Trouble in the area

He's the undisputed king of British garage DJs. He's been DJing for 24

I years and owns over 50,000 records. His


Words: Jim Byers

' the winds of change. I)Js

‘ln the 7()s and 80s I was just playing music. because I loved playing music.‘ recalls Paul “Trouble” .»\nderson. ‘I wasn‘t getting paid. I was just doing it because I wanted to be there playing my records. I was a music collector. not just a DJ I‘m still a music collector and not jttst a DJ.‘

The role and status of [Ms tnay have changed dramatically in the last decade. but there are still a handful of ‘old school‘ spinners whose principles have remained unaffected by

like Bob Jones. lidinburgh‘s Yogi llaughtott. (ilasgow‘s Harri atth Paul ‘Troublc‘ Anderson. for whom music has always been the number one priority. ratlter than money or fame. The

: common bond that binds these I).ls is a long history | and art (werwhelming passion for music. They might

not be the world's richest or best known DJs. but they are certainly highly respected.

Paul "Trouble' Anderson bought his first record in WW and hasn'rstopped since ~ he currently owns over 5().()()() records. stored in four separate houses. lle initially trained as an apprentice footballer at

'- 'l'ottenham bttt gave up football at eighteen to focus on music. In the early 80s. he gained experience and

notoriety on his 'l‘roublefunk (hence the nickname)

Paul ’Trouble' A

‘l'm a dance DJ and I’d like to be regarded as such. "Garage" for me is where you park your car and "house" is where you live.’ Paul ’Trouble' Anderson

nderson: the undisputed king of British garage DJs

sound system and his involvement as a dancer with. yes. Hot Gossip.

He has been central to the development of British dance music. not just in clubs but also on the radio. via his weekly Saturday evening show on London‘s Kiss FM. For the last five years. he has been dropping his unique mix of diseo-funk-boogie-soul- garage-house at his weekly Wednesday night club The Loft in Camden. London. alongside some of the world’s best DJs and singers.

‘That’s another thing.’ interrupts Anderson. ‘Garage‘.’ What is that? I hate being labelled. I‘ve been Dling too long to be labelled. I‘m a dance DJ and I‘d like to be regarded as such. “Garage” for me is where you park your car and "house" is where you live. I‘ll always be a dance DJ. I still play a lot of old stuff in my set alongside all the new stuff. Was it called “garage” back in 1978‘.”

On a negative note. Anderson has acquired a reputation in some quarters for not turning up to gigs (he missed his last two in Edinburgh). ‘If I miss a gig.‘ he claims. ‘it‘s because it‘s just not possible for me to be there. It’s not deliberate. I lose money from missing gigs. Nobody likes losing money.

‘I apologise to all the people who have turned up to see me in the past when I haven‘t been there. but it‘s not something I like doing. It just hasn’t been possible. I don't think I deserve all that. I do too much good in music to be brought down by the press. The press can print what they want. I‘m still spinning. Twenty odd years spinning and plenty more to come.‘

Looking ahead. Anderson will be moving away from remixing other people's work he recently re- worked Byron Stingilly and Thelma Houston to concentrate on his new label. Troubled Soul.

Paul 'Trouble’ Anderson guests at the opening night of Groove Theory, The Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Sat 14 Jun. See club listings for details.

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FOR THE FIRST time a Scottish club venue is going on the road, touring north of the border. Glasgow‘s Tunnel kick off this Ministry Of Sound style jaunt with a night at Inverness's Blue Club on Friday 27 June and the Playhouse, Aberdeen on Saturday 28 June. Venues in Perth and Edinburgh are also to host nights soon, with a selection of the club's resident DJs making the trip.

THE SUB CLUB has been planning a European tour for quite a while too details soon. Talking about the Subbie, keep your eyes on the premises to the right of the club, soon to be opened as 'Penelope's' by the company that owns 'Victoria's'. With two clubs and the new Macdonalds' 24-hour take away along a 20ft strip, it's going to be an interesting mix of people queuing down Jamaica Street of a Saturday night.

COLOURS OF LOVE in Edinburgh continues to pack them in with night after night of quality house. Future guests include Brandon Block, Michael Kilkie, Adeva and, at the end of the Festival, Jon Pleased Wimmin and Graeme Park on the same night. Back in Glasgow, Colours will also be hosting a party at The Arches on Saturday 12 July to tie in with T in the Park. C.J. Mackintosh and Brandon Block will do the honours.

FINALLY, IBIZA WON’T know what's hit it when Colours take over for some serious partying from 20-22 August. Call Michelle or Fiona at Stepek Travel on 01698 887 040 for flight details.

THE FULL SPECTRUM - the forthcoming (September release) Colours mix compilation double album is to be mixed by C.J. Mackintosh and Farley & Heller. Expect a nationwide tour to follow.

COLOURS HAVE LOTS lined up to brighten up your summer. First up is Colours Summer Exposure at Tramway, Glasgow on Saturday 21

June. The event is being billed as a

cultural concoction of music, art. theatre and fashion. Two blokes called Sasha and John Digweed will also be in the house for their first joint UK appearance of the year. Miss that one at your peril.

(Jim Byers and Rory Weller)

Sasha and John Digweed

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