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The joint is jumpin': Adzido Pan-African Dance Ensemble in Under African Skies at Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Tue 8 8: Wed 9

£3 (El l. Dublin-based C‘ois(’eim l)ance : Theatre round of the I‘M? Scottish J Youth Dance Festi\ at with this MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE

acclaimed show. lTniyersity of Stirling. Stirling. ()1786



play about a newcomer who moves into a community in crisis where l‘olk hardly know their neighbours. Before long. Knowles has gone behind the street's

This section lists all future dates in twitching nets to discoy er three women I 46108 I. [.kecess: P. PP.-\. l.. R. Facilities: the central belt of shows that are on with dangerous secrets that would shame | ~ . \\'(‘ \\’S H (‘1. (‘1

. . . ' ' . ' , , tour. the cast ot ll'tllllxpufflltg. C all 014! 447 y - Scottish Ballet Tue l (k \\ed 2 Jul.

EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE l3/3‘) Nicols‘on Street. 52‘) (MOO. |.-\ccess: l.. Facilities: \\'(‘. \\'S. AS. II. C‘. T. llel ): A] Under Airican Skies Tue 8 & wed 9 Jul. 7.30pm. £7~£l3 i£4 ~x.'lt)i. The excellent Adzido Pan .-\t'riean l)anee linsemble returns to lidinhurgh with a slice of spiritually uplifting dance arid drumming. Traditional and modern l‘ot'ms mix to create a colour-soaked history of the African continent that

l 197 for details.

Cum/rermmlr/ Thea/re Fri 37 & Sat 38 Jun. 7.45pm. g The 'limna/ri/l Con/re. I-‘ergux/it' l’urA. g Paisley Wed 2 Jul. 8pm.

GLASGOW DANCE RENFREW HIGH SCHOOL Haining Road. Renl'rew. Booking: Renfrew Library (H4! 886 3433; credit card bookings: Paisley Arts Centre ()l4l 887 NW).

7.30pm. £10 (£5); apex L") (£4.50). Scotland‘s national dance company sets off on its annual national tour ot'smaller towns and villages in Scotland and in Northern Ireland. Splitting itself into two mini-companies so it can squeeze into exert the smallest \‘L‘IlllCS. SH reaches Stirling alter a couple of dates in Perth. It brings a double-hill taking in 7211/1 ()‘S/ru/tter. a brand new ballet by

. company dancer Lorna Scott set to music l‘-y Malcolm Arnold. and Prokoy'sky's

Putting On The Skitz Scottish company KYBO Theatre with Hugh Larkin's day in the lite of five patients from the ‘bonkerly challenged suite' ol‘ a hospital near you. A black comedy for adults only. Contact yenues for details. [5(er KiI/n'irle xlrrs ('enm' Thu 26~Sun 2‘) Jun. 8pm

lAI't'llt‘X T/It’ull't’. (I/(ts'g'rm‘ Thu 3-5;” 5 Jul. 7.30pm. Walking On The Roof Fiona Knowles stars in down-to-eat‘th Scottish

playwright Rona Munro's one-woman

Dragons And Tonics Thu It) .Iul. 8pm.

travels from a mythical past to the present day.

Nth century work \i'i‘pri. set to the rousing sound oi opera-man Verdi.




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Adzido’s high-energy African dancing and drumming is electrifying and infectious ‘Under African Skies had the

audience on its foetchean'rg‘

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