Ibiza veteran and club promoter Ricky Magowan

Going Med

Colours promoter and Scotland's premier party person relates a warts 'n' all experience of Ibiza. Interview: Jim Byers

‘The first time I went out was in 88. It was quite subdued, ’cos I went out with my girlfriend. At that time, the dance music scene was all new. ‘Good Life’ by Inner City was the tune then. But that was just a holiday really. I went back in I990 and that’s when I discovered sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, ha ha ha. . .

‘It‘s a totally different world out there. Anybody that‘s ever been will tell you the same. It’s all about the people you go with and the ‘anything goes’ attitude of being able to do what you want. It’s about the nights turning into days and everyone still being up-for-it.

"I‘he first Colours party we did out there was in 95 Manumission with Jon Mancin, Boney, Smokin’ Jo and Alfredo, which was humoungous basically. How many were there? About 7000. It was fucking amazing, as you can imagine. There were sex shows on the podiums, big vibrators, the lot . . . Ibiza’s got its own heterosexual. bi-sexual and homosexual populations. Nobody gives a shit out there.

‘In 95, it was fucking insane. I came back

and I was ill for three months after it. It was too much. It’s taken me near enough a year and a half to pluck up the courage to go back over there.

‘My top Ibiza tips? Don’t expect to get drunk in the clubs because £6 for a beer and £3 for a coke is not uncommon, so get pished beforehand. Always wear a condom because sex is freely available. Don’t keep “things” in your pockets because they’re likely to get sweaty very quickly.

‘Is it as good as it used to be? Well, everybody says that, but it’s like everything, isn’t it? It’s what you make of it. It’s a very, very positive, very happy place if you want it to be. Just enjoy it.’

Colours host a party with Ministry Of Sound at Pacha on Fri 22 Aug. Guests on the night are Ralph (Italy), Lord G (New York) and Sam Holt (Manchester). They will also be launching the Colours Full Spectrum album. mixed by CJ. Mackintosh and Farley 8: Heller, with a party at a venue to be confirmed.


Haven't got the cash to get out there? Never fear, just follow our guide to re-create the wonder of Ibiza in your own home. Words: Rory Weller

I Don't get out of bed until at least four in the afternoon. Similarly, don't go to bed before 8am.

I Position fan and sun lamp in front of exercise bike and make 'vroom' noises as you pretend to mope about the place in your knickers. Fall off and nurse your chafed knee.

I Go to your local at lunch time. drink all afternoon. then take all your clothes off, making sure at least three magazine photographers are there to record the event. Deny all knowledge.

I Invite your mates round for a drink. then when they turn up. stand at the door and tell them you don't care who they know. they're not getting in. Then charge them £20 to stand by the stereo and £5 for a beer.

I Sprinkle salt on the kitchen floor and dance around like a crazed lunatic while shouting 'I'm ’avin it' and rubbing Worcester sauce into your skin for that golden tan effect.

I Give the impression that you are 'sorted' by wrapping up washing powder in little squares of paper and keeping your aspirins in little plastic bags.

I Cleverly get double use out of the washing powder by popping it in the machine and leaving the door open. Voila, instant Amnesia foam Part!!-

I Just when everyone thinks the fun's over, lure them into standing in the bath while jigging about. Then unexpectedly turn the taps on and watch the appreciation on their faces when they see how you have re-created that Ku pool feefing.

I Stick on the classic skin flick Big Jugs II and

pretend you're watching the live sex show at Manumission. No honestly, it really does go on.

I lump in the car and head out to the airport (Junctions 2 and 28 on the M8 are good bets), pump up the stereo and peel back the sun roof as you watch the planes taking off above you for that special Space vibe.

I Repeat until you feel you have ‘larged it' adequately.

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11—24 Jul 1997 THE LIST 15