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In One Fine Day, MICHELLE PFEIFFER brings her talents as a real life mum to the screen for the first time. She also gets to romance George Clooney.

Words: Alan Morrison

For Hollywood’s leading ladies. life is more likely to end than begin at 40. The fickle film world snaps up and just as quickly casts aside good-looking talent. and often a poster idol will find herself slipping down the cast credits and into TV movies as wrinkles bring reality into the world’s biggest dream factory.

Not so for Michelle Pfeiffer. who hit the four decade landmark on 29 April this year. Still very much on the studios’ A-list and regularly voted one of the world’s most beautiful women. she’s also buoyed up in box office terms following the massive success (on home territory at least) of last year’s high school drama Dangerous Minds. Now it would appear that she’s found another winning if lightweight formula in One Fine Day. mixing romantic comedy with new heart-throb on the block. IiR‘s George Clooney.

‘You have to like each other and trust each other.’ Pfeiffer. who also acts as the film‘s executive producer. says of on-screen chemistry. ‘That was no problem for us at all. In fact. George went out with my younger sister Dedee years ago. They stayed friends and she is still crazy about him. We joke now that she road-tested him for me. George isn‘t mean or selfish. He is a very generous man and a really funny man. When you are in his company as a woman. he makes you feel good. I wouldn‘t rule out us working together again soon.

In One Fine Day. Pfeiffer plays Melanie Parker. 21 career-minded divorced mum who bumps into fellow single parent and hard-driving journalist Jack Taylor (Clooney minus the Bat Mask) on a particularly chaotic work day. A cellular phone mix-up is only the beginning of their troubles but. sure enough. their cute offspring are a key factor in bringing these harassed parents together.

The film gave Pfeiffer the first chance to play a screen mtnn since trying out the maternal role in real life. The actress‘s first experience of motherhood came in 1993. when she adopted a baby girl on her own. four years after divorcing actor Peter Horton. best known as Gary in r/iirtysonwtlzing. Later the

Michelle Pfeiffer

'I couldn’t give my children up

for six months for the greatest screen role in the world. Being a parent happened at the right time for me. I wanted it badly.’

Mum's the word: Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day

same year. she married producer David Kelley (creator of Chicago Hope) and their son John Henry was born in August 1994. Now domestic responsibilities. not Hollywood fads. are likely to affect her career.

‘I couldn’t give my children tip for six months for the greatest screen role in the world.’ Pfeiffer admits. ‘I want to be there for them. Being a parent happened at the right time for me. I was ready. I wanted it badly. I have re-defined my own limits. and I like that. I‘m happily married and my husband is there for me and our children. When he's tied up. I get help there is no choice. But most women aren’t in that situation.’

However. the worlds of parenting and acting do occasionally collide.

‘l did a chat show on American television recently. and I was wearing this superb Armani suit in pink satin.‘ the Californian native remembers. ‘I thought I looked great. Nobody told me I had a lump of oatmeal in my hair from breakfast. The kids just throw the stuff at you. Maybe the make—up girl thought I always go around with lumps of cereal in my hair.‘

One Fine Day opens on Fri 4 Jul and is reviewed on page 24.

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