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Plane Crazy: the new face of arcade gaming coming atcha from Glasgow

Plane sailing

Glasgow-based games company INNER WORKINGS is flying high with the launch of its new title Plane Crazy, and a scheme that could change the face of the coin-op arcade forever.

Words: Deirdre Molloy

With both Microsoft and global arcade company Hanaho firme behind it. Glasgow-based multimedia company Inner Workings. is poised to make a huge splash in the international games market. Its first game. Plane Crazy. produced in-house for the teen- to-adult market. is also the first to be designed especially for Microsoft’s Public PC initiative an intimation that will transform the face of arcade gaming.

Having set its sights on the adult games market last year. Inner Workings found a friend in Microsoft ‘games evangelist’ Jason Robar when he saw the Plane Crazy work-in-progress demo at November’s ‘Develop 96’ show in London. Seven months down the line and the game is about to enter test phase in arcades across the United States.

Plane Crazy has been fashioned by Team Fearsome. the company’s specialist mainstream games group. using the Direct3D engine pioneered by Microsoft. An aerial racing game. it calls on players to perform death-defying stunts as they negotiate perilous flight paths through mountainous canyons. high-rise cities and hazardous Arctic wastes. The realistic graphics and dcxtrous control skills needed make for an all-immersive experience the ultimate gaming challenge for thrill seekers.

‘The computing power is there to support a high- speed. high-detail environment.‘ explains Andrew Walker. Inner Workings’ head of games development. ‘And the open arcade architecture is very high-spec. It gives us the basis on which to develop environments which are very photo-realistic in their look.’

The potential of the Public PC initiative is twofold. Firstly. the high-powered PCs will end the stranglehold on arcade gaming exercised by companies like Sega. Hanho. the arcade firm partnering Microsoft in this project. wants coin-drop cabinets that are compatible with different games. Intel which came onboard the initiative in May with their ‘open-arcade architecture specification’ hardware is providing the know~how for this flexibility. As the new era of gaming is ushered in. the costly dumping of arcade machines when a game bombs or goes out of fashion will become an anachronism.

Secondly. the PCs with Intel inside have the capacity to be enhanced with new features such as multiplayer interaction and internet access. According to Walker: ‘You may well end up producing games to go into arcades that you play against other people in the arcades or against people in their homes. Plus it makes it easier for people who are buying home PCs to identify which ones will be able to run arcade- perfect games.‘

Inner Workings has already established its kudos in the competitive high-tech games market with its contract for BBC Worldwide Multimedia’s Wallace Aml Gramltis Fan/melt. Now. having floated on the Alternative Investment Market. it is focusing on its two own-brand lines the forthcoming Fearsome range and kids” games line Lemon Dog.

The company’s plush offices in Glasgow city centre bear testimony to its phenomenal ascent. Founded in an attic in l‘)‘)2 by Lesley Keen and two colleagues. Inner Workings today employs 47 people with staff drawn from backgrounds as diverse as film. product design and sound engineering.

Ultimately. it aims to release each game for retail following the arcade launch similar in concept to the staggered movie release (remember Trainspotting) to create a buzz in the target audience. I’lanr‘ (’razy officially ‘opens’ in America in September. with the worldwide arcade launch at the end of WW.

With so much to play for. Team Fearsome won’t be short of adrenaline.

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