Kama Sutra

Subtitled 'A Tale Of Love’, Mira Nair’s new film is as exotic as it is erotic. The story follows servant girl Maya as she weaves a sensual spell on the king Raj Singh in 16th century India, drawing together sex, passion and jealousy. In her research, Nair discovered that there was more to the ancient text than a list of acrobatic positions. ’The Kama Sutra deals very matter-of-factly with the different kinds of sex and love that exist,’ she says. ’It says that sex without love is completely natural, but not to get disappointed when the act itself is not exalted. However, if practised with the skills of the Kama Sutra, sex with love with someone with whom you want a more complete union can be holy, transcendent, divine.’

Kama Sutra opens at the Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh Fi/mhouse on Fri 27 Jun, and is reviewed on page 24. A translation of the original text is available on the World Wide Web at

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Darker than The X—Fi/es, with episodes more self-contained than Twin Peaks, Millennium is the closest that television has come to the shadow-drenched, doom-laden atmosphere of Seven. Created by Chris Carter (father to both Mulder and Scully), the series stars Lance Henriksen (right) as Frank Black, a former FBI man who now uses his

uncanny ability to analyse the minds and methods of serial killers for the slightly mysterious Millennium Group. Light at the end of this very dark tunnel is represented by Black's wife and five-year-old daughter; but it’s not easy to hold on to your sanity when you’re up against a kidnapper who sews his victims eyes shut, a cult who incinerate non-believers, or an ordinary man who's killing clergymen in the various manners of the Spanish Inquisition. Millennium begins on Scottish Television on Sun 29 Jun,

with a behind-the-scenes documentary being shown on Sat 28 Jun.

& "1 . _ Annie Lennox

The ex-Eurythmic is just one of eighteen Scottish artists who donated songs to Dream Reality, a CD which is being sold to raise money for the Children Ist charity. The album is the brainchild of Michael Harley whose song ’Dream Reality’ provides the title track. Other musicians include The Supernaturals, Runrig, Simple Minds, The BMX Bandits, Eddi Reader, The Silencers and Capercaillie. Every artist gave their time for free, so a whopping great £3.50 from each CD will go towards helping young victims of cruelty and abuse all over Scotland.

Dream Reality is out now, priced f 72.99.

2THE lIST 13- 76 Jun 199/