camp theatricals and a hard house soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston. Drinks romos.

I Sun ay School at Tin Pan Alley. llpm—3am. £4 (£3). Stevie Kerr with a commercial dance night to bring your weekend to a close. Access also to Brown Sugar taking place in the same venue. Drinks rotnos.

I Sun ay Skool at R.G.'s. Spin—midnight. Free. Kenny and Scott playing acid funk. Munchy stuff menu ppm—midnight. Drinks promos. Pre-club. I Velvet Rooms 1 lpm—3atn. £5. Alan Ronald in Room Two with an open mix from classic house to soul and Marlin Hesketh in Room One playing mellow hip hop. swingbeat and classic soul. Drinks promos.

I World Music Night at The Hive. l0pm—2am. £4 (£3). 2‘) Jun only. Finale to the West End Festival featuring well known Glasgow world music DJs. Nori- students welcome.


I Club X at Club Xchange.

I l.30pin--3am. £2.50 (£l.50). Gay. Hard house and garage. Drinks promos. DJ Fast Eddie.

I let Lagged at Jet. llpm—2. I5am. £3 (£2). Charlie lntnan with a decent jump- around set of disco. funk and rare groove tunes. Drinks promos.

I Salsa Dance Club at Porters. ppm—midnight. Highly popular salsa for begitmers. 6pm and 7.45pm sessions commencing. No partner required. Pre- club. New session from 30 Jun.

I Speedracer at The Garage. 10.30pm—3am. £3 (£2). Steven mixes up a few indie-dance classics and retro tunes fora busy. up-for-it crowd in the tnain rootn. Drinks promos.


I Betty Woo at Betty's Mayonnaise. llpm—3ant. £2. House night with DJ Vance. Drinks promos.

I Boudoir Present Jackpot at Yo Yo. Rpm—close. Free. The Boudoir Boys return with another night of easy- listening. plus quiz time and cheap beer. I Club Xchange llptn—3ant. £2.50

l .50). Gay. Dance and chart sounds. Drinks promos. Pitched as the only gay night in town tonight.

I Eden at The Velvet Rooms. llpm—3atn. £3 (£2). Alan Ronald playing Britpop in Room One and Scott Mckay with mellow house in Room Two. Drinks promos.

I Jo Jo at Tin Pan Alley. £3. llpm-3am. New gay night featuring DJ Stella. and handbags nailed to the wall. Drinks promos.

I Salsa Dance Club at Porters. 6.30pm—midnight. lntertnediate and advanced session. Great to watch or join in. Pre-club.

I Shooting Stars at The Garage. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). lnsane. drunken shenanigans eased along nicely by the charty choons of Gerry and Iain in the main room. Staggering (you will be) drink promos.

I The Shimmy Club at Bennets. ll.30ptn—3am. £3. Party type of affair at this strai 'ht night in the gay venue.

I The S a Club at The Hall Bar.

8—] lpm. Free. The sound of young Jamaica.

I T.|.T at Trash. llptn—3ain. £2. Student night featuring DJ Rory (formerly of Cop and Chopper) with house classics and future anthems in Room ()ne. Grahame with student faves in Room Two and extra beats in Room Three. Drinks protnos.

I Tanked Up at Jet. l0.30pm—2. l 5am. Commercial house from a selection of Glasgow DJs. Drinks promos.


I Bennets l l.30pm--3ani. £2.50. DJ Sara with upbeat dance. Drinks promos. I Betty's at Betty's Mayonnaise.

l lpm—3am. Free. (.‘otnntercial dance with DJ Geoff. Drinks promos.

I Cheeseburger at The Velvet Rooms. llptn—3am. £3 (£2). Miss A.J. presents a night of big party tunes in two rooms. Drinks protnos.

I Chopper at Club Xchange. l().30pm—3.30ain. £3.50 (£2). Garage. house and 90s disco and pop from CJ (Archaos Thursdays). Drinks promos.

I Cul De Sac Cul De Sac Bar. ‘)--l lpm. Free. Richard Brown of Glasgow's Sonia Records guesting every week with a huge pile of white labels. Drinks promos.

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Sister Bliss Dls at Love Boutique, Glasgow. on Sat 5 July. See Hit List, page 63

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The hemp plant is the answer to the deforestation of our planet. One acre of hemp willproduoe four times as much paper astone acre-of trees. Hemp uses a fraction of the fertilizers used by cotton and no pesticide.

I llempweor Hemp 0i! Cosm etics Ilemp Station cry

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25 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh *’ (Ol 31) 557 9855

fuicyNYCiaadb featuring New York ‘5 most hip and _ happening exponents of dance floor jazz - GPOOVE COHECUVE

Friday 2 7 th June

McEwan's Old Fmitmarket, 103th - late TIC/(ECS £70. advance from 0747 287 551 1 or on the door

also featuring 08 Murray Quartet. Jazz Cotech dancers. Dd Simon Hodge [Big Beat]

The sound of the city is now an underground


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