Seven Brides For Seven Brothers: nice dancing. shame about the plot

MUSICAL Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Edinburgh: Festival Theatre, until Sat 5 Jul. *1“:

If you don't know the story by now, be ashamed at your childhood years. In the wilds of Oregon, one set of sisters and a set of brothers are brought together by the quickie marriage of Milly (Veronica Page) and Adam (Mark McKerracker). Milly takes some umbrage at having another six mouths to feed (Adam's biblically titled siblings), and teaches them how to get themselves a little lady, thereby solving everyone’s problems.

B a strange freak of coincidence, chance and fate, Mi ly has six Sisters, none of whom are married and all of whom are gagging to be taken in hand by a bloke. The local townsmen are alarmed at the possibility of their women's wombs being employed elsewhere and gang warfare breaks out - well, a few hammy fists are thrown. The hicks' only way out seems to be mass

kidnapping, while Milly has a problem of her own - a beastly hubbie and a swelling tummy. And 'you can probably guess the ending. T e title sort of gives it away.

Time appears not to have faded the mass appeal of the show (inspired by the classical tale of the rape of the Sabine women), lit up by the songs of Johnny Mercer and Gene de Paul, and immortalised on film in 1954 by musical master. Stanley Donen. Perhaps we can laugh now at Adam protesting that 'women are all the same,’ and insisting that ‘women gotta know their place'. We would laugh louder if he was to get his comeuppance but it fails to arrive. Not even the whiff of a Bobbit.

Yet, choreographically-speaking it's hard to argue with it. Particularly in the second hal , when any pretence of narrative twist is swe t away by good ole fashioned reelin' and a rollin’ andp breakneck balletics. I did worry about the front row, having that view of such strained breeches. (Brian Donaldson)

town that local hero Sean Connery has booked into the Caledonian Hotel the play is about independence. devolution and personal dreams. Written in collaboration with director Iain Reekie and the cast ol~ live. the play is witty.

intelligent and briskly pei‘l’oriiied. 57.

brides - but not before the girls have dusted them up and made them into good little husbands. Not exactly PC. but hey. swish that skirt. slap those thighs and get ready for a chorus of ‘Bless Your Beautiful Hide'. Yee hal See review. page

run by a filth-generation circus family who still travel with ornate hand-carved wooden caravans and an incredible Italian opera house-style big top. A word of warning though. Anyone who feels strongly about non-aniiiial circuses should be prepared for the Iiact that at least hall'ol‘ ll Florilegio employees are



l3/2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. [Access: 1.. Facilities: WC. W8. AS. II. (T. 'l‘. Help: A]

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Until Sat 5 Jul (not Sun). 7.30pm; Wed & Thu mat 2pm; Sat mat 2.30pm. £6.50—£22.5() (HES—£9.75). Stage version ol‘ the classic MGM musical about seven burly hillbilly boys who kidnap seven hillbilly girls and lorce them to become their


lngliston 333 2444. Booking: 333 3l02. II Florilegio Thu 3 Jul—Sun I0 Aug. Tue-Sun 8pm; Wed & l-‘r‘i 5pm; Sat & Sun I lam & 4pm; Sun 10 Aug only.

I lam & 2pm 8: 5pm. '/.oo: l0am—showtiriie each day. Check with booking office for ticket prices. It you like your circus old-fashioned. complete with lion trainers, strongmen and pretty girls hanging from ropes by their teeth. I] Horilegio could be the one for you. Massively popular in its native Italy. it is

either lions. tigers or elephants.


CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Kildrum. Curiibernauld. ()l23ti 732887. [Access1 PPA. I.. ST. R. Facilities: WC. W8. II. G. C. Help: A. AA]

Walking On The Roof Fri 27 & Sui 28 Jun. 7.45pm. £6 (£4). See Touring.

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Three averse programmes at youth aid prolesslonal dance includlng Kullyer Dance Theatre. Chris Devaney. Brigid McCarthy and Marisa Zarioltl.

THURSDAY 10 JULY, 8PM , ._ Dublin based Coisceirn Dance present award wlnnlng ‘Dragans ianlcs' and the stunnlng ‘Back Norma time to Illsh rock icon Phll Lynalt other uni.

‘Montshing...’ Irish Independent . 'Stpetb, Ilquld dance' Int Seem“ ' All Performances at Renlrew ngh Tlckels:£3/£l conc. ; Booking: Renlrew Library 0141 866 Credit Card bookings: our 887 row a; OPEN D A N CE C IA S$~E§g§f§i SUNDAY o . THURSDAY l0 JULY " L Slieel dance, contemporary, creative WWW: Foragestrpwardseoam perclass mammoth are lle *tffiiifé

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