dinburgh Arts and E Entertainment (EAE).

responsible for poster and leaflet distribution up and down Scotland's east coast. is celebrating its tenth birthday this summer. From humble beginnings as a co- operative venture between nine Edinburgh arts organisations. EAE has grown into the major publicity distribution organisation in Scofland.

'l he secret of their success. claims general manager Glen Bennett. is building long term relationships'lt's not about delivering huge stacks of leaflets} he says,‘lt's the level of after delivery care that counts.‘ EAE distributors can visit individual sites up to twice a day during the Edinburgh Festival to tidy up and restock, ensuring that neither clients nor site operators are disappointed with their displays.

Ten years in the business has also allowed EAF. to build up an unparalleled level of expertise.‘We can advise on a whole range of things, from leaflet design to Customs And Excise.‘ says Bennett. The latter can pose a problem for

the many overseas clients who use EAE's services during the Festival: publicity material printed abroad often requires to be imported into the UK.

As a not-for-profit organisation, EAE has no shareholders or company directors eager for returns. but Bennett is quick to point out that this does not make his job any easierz‘We operate in a highly competitive market, and we must be able to reinvest if we're going to maintain our position.‘ Some of EAE's recent initiatives include a project with Dundee City Council aimed at preventing illegal flyposting in the city centre and a redesigned leaflet rack to provide equal access to disabled people under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Like many companies involved with the printing industry, EAE felt the squeeze a couple of years ago when paper prices shot through the roof. and this provided the impetus to ‘close the environmental loop' as Bennett puts itAIthough EAE has recycled out-of—date publicity material from

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the beginning, it's only since last year that it started buying back this recycled paper for use in its offices. Another innovation of which EAE IS rightly proud is its ‘Virtual Reality Display Rack', due to go on-line in the near future. Harnessing Internet technology. this service is designed as an extension of EAE's existing work providing easily accessible information on arts and tourist attractions. Particular

features ofthe site include a specially adapted search engine. designed in conjunction with Edinburgh's Science Festival, and a registration option which allows visitors to receive tailored e-mail updates on events they have expressed an interest in.

And what does the future hold? Glen Bennett certainly intends to be around long enough to find out.


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