jazz MUSIC


I Open House Music Club Canon‘s I Live Music lllmtiination. The 13th . . (Mansfield Church). Club starts 10.30pm. Gait. 232 Canongate. 556 448 1. ‘)pm. Note. Glassford Street. 553 1638. l|St|flgS band onstage midmgm All tickets on Free. 8.30pm. £ I. Regular live music tiiglit door. £6 (£5). Cuban-style jazz with hosted by The Pastels and featuring Gigs are listed by date, then by city. l.atin jazz atid funk overtones frotn this celebrity guests galore. Performances Will be listed, provi ed Leeds-based outfit. featuring Cuban _ that details reach our offices at least violinist ()mar Puente and Spanish singer Glasgow Edmbm‘gl‘ ten days before publication. Jazz stream. Monrch I Bangtwister The t3th Note. I Ballboy, Khaya, Selfish Gene and Listings compiled by Kenny I Makossa Henry's Cellar Bar. 8 Glassford Street. 553 I638. 8.30pm. £3 Substitutes Venue. Calton Road. 557 Mathteson. Morrison Street (opp ABC cinema). 22] (£2). Another Rock the Dock benefit for 3073. ‘)pm. £3. Fresh Air FM present I288. l()pm--late. £4 (£3). Vibrant fusion the Liverpool Dockers with lowsltnig some of the city's finest tip-and-coming m of jazz. soul. Afro and Latin grooves. MC5 lovers Batigtwister. talent. I Selfish Gene, Tallboy, Khaya and My I Transporter Room The Attic. Dyer's Glasgow SATURDAY 14 PVC Dream Nice 'n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Close. Cowgate. 225 8382. l0.30pm. £3 I Brian Kellock and Phil Bancroft Street 333 9637. ‘)pm. waged. £2 unwaged. £l members. With Princes Square. Buchanan Street. Glasgow I DS Murray Quartet Cottiers. sets frotii some of the city's fittest bands Noon 2pm. Free. Piano and sasophoiie I Ken Stewart Quintet Pizza Express. Hvtidland Street. 357 5825. ‘)pm. Free. who‘ll confirm nearer the time. A relaxed duets from two of the best jazz. musicians l5l Queen Street. 221 3333. Dining from Acid jazz grooves. atmosphere is guaranteed. around. 7.45pm. band frotn ‘)pm. £5. The hugely I Betasonic and Lost Icon The I Paul Harrison Trio Henry’s Cellar I Caroline Nin Sings Edith Piaf West 7 experienced pianist continues his Brewhouse. John Street. 552 380|. Bar. Morrison Street. 221 l288. llpiii. Fnd Festival. Brasserie Metro. 8 : welcome return to performing at this ‘).30pm. Free. £2.50 I .50). Cresswell Lane. 338 8) 3|. £l5 (£12). ? venue. this time leading his own quintet. I Live Music Curlers. Bvres Road. 334 I Charm The Tap ()‘l.auriston. including light supper and glass of wine - I Midnight Club Bourbon Street. l08 I284. ‘)pm. Free. Battle of the Bands Lauriston Place. 22‘) 404). ‘)pm. Free. .\ls Nin is new to me. bitt she is described George Street. 552 ()I4 I. ll.30pm--3atn filial. Indie rock. as one of fiance‘s foretiiost _tazz sttigers. trio admission after lam). £3. Late-night , I Holyrood Slim 8r Guitar Jnr Canon‘s arid will sitig her interpretations of the ? jazz. arid blues club. Edinburgh Gait. 232 Canotigate. 556 448 l. ‘)pm. repertoire associated with Piaf. who 5 _ I Long Distance Call Whistle Bitikies. Free. wasn’t a jazz. singer at all. ) Edinburgh Niddry Street. 557 5] l4. ‘)pm. Free. I The Dogs l.' Attache. Shandwick I Kevin MacKenzie's Swirler I Melanie O’Reilly Foyer. Royal I Jim Knight Canon‘s Gait. 232 Place. 22‘) 3402. l0pm. Free. Basement Jazz. The Ratiishorn ’l'licatre. t Lyceum Theatre. Grindlay Street. 22‘) Catiotigate. 550 448 l. ‘)pm. Free. I Geiger Babies Stones. Frederick ‘)8 lngrani Street. 552 348‘). Doors l0pm. ‘)(i‘)7. 7.30pm. See Fri 13. I Jazz Joint The Honeycomb. Blair Street. 220 I220. l0pm. Free. ltidie rock. batid l0.30pni. £4 (£3). The guitarist { I Rebirth of Blacka'nized l.izz.ard Street. 220 438 l. l0piii. £tbc. Kttlti I Jazz Joint The Honeycomb. Blair leads the latest incarnation of his groove- j Lounge. Cafe Graffiti. East London presents live jazz. probably with a strong Street. 220 4381. 10pm. £tbc. live jazz. based band. with Phil Bancroft (sases). Street (Mansfield Church). 10.30pm. hip hop flavour. probably mixed witlt DJs. rap and hip David Milligan (piano). Joliti Speirs Tickets on door. £5 (tiietiibers £4). The hop goitig on past form. (bass) atid Tom Bancroft (drums). Blacka‘tiized crew bounce back after a I Turquoise Common Grounds. 2/3 I Midnight Club Bourboti Street. (08 V short-lived liaisoti with RCA. fronted by North Bank Street. The Mound. 226 George Street. 552 0H 1. ll.30ptii 3am , rappers Half Breed arid Nutty P. with DJ Glasgow l4l(i. 8pm. Free. Acoustic session. (no adtiitssion after lam). £3. fate-night f lili‘.’ Wun on turtitables. a rhythm teatii of I Backstreet Boys SFCC. Finnieston jazz and blues club 5 Steve Christie (keyboards). Demus Quay. 287 7777. (i.30ptii. £ l 5 plus . f Donnelly (bass). Toby Sliippey (drums). booking fee. Not the greatest of the boy Edinburgh t arid Dong Hudson (percussion). plus bands. btit at least they temper the drippy Glasgow I Melanie O'Reilly Foyer. Royal guest horn players. balladry with a decent dose of swingbeat I ABC The Garage. Sauchiehall Street. l.\ ceuttt 'l'heatre. (irindlay Street. 22‘)

