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What’s putting the ants in our pants and the bees in our

Alice Cooper bonnets this fortnight.

He isn’t really the sort of bloke you could take home to your parents for tea. Turn your back for a second and Alice Cooper would be off trying to dismember your sister's doll collection or pretending to hang himself from the living room light fittings. ’We were into fun, sex, death and money when everybody was into peace and love,’ explains Alice (a girl’s name if ever there was one). ‘We wanted to see what was next. It turned out that we were next and we drove a stake right through the heart of the Love Generation.’ Coop’s Barrowland show is going to be a more stripped down affair than his usual theatrical extravaganzas, which will no doubt give him a chance to run through his more sensitive compositions like ’Only Women Bleed'. Did you know that Alice Cooper plays golf with Glen Campbell?

Alice Cooper plays Glasgow Barrow/and Fri 4 Jul. His new album, A Fistful Of Alice, is out now on EMI.

Music: T In The Park A new site at Balado in Perthshire means that the annual Scottish music fest is going to be bigger than ever with more bands, more punters and more fun. Last year saw a large number of American bands on the bill, this year practically every headliner is homegrown. The festival season starts here. See feature. Lady And The Tramp Balado, Kinross, Sat 12 a sun 73 Jul. Music: Glasgow International Jazz Festival From bebop and trad to badassed deconstruction that will singe your synapses, Glasgow's annual jazz fest will have the area around the Merchant City and further afield jiving like they’s a'

You can get all sorts of gourmet meals for your mutt these days - even vegetarian dishes, if ethics leads a pet lover in that direction. But what pooch wouldn’t prefer a nice plate of spaghetti with their partner while an Italian waiter serenades them with songs of love? Disney's summer re- release is Lady And The Tramp, a tale of romance between an upmarket cocker spaniel and a mischievous mongrel with a twinkle in his eye. Love

against the odds and with all those dinosaurs and caped crusaders barefoot on Georgia asphalt. See around, who’s to say this won't be the date movie of the year? feature. Lady And The Tramp goes on general release on Fri 27 Jun. Glasgow. van-GUS venues, Fr,- 27

Jun-Sun 6 Jul.

Film: Batman And Robin Having shifted away last time around from Tim Burton's dark and moody visions, the Batmachine rolls on as our increasingly camp caped crusaders take on Arnie Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze and Uma Thurman as Poisoned Ivy. Loud, brash and heavily stylised, this is a Hollywood blockbuster in its purest form. See reView.

General release Fri 27 Jun.

Books: Bernard Mac Laverty Fourteen years after he published Cal, Mac Laverty returns to the novel form with Grace Notes. A moving story of a single Belfast-born mother and composer torn between her work and child, Grace Notes is set to propel Mac Laverty back into the limelight. See preview and book events.

Jonathan Cape, E 74.99, Thu 3 Jul. TV: The Grimleys It may be packed to the rafters with the likes of

' ' Samantha Janus, Noddy Holder, Jack Florl'eglo Dee and Nigel Planer but the real The Italian CITCUS, famous aCross Europe, makes its first ever visit to Scotland, bringing together traditional ringside stars Of this Wimiy nostaigic look at thrills and the commedia dell'arte style. Trapeze artists, acrobats, magicians, dancers, horses, a hippopotamus, a two families living in Birmingham in rhinoceros and a Witch DOpUlaIe this nomadic village where the carnivalesque world of Fellini slips into a realm of the early 705 are the kids. Their dreams. It’s pretty impossible to describe an experience so rich and unpredictable, so roll up, roll up and smell the adolescent anxieties and acne may sawdust for yourself. bring to mind The Diary OfAdrian F/ori/egio is at the Royal High/and Centre, Ingliston near Edinburgh, from Thu 3 .Iul—Sun 70 Aug. Mole for the 905- See DFEVieW-

See Theatre Listings for booking details. Scott/5h, Sat 28 jun

13—26 Jun 1997 THE USTS