V I saw you looking back at tne (12/4/97). now I'm caught. started in the glare. My head and heart can't agree. I don't know where to turn. I enjoy being with you. but you want more than fun. We need to talk; the talking‘s done. I think I'm stnitten too! I can‘t decide. give me time. I promise to be true. U/308/l.

V I saw you in SpecSavers. Argyle Street (Gallowgate) on Tuesday 29th April. You were a fair-haired female optician. l was blind . . . and now I cart see. Please contact. U/308/2.

V I saw you at The Fiji/z [Element 7/6/97 ()deon. across the aisle. ()ur eyes met. you looked lovely. been looking for you ever since and would love to talk. Stephen. U/308/3.

V I saw you Friday 6/6/97. You: moustache and glasses. very handsome. Me: beard and glasses. smitten by you. Met in a solemn place. but you were rushing for a bus! Let's meet again. U/308/4.

V I saw you at T’ai-Chi class. My watch was on the wrong arm. Your knobbly shoulders reminded tne l have hormones. Where were you week five? Fancy a clash of spectacles? U/308/5.

V I saw you at the Oasis concert on Sunday 4 Aug. You are Maro + Michael from Edinburgh. We are Lauren and Laura from Glasgow. Fancy a night out? U/308/6.

V I saw you cool. sexy leather lady. thirtysomething with class wearing sunshades on 3.50 Newton train. Friday 6.6.97. I got off Pollokshields West. 30s. tall. short fair hair. Ted Baker blue shirt. bikerjacket. Interested? U/308/7/.

V I saw you Echo. Byres Road. You: incredible body piercing (Jim?). Me: naff school uniform (K). bought Greenday and RHCP. Fancy a drink? Please get in touch cos I love you loads. U/308/8.

V I saw your long, tall Sauza and knew you were a man of good taste - If you want to taste more than your drink call me... Box U/308/51

V I saw you Paul in the Polo Lounge on 7/6/97. 10.30pm.

You served me. Me: black jeans.

blue/red T-shirt. cute smile. Fancy a drink? U/308/9. V I saw you in the New Town

on Saturday May 3 lst. You: tall.

student. Me: dark-haired. We talked about politics. opera. London and running. Get in touch? U/3()8/l().

V I saw you standing in the crowd watching tne. I may not have won on the day. but I won the best prize when I started going out with you. Love your little nut. U/308/l l.

V I saw you Bennetts. Sunday 8 June. You: Black t-shirt/jeans. black hair. deep tan/ dark skin. Gorgeous! Me: white T-shirt. black trousers with male and female friend. We: looked and looked but did not speak. Want to talk this time? U/3()8/l2.

V I saw you Elephant House Tues l()th June. You: on your knees scrattibling for tny money. Me: leg in plaster recovering from sporting injury. Elephants never forget. have you? U/3()8/13.

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350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G1 212

0 I saw you beautiful Asian (?) boy with enchanting smile and hypnotic almond eyes. first in CC. Blooms on Friday 30th May and then. again. at the Cameo on Sunday |5th June seeing Brussz Of].' Both times I've been brassed off as I’ve been with friends and unable to talk . . . third time lucky? Perhaps we shouldn‘t leave this to fate? U/308/l4.

V I saw you Blair Air UK despite flying so often l have not seen you for ages. Can I buy you a drink in Edinburgh soon. Please! U/3()8/l5.

V I saw you Malmaisott 16/6/97. Me with red nail varnish and an embarrassing father: you from Caledonian to the Raffles coping fantastically. Fancy a drink? U/308/l6.

V I saw you Lynn. King St Gallery preview March. There only to see you. surprised by your hello. returned only a smile and a nod. Much regret ever since. La-l.a! cress-related passion. U/308/l7.

V I saw you dark-haired professional guy. water-skiing regularly at Townhill Country Park. Do you fancy sotne apres ski with a discreet local guy? Get in touch. U/308/18.


V I saw you l4/6/97 tanned. gorgeous waitress wearing red top in Kaffe Politik. l was sitting under Malcolm X drinking conpana. Let’s meet after hours! U/308/ l 9.

