The TV adventure show, the world’s first ever to be 100% computer-animated, is back for its third series this fortnight. Counting Bill Clinton and Steven Spielberg among its biggest fans, ReBoot is made in Vancouver, Canada. The creative team led by three Brits in their early twenties, who develop the technology as they go is pumping out an incredible 60 minutes of computer-generated imagery per day. Set in the virtual world of Mainframe, ReBoot’s main characters are Dot Matrix (pictured), Enzo the copy command (whose hero Bob was sucked into the Super Computer at the end of series two), their mates Mouse and AndrAIa and Frisket the dog. The villains in league for the first time this series are Megabyte the robot and the 'so sexy and oh so evil' Hexadecimal. Computer jargon has never been so much fun.

ReBoot series three begins on Scottish, Thu 77 Jul at 4.40pm.

THE [181' 11—24 Jul 1997



Shoelaces may soon go the way of the Betamax videocassette if them spunky Ozzies get their way. A new brand of trainers made by Sydney’s Royal Distributions, Elastics are the Chelsea boots of the trainer world, held in place on athletic plates of meat by nifty elastic gussets on the sides. Possibly taking its cue from the 'gusset’ theme, the advertising campaign for Elastics is somewhat provocative not to say tangential. We thought we’d give you a look at the actual shoes. Elastics are available in nine different styles from branches of Schuh at around f 65.

The Lost World

They’re baaa-aaack! In case you hadn't heard, this little chap and his scaly mates will return from the prehistoric past, with as big an appetite as ever, in Steven Spielberg’s follow-up to Jurassic Park. Jeff Goldblum and Sir Dickie Attenborough revive their roles as barmy scientists in the sequel, which is likely to become the most profitable film since homo sapiens replaced the dinosaur as most fearsome beast to stalk southern California. In August, there will be a chance to see a full-size velociraptor in the (plastic) flesh when a dinosaur exhibition opens at Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum. And if you’ve ever wondered what the monsters would have looked like if history hadn’t consigned them to the evolutionary dustbin, that’s when you can meet the 6ft tall bipedal dinsosaur that, in its reconstructed form, would be strolling up and down Sauchiehall Street today. Now, there's an idea for a sequel . . .

The Lost World opens all over Scot/and on Fri 78 Jul. See review, page 22. The exhibition is at the Hunterian Museum from 8 Aug—20 Sept. Picture from tie-in book supplied by James Thin Booksellers.