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The plectrums start strumming at 11.50am.

Republica Drop dead gorgeous melodies from the fragrant Saffron who is slaying them in the aisles Stateside.

Neneh Cherry Trip hop. pop. jazz . . . do this woman’s talents know no end‘.’

Fun Lovin' Criminals Straight outta New York, the three guys widda goatees are set to funk up the park with their rap ‘n’ roll.

Bjorn Again Peroxide wigs a go-go as the Abba lookalikes relive golden moments from the 70s.

Echobelly Another bunch who have been out of the public eye for a while. Echobelly have been holed producing their third album.

Bush Grunge devotees who. although British. are only now beginning to emulate their US success over here.

Texas Born again. blue-eyed soul with added dancey bits from the band who have repented all their previous slide guitar sins.

Ocean Colour Scene Solid tunes from solid lads who reckon that there was more soul in Aretha Franklin’s fingertips than the rest of the Britpop contenders put together.

Paul Weller And here’s the man largely responsible for Ocean Colour Scene and others of the same cloth. The critics have been underwhelmed by his latest album. Heavy Soul. but no doubt his loyal fanbasc will ensure healthy sales.


The fun kicks off at 11.35am.

Delta Five-piece descendants of the Sea Urchins who have been described as Moseley soul and Black Country rock.

Rachel Stamp Lads with guitars. oddly. Toaster Manic bastards who manage to pull tunes out of aural chaos.

Hurricane £1 Andy ‘Ridc‘ Bell’s new outfit whose single. ‘Just Another lllusion‘ is riding up the charts.

Catatonia Welsh hell—raisers who can drink like devils and sing like angels.

The Supernaturals Sunshine on tap from the Glaswegian pop monsters.

Dreadzone Cross—cultural party pot pourri. Gene Stories of the banal made epic are Martin Rossiter‘s speciality. Didn’t mention The Smiths once. Doh.

Mansun Chester quartet who seem to be leading the so-called New Wave Of The New Grave pack.

The Seahorses Former Stone Roses guitarist. John Squire. continues to attract a fanatical following.


The day kicks off at 11.35am.

Snug Rising indie talent.

Hardbody Dark. raw emotions get a violent airing from these four (ilaswegians. Bennet Perky pop from this bunch of Londoners.

18 THE lIST ll-M Jul 109/

Speedy Infectious indie pop band.

A.C. Acoustics Quiet bit, noisy bit. It‘s a simple formula but few do it quite as well as these guys.

Kenickie Sunderland’s finest rattle through some chirpy punk pop while putting down hecklers with a nonchalant ease.

Embrace 'l‘ipped to be the next big thing in an Oasis stylce.

Urusei Yatsura Homegrown noise terrorists who tip a respectful nod towards Sonic Youth. Beth Orton Folk-tinged chanteuse who has worked with Orbital and the Chemical Brothers.

Spearhead Michael Franti attempts a spot of consciousncss-raising through the medium of

hip hop.

SLAM MUZIK TENT Kick off at 11am.

Giles Peterson The man who A-and—Rs for Talkin’ Loud trawls every musical genre to arrive at the cutting edge.

DJ Deep Another one of those (w t'nglu' French chaps specialising in deep house cool. Global Communications You name it. they‘ll mix it.

Death In Vegas Guitars meet dance in a big beat stylee.

DJ 0rde Meikle One half of the Slam duo lays down the sound of Detroit-influenced techno.

Green Velvet AKA Cajmere is the king of the Chicago sound and he will be playing live and bonkers. Possible highlight of the weekend. DJ Stuart McMillan The other half of Slam gives his interpretation of the Detroit style. Bandulu Live dub. hip hop and drum ‘n‘ bass. A smokcr‘s delight.

Carl Cox Mega smooth techno from the DJs' DJ and the people’s choice. Watch the booth lift off. There is also a Ceilidh Tent featuring some of Scotland's Celtic best.


I 3;? ,, 09,” .,

Death in Vegas: Sun 13 Jul, Slam Muzik Tent

Ocean Colour Scene: Sun 13 Jul. Main Stage