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Concerts are listed by date, then by city. Classical & Opera Listings compiled by Alan Morrison.

FRIDAY 11 Ayton I Piano Quartets Ayton Castle. near Eyemouth. Berwickshire. 8pm. £7 (£5) from Music-Makers on (“41 339 2708 phone for ticket availability. Susanne Stanzeleit (violin). Susie Meszaros (viola). Timothy Gill (cello) and Gusztav Fenyo (piano) play quartets by Mozart. Schumann and Brahms.

SATURDAY 12 Ayton I Chamber Concert Ayton Castle. near Eyeiiiouth. Berwickshire. 8pm. £7 (£5) from Music-Makers on OH] 339 2708 -— phone for ticket availability. The Ayton Castle summer music series continues with a mixture of music. from Schubert's piano miniatures and songs by Falla (transcribed for cello and piano) to Schubert's much-loved 'l'mut Quintet. I Chamber Concert Ayton Castle. near Eyemoutli. Berwicksliire. 8pm. £3 from Mtisic-h'lakers on 014] 339 2708 - phone for ticket availability. Susanne Stanzeleit and Gtisztav Fenyo join the Alexander Quartet for Chausson's rarely played romantic masterpiece. Coneerta For l'iu/in. Piano and String Quartet.


I The Barber Of Seville Abbey House. Culross. Fife. 4pm. £15 (£10 local residents) from l)unferm|ine Tourist Information Centre. l3 Maygate (0l383 720999). ()pera ()ii A Shoestring take their West lind l‘estival production over to Fife for a special open-air event as part of the Weekend For Music Lovers. The cast. accompanied on piano and harpsichord. includes Martin Higgins. Debra Stuart and Campbell Russell. and director Terry Gilbert relocates the action of Rossini's classic to the late

l960s/early l97()s. in the event of bad weather. the performance will take place in C ulross Abbey.



I Organ Recital St Giles' Cathedral. High Street. 6pm. Free with retiring collection. George Bayley performs works by Mendelssohn. Sowerby. Widor and the European premiere of a piece by Kenton Coe.


I Students Concert Ayton Castle. near Eyemouth. Berwickshire. 3pm. £6 (£4) from Music-Makers on 01-11 339 2708 phone for ticket availability. A concert by the young participants in the Ayton Castle summer school is followed by afternoon tea on the lawn.

I Alexander Quartet Ayton Castle. near liyeiiiouth. Berwickshire. 8pm. £7 (£5) from Music-Makers on OH] 339 2708 phone for ticket availability. The foursome play Schubert's Quartet in (1 major and are joined by Gusztav Fenyo for Brahms's Piano Quintet in /-‘ Itlillnt'.



I Towson United Methodist Church Choir St Giles‘ Cathedral. High Street. l.3()pm. Free. A performance of American sacred music.



I Organ Recital St Andrew's and St George's. George Street. 12.30pm. l’ree with retiring collection. John Young. assistant organist at Greyfriars Kirk. play s a short selection of organ music. I Organ Recital St Giles‘ Cathedral. High Street. 8pm. £6 (£4) at the door. Christopher Herrick performs pieces by Mendelssohn. Brahms. Copland and Durufle.


I Piano Recital Holy Trinity Church. Haddington. 8pm. £8 (Ur/£3) from Queens Hall (box office 668 20l9. credit card hotline 667 7776). l’s‘her Hall (228


l 155). Lamp of l.othian Office. The Mault House. Haddington (()l(i2() 823738) and at the door. The lamp of l.othian concert series continues as French pianist Bernard l)'.-\scoli Pia)" Schumann's Kinders:enen and Kreisleriana. I’relut/es' by Debussy. and Chopin‘s Ballade No 2 and Selle/tn .\'o 2.


I Cello Recital Ayton Castle. neat Eyemouth. Berwickshire. 8pm. £7 (£5) from Music-Makers on 0141 339 2708 phone for ticket availability. Andrew Shulman. founder of the Britten Quartet. is accompanied by Gusztav l-‘enyo for Janacek's I’o/iat/ka and sonatas by Beethoven. Mendelssohn atid Brahms.

FRIDAY 18 ' f


I Vocal Recital Ayton Castle. neat l'iyemotith. Bet'wickshire. 8pm. £7 (£5) from Music-Makers on 01-11 339 2708 phone for ticket availability. Baritone Paul Robinson. with Claire llaslin at the piatio. sings l’oulenc‘s Rana/Her. Soiiiervell's xi .S'ltro/is/iire [ml and songs by Schubert and Brahms.

SATURDAY 19 Ayton I Piano Trios .-\ytoii Castle. near liyemoutli. Bet'wicksliire. 7 30pm. £7 (£5) from Music-Makers on (lfll 339 2708 - phone for ticket availability. Stisaiine Stan/.eleit (violin i. Andrew Shulman (cello) aitd Gus/tav l-‘enyo (piano) play llaydn‘s (iv/nv 'l'rio. Dvorak's /)I(IIl/\\' ’l'riu and Schubert's li'iu in [iv/lat. I Chamber Concert Ayton Caslle. llt‘al’ liyetiioutli. Bei'wicksliire. 8pm. £3 from Music-\lttkers on ()lJl 3 3‘) 2708 phone for ticket ayailabilily. Musicians at the Ayton Castle sunitnei music series play Messiaen's Quartet lit [in /:'n./ (It Time. a tnoy ing statement written during Messiaen's detention as a prisoner of war.