and snazzy choreography. See Frontlines. 332 ll20. 7pm. £‘) plus booking fee. ‘)h‘)7. 7.30pm. Marcus Ford. tlie theatre's ; m

I Curtains, Melon Farmer atid Hybrid Martin Fry enjoys his lndiati summer of a itiatiager. is also a jazz guitarist. arid will

The 13th Note. Glassford Street. 553 pop career. See preview. accompany singer .‘slelatiie ( )‘Reilly in a Edinburgh

1638. 8.30pm. £1. I Magic Pavilion. Renfield Street. 332 set of tazz standards arid cool Brazilian r I Kevin MacKenzie And Friends Batik I Diesel Bone and Racingreen Glory 1846. 8pm. £‘).50/£8. The Queen tribute grooves. Hotel. 1 South Bridge. 550 ‘)043.

Box. Curlers. Byres Road. 334 I284. machine rolls routid again. I Casa Latina All-Stars Havana Bop.

8.30pm. Free. I Nocturne and Filter Jar Nice 'n' Cafe Graffiti. Fast l.otidott Street Continued over page

I Betasonic Cavern Bar. Strathclyde Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)(i37.

University Union. .loliti Street. 552 l8‘)5. ‘)pm. Ati evening of atttiosplieric sounds

l0pm. Free. Students arid guests. from these two batids. Nocturne feature GLASGOW INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL JUNE - 6 JULY I April Floor The Bt'cwliottse. John fortner tiiembers of Sunhouse.

Street. 552 380l. ‘).30pm. Free. I Coping Saw and Cylinder Cltib

I Vagabonds Kilkennys. .loliti Street. /.ebra. The 13th Note. (ilassford Street.