V I saw you Edward. Victoria Hall Ceilidh. Dunblane. You were my dashing white sergeant. l was your girlfriend. Was it just gay abandon or was there something extra? Drop tne a line (dancing'.’). U/308/20.

V I saw you Saturday 7/6/97 Polo Lounge. You're gorgeous with terrific smile. wearing bulls-eye T—shirt with three friends standing near mirror. Caught your reflection. wished I'd said hello. Me? dark stranger! Dinner? chat? U/3()8/2 I.

V I saw you flame-haired girl around 5ft 7in wearing long red dress leaving Anniesland Safeway. You got into a red Fiesta on 29/5/97. You were stunning. Please get in touch! U/3()8/22.

V I saw you looking confused in Iceland. Byres Road. You were tall. good-looking. wearing a navy shirt and jeans and buying sited loads of milk. Be my coffeemate. U/3()8/23.

V I saw you my Princess Charming in my dreams. Thinking of you day and night longing to be in your arms. Yours forever. P.S.I)on't forget the pickle jar. U/308/24.

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V I saw you In Samsbury‘s. Blackhall. Sunday l5 June. lunchtime. You were - presumably still are! tall. with short hair. round glasses. wearing shorts and a ‘Boolabong‘ T-shirt. We looked at each other. fleetingly. over the intervening checkouts. Were we checking each other? U/3()8/25.

V I saw you one Thursday in the Lemon Tree. You: tall. bass singer and car enthusiast frotn Greenock. Me: short hair. studied Russian. I enjoyed our chat. Fancy a coffee? U/308/26. O I saw you at work at Gl’l‘. I5/6/97. You: gorgeous (gay?) woman. short hair. wearing tartan trousers. sitting alone one away from me: short hair. wearing Levis. Please get in touch. U/308/27.

V I saw you gorgeous kickboxing Paul. Subclub. 23.5.97. This redhead too ill and ‘fettered‘ to enjoy those back kisses. Your velvet Aberdeenshire voice teased my ears. Glasgow. Dance with me? U/3()8/28.

V I saw you all too briefly at the end of IOO9'r Bent. You. Carrie with brown eyes to die for. We share a name-ish. Let's continue the conversation and see if I like Canadians after all. U/3()8/29.

V I saw you you on Glasgow/Gourock Citylink bus. 5.30pm. 15.06.97. You sat up back. Me. dressed in black with mobile and ginger-haired girl. I caught that look at Greenock. U/3()8/3().

U I saw you Saturday 14 June. New Town Bar. waiting for friend. We spoke briefly. you study Falkirk area. psychology is on. Archaeology was problem. Can I rescue you soon? Get in touch. U/3()8/3|. V I saw you about 6 months ago shopping on Princes Street. You short. round. bald bloke with glasses. me tallish scruffy bloke. I am your PhD student. please get in touch before the end of the ttiillennium. U/308/32.

V I saw you at Teviot Ceilidh. You wearing all-black dress; me striped shirt. short hair. We exchanged glances but the guy wearing a kill was always near you. Do you give dancing lessons. U/308/33.

V I saw you walking past Glenogle Pool on Sunday June l5th at l2.45pm. I can't forget your smile and would like to meet. U/308/34.

V I saw you and I love when I do. I love the time that we spend together. We make a great team. Let‘s spend a lot more time together. Love the Cadbury's rep friend. U/308/35.

V I touched your hand as I went to the bar. It was electric. You were slamming Tequila - Let me teach you to savour the flavour - Meet for a long, tall Sauza in The Basement. Box U/308/50

V I saw you working at James Thin. Waverley (for old times sake). You: scraggly hair. tears in your eyes. quaky voice!!!! Will miss you. Lots of love leggy blondfe). ssxx. U/3()8/36.

V I saw you Jimmy. working at The Blue Moon Cafe and many times out dancing at Taste. Joy. etc . . . Always lovely to do so. See you soon. LINUX/37.

V I saw you at the Scottish Garden Show. You were standing by the entrance. wearing your short olive dress. You were stunning. and I am in love. U/308/38.


27 Jun—IO Jul 1997 TIIE lI3T97