. 0 THE LATIN JAZZ ENSEMBLE: maestro Tito Puente is the g famousoiall the iatinjazz The son of Puerto Rican t iriimigrants,hegrewupinNew ' -._York’s'ElBarrio surrounded by the rhythms of both jazz and America. and burst onto the inane at a time when Dizzy Gillespie and other great jazz figures were V) exploring various shades of Latin-jazz crossover. from ace timbales soloist with Machito. Tito went on to a career which eventually saw him 'dtristenedtlieKingofLatinJazz. I McEwan's Old Fruitmarket Sat 5 Jul, 10.30pm.

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20 THE LIST 27 Jun—10 Jul 1997

Glasgow International Jazz Festival



I Tom Harrell Octet McEwan's Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £12 (£10). See preview.

I Jazz Crusaders with Patti Austin McEwan’s Old Fruitmarket. 10.30pm. £14 (£12). Wayne Henderson and Wilton Felder’s Jazz Crusaders made it big with their hugely popularjazz-funk fusion. and will bejoined here by soul-jazz singer Patti Austin. Expect seriously funky party time.

I Humphrey Lyttelton Band City Halls. 7.30pm. £12. Humph will celebrate 50 years as a band-leader early in 1998, which is a phenomenal achievement in itself. never mind the very high standard both he and his bands have maintained over that period.

I Louis Sclavis Trio Tron Theatre. 8pm. £7 (£5). It is great to see Louis Sclavis back in Glasgow. even if it does mean a very annoying clash with Tom Harrell. The French reedman leads his own adventurous trio. with Bruno Chevillon (bass) and Francois Merville (drums).

I Carol Kidd Bourbon Street. 8.30pm. See Fri 27.

I Boogalusa The Brewhouse. 9pm. £2. Exuberant mixture of Cajun and blues from the Dundee bayou.

I Flanagan-Ingham Quartet Pizza Express. 9pm. £6. This band‘s fine debut album marked them out as distinctly non- run of the mill combination. with Flanagan’s tenor sax and lngham‘s vocals to the fore.

I Harvey Thomson Bourbon Street. 11.30pm. See Fri 27.

I Simon Thoumire Trio Princes Square. 5pm. Free. inventive mix ofjazz and folk. I Jazz Ronnie RG‘s. 8pm. Funky jazz. I Michael Spearman and Maureen Curtiser Fire Station. 8pm. Free. Vocal duo.

I Hermitage Fiddler‘s Court. 9.30pm. Free. Jazz fusion.

I Mo Jazz DJS McChuill’s. 9.30pm. Free. 01s.

I Late Night Jazz Club Marriott Hotel. 11pm. Free. See Fri 27.


I Geri Allen Trio McEwan‘s Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £12 (£10). See preview.

I Joshua Redman Quartet McEwan‘s _ Old Fruitmarket. 10.30pm. £12 (£10). See preview.

I Madeline Eastman City Halls. 7.30pm. £6. This very fine American singer will again be taking part in Fionna Duncan’s jazz vocal masterclasses. but also has her own concert here. with the Brian Kellock Trio.

I Riverboat Shuffle P. S. Waverley. 7.30pm. £16. Tonight's music is provided by Diplomats of Jazz. Jeannie Maxwell. and Dave Wilson and the Uptown Shufflers.

I Arguelles Duo and The Recyclers Tron Theatre. 8pm. £7 (£5). Again. shame about the clash with Geri Allen. but there should be plenty of unconventional musical explorations here. Brothers Steve (percussion) and Julian Arguelles (saxes) do their duo thing, while Steve re-appears as one third of the Anglo-French trio The Recyclers. with Benoit Delbecq (piano) and Noel Akchote‘s audience-dividing guitar work. I But Beautiful CCA. 8pm. £5 (£2). Graham McKenzie. who can be heard competing the Fruitmarket concerts. wears his writer‘s (and producer‘s) hat for this multi-media adaptation of Geoffrey Dyer’s short story about the ageing Lester Young’s last days in the Alvin Hotel. Component Parts Plus‘s production. directed by Jillian Tipene. combines music. voice. text. movement and film images in telling the story

I Carol Kidd Bourbon Street. 8.30pm. See Fri 27.

I Angela Brown and the Mighty 45s The Brewhouse. 9pm. £5. Appropriately. the only biggish American name in the blues programme fills the independence

Day slot with her powerful.jazz-inflected vocals.

I James Williams Pizza Express. 9.30pm. £7. This great American pianist is an excellent late replacement for the originally advertised Sled Dogs. who dropped out due to the postponement of the Berklee in Glasgow course.

I Harvey Thomson Bourbon Street. 11.30pm. See Fri 27.

