehappy indie types front l.1\'L‘l'1)UUl. endorsed by Noel

(iallagher (and we know how much we

can trust his taste).

I Handsome The Cathouse. linion

Street. 248 6606. 7pm. £5.30 plus booking fee. No age restriction. Handsome tnot to be confused with the

chart~topping sprogs Hanson) have emerged froin the fertile New York

underground featuring veterans of the hardcore scene. including a founder member ofgrungecore rockers Helmet. I Sparkmarker, Canvas and August Nice ‘n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9 int.

I Out Of Step, Kiloton and Social Lepers(‘1nh Zebra. The 13th Note.

(ilassford Street. 553 1638. 8.30pm. £1.

I Diesel Bone, Baltic and Stoap Sleverin' Cavern Bar. Strathclyde l‘niveisity l’nion..1ohn Street. 552 1895. 10pm. Free. Students and guests.

I Sky Munkeez The Hall Bar. \Voodlattds Road. 56-1 1527. 9.30pm. Free.

I The John Hinshelwood Band The State Bar. Holland Street. 332 215‘). 9pm. l'ree Veteran country rocker who recently supported e\ Byrd Roger .\lc(iunm.

I Eric Cuthbertson .\1e(‘huill‘s. High

Street. 552 2135. 10pm. Free. Blues.

I The Nimmo Brothers The

Brewliouse. .lohtt Street. 552 3801.

9. 30pm. Free. Blues rock.

I Seattle Kilkenltys. John Street. 552 3505. 9pm. Free.

I Honeysucked, Gulliver, Maxi 5, Meanwhile, Soundbuggy, The Geiger Babies, Captain Dobie and Irony Harleys. Quarry Street. Hamilton. 01698 15817-1 8pm. Tree. The final of the T In The Park Talent Stage selection contest. I Gretschen Hofner The l’nderground. Bruce llolel. Cornwall Street. Fast is'ilhi'ide. 013552 29711. 10pm. £~1 (£3.50 “1111 “yet 1, See \Vetl 1S

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