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...Hot after their tour with the WU TANG CLAN...

The album HIPNOSIS

out now

. The Edinburgh New Music Festival ‘I 2 - 30 August 1997

Seventeen nights of the best in contemporary live music and club nights at one venue - Jaffa Cake. See posters

and press for full details. The Scottish Band Competition

A new competition for young, unsigned, Scottish groups and solo artists.

Prizes: Three winners will each receive: a booking to support a major act at Flux: the Edinburgh New Music Festival, plus 2 days free studio time in which to record and mix a CD single and 500 free

promotional copies of this CD. How to Enter: Send a tape, containing only one song, together with a history and statement or CV about yourself or your group, with your contact name, address and telephone number to: Flux: Scottish Band Competition, c/o USP Arts Ltd., 55 Ambler Road, London, N4 208. The winning acts will be notified by 28 July. Conditions: Entrants must be under 25 and resident in Scotland. The judges' decision is final. Material will only be returned if you include a self addressed, postage paid envelope.

Closing Date - 'l ‘I July 1997

Sponsored by the Scottish Arts Council National Lottery Fund and

Hexagon Administration

42 THE LIST '21

/-1 l'll WQ/

Wild at heart: that's the Wildhearts, The Garage, Glasgow, Thu 24 Jul



I John Coltrane Tribute Band The l'lUllL‘}‘L‘0llilI Blair Street. 3:0 453 l. 9.30pm. £4 (U t. The .l("l'll were Edinburgh's sole I'L‘t‘l‘L‘xellltllh e\ at the recent .-\ri'an .la// l't‘\ll\'ill. 'l‘he toe-piece act prefers to capture (‘oltiaiie\ \oul and spirit rather than cop) mg hix tune\ and

his sole directl}. l).l lili'.’ \\'tiii' l\ on the


I I Songwriters' Showcase 'l’i‘on . Tavern. Hunter Square. S.3()piii. L’ 1.

Information: ()()l 5275. Weekly forum for hdinburgh-Mixed \lligCl'-Stllig\\‘l'llL‘l'S. with an} body \x‘elcoiiie to perform a lil‘teen-iiiinute \et.

I Whiskey Dogs (‘anon‘x (iait. 332

(‘aiiongattx556.1.lSl. 3.50pm}. l-ree. .-\

tun mix ol rock. pop and Coltltli'}.

I Barkin‘ Bone Blues Henry’s (‘ellai Bar. Morrison Street. Ill llSS. Ilpiii [3.50 t i. l .50). Blues,


I Chaosphere, Einstein and Psyclipt llarleyx. Quai'r} Street. Hamilton. “HMS 45SI7-1.‘)pni. l'i'ee. llL‘.l\'_\ metal night.


I Basic Collective In The Opium Den The lloiie_\'coinh. Blair Street. .‘30 4.131. ‘l..‘\()piii. £4 (£5 t. Superhia/r soul outlit who recently rocked the l.i//ard l ounge cluh down at (‘al'e (iralliti. This ix an e\celleiit opportunin to sample lidinhurgh's qualin underground lix e muxic scene. \\'ith Nicola King on \ocalx.

I Transporter Room The Artie. I)_\ ei'\ ('loxe. (‘owgate 325 SRSI. lllpiti. £3 “aged. E3 trim-aged. Ll ineiiihei'x. long- i'uiming cluh night which teatures some ol the capital\ lillt‘\l )oung hands. Tends towardx a hip hop. tool. and reggae x'ihe hut not all the time.

I Holyrood Slim 8: Guitar Jnr Canon's (iait. 3‘2 (‘anongate 55(i-1-1Sl. 8.30pm. l'l't‘t‘ llol l‘lltt‘\ .tcllntt

I Turquoise (‘ozniiion (hounds. 2 3 \oith Bank Stieet. l'lie Mound. 236 l-llo Spin l'iee

I Joey Sanderson And Paul Ballingall lleiii_\\ ('ellai liar. Morrixon Street. 321 IJSS. llpin L3 5(titl.5tlt, ()riginal \ongx done in .i ‘xllx ia/r \t}le.

I EYEd Beans \\‘l11\llC lllllle‘S. .\'iddi'_\ Street. 55." 51H. ‘lpni. l‘i'ee.

I New Leaf l.'x\ttaclie. Ruilantt Stieet. 220341): ‘)[\lll. l’t'ee.







Tickets: £13.50 C/C Tel: 0141 287 7777 or 0141 339 8383 (24 hours). Personal application to SECC BIO. The Ticket Centre Glasgow. Vir in

Records Glasgow and Edinburgh, Ripping Records Edinburgh an T.O.C.T.A. outlets throughou Scotland. (Subject to booking fee).

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