COMING TO A televisionscreen near you soon. Susan Vidler is The Woman In White,

and this time it’s personal. ‘I have to stop doing screaming roles, I really do,’ says the actress who perforated ear-drums in Trainspotting as the heroin-addicted mother whose baby dies.

‘Before I did the dead baby scene, they

E] kept saying, “DO you want to see the baby because it looks quite realistic and we don’t want you completely freaked out,” she remembers. ‘I said I would wait to see it on the first take. and that was such a mistake

H because I caught sight of the baby just before

the take. and l was really shocked. The model actually felt cold. and she had real hair and looked really like the little girls I had been

working with in the film.‘

Vidler has made a career of playing screwed up, tormented or just plain tragic characters. Before Alison in Trainspotting, she appeared in Cracker as a blind kidnapping

victim who is doused with petrol and threatened with a match by her attacker. In

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SUSAN VIDLER take time out from the shooting schedule. was sexually abused as a child. In Naked, she

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