552 3505. ‘)ptii. Free. 553 l(i38. 8.30pm. 9; |. Visiting noise

I Glasgow Songwriters featuring tiierchants to the regular live music night.

Andy Hughes Blackfriars. Bell Street. I Pepper atid The Vig The Halt Bar. 552 5924. ‘).30pm. Free. Counting I Woodlands Road. 5(i4 I527. ‘).30pm. Crows-intTuenced material. Plus open § Free.

mic guest spot. Coitie early to book your I Redwing The State Bar. Holland

place. Priority goes to first-time guests. Street. 332 2 l5‘). ‘)pni. Free.

. IBi Geor eUn lu ed '1‘) - Edinburgh 9 g p 99 I“

_ _ Brewhouse. Joliti Street. 552 380l I Ltqurd Lunch, Dorian and The Rain

‘).30pm. Free. Says it all. The bluesmati Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. ‘)pm. £3. goes acoustic. '

I Lights Out By Nine corners.

Hvtidlatid Street. 357 5825. ‘)ptn. Free.

described as ‘speed-fuelled pop sottgs that soutid like the bastard offspring of New Order and The Buzzcocks‘. ()ther reference poitits include The Stone Roses and Primal Scream. They are also currently attractittg interest from various

I Har body Harleys. Quarry Street. labels and may well be off to London for a series of showcase gigs. so catch them

Hamilton. ()l(i‘)8 458174. ‘)pm. Slinky tiow before they go on to bigger atid

pop moves frotti the bluesy indie quintet

who are currently proiiiotttig their single

‘Hazel‘s Hob'.

I Strangecrazy 't‘tte t'ndetgroutid. better tliitigs. Dorian get a mention Bruce Hotel. Cornwall Street. liast

because they Used to be called Sesy P Kilbride. (H 3552 2‘)7l l. l0pm. £4 (£3.50 Jesgica. h with flyer).

I ongwriters' S owcase Tron .

Tayet'ti. Hunter Square. 8.30pm. £ 1. Edlflblll‘gl'l Information: (iol 5275. Weekly forum for g I Funky Benefit Ceilidh The Bongo F.dinhurgli-based sitiger-songwriters. Club. New Street. 550 5204. 7.30pm. £5. with anybody welcotiie to perforiti a l5 Featuring Harvest (folk ). The Rydells minute set. (rock fttiik). Damaged (ioods (rock funk) I Highway Jones |.' Attache. arid Dave Anderson.

Liquid Lunch go for what has been I'Seattle Kilketiiiys. iatm Street. 55:


3505. ‘) in). free.

i Shandwick Place. 22‘) 3402. lfiptii. l'ree. l I Ganger atid Gasgiant't‘he Attic. I Jazz Jomt The lloncycottib. Blair Dyer’s Close. (‘owgattn 225 8382. ‘)ptii. Stteet. 220 438 l. l0pm. £tbc. |.ive iazz. 5 £2. Listen ottt for newtes front tlte recent session. | Ganger album. An evening of sonic i C\pc‘t‘iltlc‘lllitlititt is promised for all mumm- ( L" Y°""55“ 9°- Gl I I Stewart Hanratty 81 Friends .2380: h t Common Grounds. 2/3 .s'm-ttt Batik WITH OVER 100 ACTS PLAYING AT 20 VENUES, UC Prop et King Tut‘s Walt Walt l Street. The Mound. 220 NH). 8pm. Free. lltit. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). j I New Leaf IfAttaclie. Shandwtck GET ON DOWN To THE GLASGOW JAZZ FESTlVAL. 8.30pm. £7. Rootsy American bloke. f Place. 22‘) 3402. l0piti. Free. Big. brassy Ring the Atlantic Telecom Jazz COOl Lirie formerly of Green ()ti Red. 2 pop batid. on 0141 400 5000 for a FREE brochure,

I Idiom (‘aycrti Bar. Stratliclytle I Eddie Felson Band Whistle liitikics. University l’nion. .loltti Street. 552 l8‘)5. Niddry Street. 557 5l l4. ‘)ptii. free. New l0pm. Free. Students and guests. : country kick-ass combo.


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