I Organ Recital St Anne‘s (’liuicli. Westgate. 8pm. £4 by pt'ogratniiie froin Dunbar l ibraiy and .it the door .~\lbeito Massimo plays music by Bach. Schubert.


classical & opera MUSIC

l’aii'y .tnd l.eli.u


I Scottish Schools Orchestra i‘)lit“‘li s littll. Clt‘l‘ls‘ bll't‘t‘l, (MK Illl‘) (girth! (gm! liolltlic (to? 777m »lj\.il l'l‘.‘t l in the past week. pupils gtgctl nint- to lilit't"! from across Scotland itaye lie-W practising away on (Ell l‘llt‘llsl‘. .‘ . oursc. and this afternoon the results .ll".' un'~ eiitul to the public.

I Voice and Guitar Recitals; (him. Cathedral. High Street. opm l tee v. 'til retiring collection. Soprano Stilton. Saliyouni and guitaiis‘t (iai‘y \l.icl cod perform works by Schubert, (itaztados and Rodrigo


I Students Concert \ymm .twlc il'.'.!t

l‘yentoulli. Hermie:- lili.‘ it“: 1.“ -‘;-1I lioni Music .\l.:l.t !‘ on I'll': 4%“ ,"‘(rs' (tiltillt‘ l'til lit he! .l‘. tiiai’ "ill. .-‘~. target: by

lll.‘ young' patttctpaxts iii the \ytont .l\ii" summer school is ‘- ell by :illetnoo'i tea on the lawn.

I Chamber Concert \y ma t .l\ii: . 7w l. liyeinoutlt. Betty it L sita'e Spin 2. l 2.5- l‘roni \lllslc“ \l.tket on (ll-ll ii‘) 2” phone to: ticket availability lite so: ends ‘.'.llll .t concert l" iluring \ t'fuouo clai'iiielllst .tnti meni-lier ol the l Halon

Sy nipliony ()rclieslra. (it‘l'\.l\'.‘ tle l’syei He is :oined by -\nd:ev. Sliulntan cello. and (ins/lay l‘enyo ‘[‘l.lll()l for Debussy s It’i'la/mn/i'. Sclttllilann’s Iii/innit \.'.u. "t and clarinet him by li'.‘t‘lllti\:‘!l and lirahiiis.



I Pro Musica Breitenau .s‘t t .tlt-s‘ (Xttlietlial. High Street. bplii lie" l lie .»\tlstl'l;tl‘: cliott slll‘J choral lititstt‘ if. 'l'eleinann. .‘yletidelssoi.i.. li!’.lc‘i net. Rutlei and others


I Organ Recital .si \l-vllc‘y'. 's .mtl .s't (ieol'ge's. (ieoisre Street l2 itlpni free

will) retiring millet 'ion -\ll‘e:to \l.tss;tlio


plays .i shot: sole. tron o! organ lzlll\!c'


. I saw you Cleopatra's. Friday 27 June. Me gorgeous SNP with attitude. you Waterfoot stallion with suspect allegiance to Jordanhill Tory candidate. Park your car with me. Box No U/309/l6.

V I saw you in my kitchen. Sunday 29/6. When you told junior doc about your heart. mine skipped a beat! Say it again and more!!! Box No U/309/l 7.

. I saw you outside Mackays. Dunfermline High Street. on a wet Tuesday morning. I July -- cute. blond guy. We smiled. l was with my nephew. You will remember. Box No U/309/18. . I saw you sexy guy. mudlarking at Scottish Pride. Me: tall. good-looking. 28-year- old guy. I wanted to join you. How about a rematch? Box No L’/3()9/l 9.

U I saw you looking at the floor. I stood iii front of you by the door. You looked like an angel from France iii your tiielaiicholy stance. l touched your hair. but wanted to touch your heart. I don't want (is ever to be apart. Box .\'o [7309/23. V I saw you big black lunatic with ridiculous specs on our coochieversary. Me l)eadtiee Yinwoiiian with every ailment under stilt. You Aloebiotic Yaiigiiian with short brown ltaliaii cure? Slice you slioon coocltie woocliie. x. Box No [7309/24.




I Wanted l'nl'tirnislied. Stitlllifsldc‘ (l’tilltikslltc‘ltls preferred) self-contained flat for profcouple. £350 niax. (all Steven 01-1] 423 7944,

I TWO rooms iii .iltt'actiy e flat. 5 liiitis to (ilasgow l'niyersity'. All mod cons. would still tidy. gay. cat-friendly l'etiiale. linal year/postgrad student. £240 pcnt pltts bills. ('all 0|~ll Ht 9893

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I Rooms in comfortable

it‘Pl‘llll“ 7‘..ll it".


l"illl'.t s -'.t;'~'ettns‘ il\i.tlt fzoli: Hit-llL'lllld‘. Slim-l t. pt i): sitit'le: '22:.“ p. ':i .lli'll it- (Hi. l.l‘..'l o: .\:l til 17 **" "ill I Very large, sunny room n».- i 'l f-.:l l eill- l till» colonies ll.ll \\.tslitn;'5.1.ic‘litti.-.(i(‘ll. l'.l|.lc‘ll. lyyenly :trttuztes tli_\

centre. \ll.llt‘ \y lll: l\'.o titliel's. L ‘t'ill putt (wk! C;lll lllllt‘l

H} 21 jj's‘ fissii} 1; ss‘, ;.;t.‘

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