‘5 m E Three into one can go! Lu 5 5 Ever thought that if the qualities of several film stars could be combined into one, you a g ‘37 could get the model film star? I o 3 f- All you have to do is make three go into one by coming up with your ideal film star, based o O E, on the qualities of three others, living or dead. The choice is yours and Calder's Cream “3599'” 'memafiona' Jazz Festival 3'9 oflemg

> 3’ Al ' ' f f b r f r the best three-in-one star to ether with the two "(ken for the price of one (ans) °" "'9 do“

u C 5 e are .gMng away a free gaseho. ee 0 ' g to see the Louis Sclavis Trio play at the Iron m .3 g- most original reasons or t e c 0ice. . - Theatre. 63 "ongate on Thu 3 u" at 8pm: mm m .5 .3. Calder's Cream Ale gives thecream of three worlds to the discerning beer drinker. It tickets for the price of one (£12,510) on the door Lu a 5 combines the best of three different ales: the taste of a delicious bitter, the cooling to see the pianist Ger; Ana" peffom in a mo at~ Q E g refreshment of a lager and the smoothness of a stout, all in one perfect pint. McEwan's 0w pmitmarket on m 4 Jul and two -' 8 .3 Name your three-in-one star and you could be enjoying the three-in-one drink sensation tidwts for the price of onel£121£10)to see the < .3 of Calder’s Cream Ale sooner than you might think! We’ve got five cases of it to give Dallilo Perez Trio at MCEwan's Old Fruitmarlret on U 3-; away so get scribbling, Sat 5 Jul. See Jazz Festival feature for further

g Get your suggestions to us by Fri 11 Jul. Address them: CALDER‘s COMP, The List, 14 detai's'

High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

GLAS ' w

"Kill" Eh NATEQNAL .


’T'fie ghost ~


Diabo/ique is a remake of the classic French thriller, Les Di'abo/i'ques. Two women share one man who turns out to be a manipulative, lying, lowdown son of a dog who ain't fit to lick the boots of either woman. Our feisty females plot to rid themselves of the cad, but someone starts to mess with their heads. Spook city.

Having lived through that one, you’ll need nerves of steel to handle the thrillfest called Copycat. One man decides that he’s going to go on a killing spree, dispatching each victim in the manner of famous serial killers of the past.

Nailbiting stuff, both of which are out on Warner Home Video. We’ve got five copies of each to give away to the readers who can answer this:

How did Dr Crippen dispose of his wife’s remains?


The Odeon Cinema, Clerk Street. Edinburgh is

offering ten pairs of complimentary tickets for Get your suggestions to us by Fri 11 Jul. Address them: COPYCAT COMP, The List, 14 One Fine Day which opens on Fri 4 Jul. Tickets will be

High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. available on Fri 27 Jun at noon from the box office to

the first ten readers. Bring this copy of The List with you.

Competition Voucher



TANQUERAY COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

:23 in § , _ I“ 3 Triple distilled and of export strength, Tanqueray was first a ‘- § created in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray using a well kept secret

q; % recipe which includes a combination of the finest natural

O -5 ; ingredients, such as juniper berries, coriander seeds and o g angelica root. None of which is of particular importance U > 3 compared to the fact that it tastes divine. >- g E We've got five bottles of Tanqueray to give away, as well as five 0" Thu 10 m" the "on theatre. 53 g :g E copies of thefTanlqueretay Gin Euidjeio E t/QLtJSNE’ whicth, Vélih lifS Trongate' is offering a free pair of tickets to m g- : STEM? very "I?" Y 10" SIC (:9 i a (3"st 0“ .e (are; Egon V the first three people at the box office to see a E g E aV'OUr '” i SOC'ahS' “3 '3'” U' 9 Unhmlssa e or e a that evening's performance of Ashes To Ashes. All a O i 3 out 10W” 0 99t t 9 900 '95 answe’t '5- proceeds of the evening‘s performance go to 2 U E What are the ingredients of a gin sling? I _‘ Amnesty International. < Get your suggestions to us by Fri 1 1 Jul. Address them: ' Bring this copy of The List with you. *— > .



Paul Weller Heavy Soul

For many, the highlight of this year’s T in the Park will be Paul Weller’s set on the Main Stage on the Sunday night. Singalongs are likely to be all the rage, and unless you know all the words to all the songs on his new album, you are going to feel pretty stupid when he stops a number, makes a spotlight pick you out and ridicules your ignorance in front of 40,000 peers.

Fear not, ’cos we're such great mates with old Welly, as we call him round here, we've got ten copies of his latest album, Heavy Soul to give away. Not only that but, drum roll, with a bit of luck, and at the moment we can promise nothing, they'll all be signed, some even by Weller himself. To get your mitts on what will be an invaluable collector's item, answer this:

For which solo album did Weller receive a Mercury award?

Answers on a postcard by Fri 11 Jul. Mark them: WELLER COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.

COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person per competition. If you are entering more than one competition, you need use only one envelope. but please make sure that your name, address and voucher are attached to EACH entry. Competitions are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 in alcohol-related offers). No responsibility can be accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The List Competition Winners, stating which lssue(s) results you require.

Competition Voucher (Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)


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