I Hung Drawn Quartet The Fire Station. 8pm. Free. Saxophone quartet. I Jazz Ronnie RG‘s. 8pm. Funky jazz. I Kung Funk 13th Note. 8.30pm. Free. Jazz funk.

I Michael Spearman and Maureen Cursiter City Merchant. 9pm. Free. Vocal duo.

I Dissen'tangoed Bar 91. 9.30pm. Free. Jazz funk.

I John Holmes Ensemble McChuill‘s. 9.30pm. Free. Modern jazz.

I Late Night Jazz Club Marriott Hotel. 11pm. Free. See Fri 27.


I Danilo Perez Trio McEwans Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £12 (£10). See preview.

I Tito Puente Latin Jazz Ensemble McEwan's Old Fruitmarket. 10.30pm. £15 (£13). One of the legendary names of Latin-jazz. percussionist Tito Puente has been firing off his feet-moving grooves on timbales since the 30s. Throw in a colourful twelve-piece band and singer Yolanda Duke. and you have the recipe for a grand party. The venue will be arranged to allow for dancing. The Latin Club follows immediately afterwards.

I Latin Club McEwan's Old Fruitmarket. Midnight. £4 (free to Tito Puente ticket holders). DJ Simon Hodge spins only the coolest. hippest Latin sounds around.

I Berklee All-Stars City Halls. 7.30pm. CANCELLED.

I Colours featuring Tommy Smith Tron Theatre. 8pm. £10 (£8). Tommy Smith has worked with this French trio in France on several occasions. but this is the first chance to hear them on this side of the channel. The wisdom of running this innovative Tron series against contemporary jazz names in the Fruitmarket is questionable, though. and it will be a great shame ifthey get lost in the audience shuffle.

I But Beautiful CCA. 8pm. £5 (£2). See Fri 4. There is also a matinee performance today at 2pm.

I Carol Kidd Bourbon Street. 8.30pm. See Fri 27.

I Balham Alligators The Brewhouse. 9pm. £5. Raunchy mix of Cajun. R&B and blues from this energetic London outfit. supported by Scottish blues band Cold Shot.

I Bobby Wishart Quartet Pizza Express. 9.30pm. £6. The saxophonist leads his regular quartet. and is always well worth hearing.

I Harvey Thomson Bourbon Street. 11.30pm. See Fri 27.

I Jazz Ronnie RG‘s. 8pm. Funky jazz. I Where It's Att 13th Note. 8.30pm. Free. Jazz funk.

I Fred Quimby Quartet McChuill’s. 9.30pm. Free. Scotland's only eight-piece quartet.

I Lorne Cowieson Group Blackfriars. 10pm. Free. Modernjazz.

I Late Night Jazz Club Marriott Hotel. 11pm. Free. See Fri 27.


I Django Bates’s Delightful Precipice McEwans Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm.£10(£8). Still basking in the glory of being awarded the prestigious Jaspar Prize. the pianist and composer returns to the festival with his rarely heard big band. the colourful successor to Loose Tubes.

I London Community Gospel Choir City Halls. 7.30pm. £10 (£8). This popular large ensemble have taken their music out from the church and into concert halls. film studios. pop concerts. and anywhere else that they can find a platform to relay theirjoyous messa e.

I Dick Wardell and The Moonshine Boys The Brewhouse. 4pm. £2. Singer and guitarist Dick Wardell teams up with pianist Mike Johnson and violinist Paul Browne.

I Carol Kidd Bourbon Street. 8.30pm. See Fri 27.

I Blues At The Brewhouse The Brewhouse. 9pm. £2. A final jam session. I Harvey Thomson Bourbon Street. 11.30pm. See Fri 27.

I Andy Mitchell and Haftor Medboe Fire Station. 1.30pm. Free. Guitar duo. I Kalamunda Youth Swing Band Princes Square. 2.30pm. Free. Australian visitors.

I Lube l3th Note. 3 m. Free. Jazz funk. I Nigel Clark and wan Vernal McChuill‘s. 9.30pm. Free. Guitar duo.

I Blackfriars Collective Blackfriars. 10 m. Free. Modern 'azz.

I Pate Night Jazz Iub Marriott Hotel. 11pm. Free. See Fri 27.

MADELINE EASTMAN: Madeline Eastman created a notable stir when she visit- ed the ]azz festival last year to participate in Fionna Duncan’s vocal workshop. She takes a classic jazz approach to phrasing and swing, but likes to improvise using the lyrics of the song rather than the more common recourse to scatted passages. a more sophisticated but also more difficult business. The singer will again take part in Fionna's week-long workshop, but also has a main stage concert to herself. with the aid of the Brian Kellock Trio.

I City Halls, Fri 4 Jul, 7.30pm.